It’s gettin’ crafty up in here: DIY Garland (Window Treatment Edition)

March 11, 2014

Our home is always an enjoyed work of progress. A labor of love, right? Whether or not I always know what I’m doing, I love “perfecting” a room. For this project, I was determined to fancy up the big window that’s in my office. 

I had been debating on whether or not to put up curtains. Clearly the window needed some kind of treatment, and more so than just those pink wooden beads I’d put up for Valentine’s Day and never took down. Ultimately, I opted out of putting up curtains because I felt like our apartment was already curtain-i-fied (?). We have a lot of windows (fortunately!) but I didn’t want curtains in every single room. I wanted my office to feel warm but also fun and creative. I wanted to feel inspired to work when I spent time in this room. 
I always begin with one spot of a room or with one item and then “move outward.” Sometimes it starts with a piece of furniture or a piece of art. For this project, I kind of ended up creating around and with the rug that was in the room. I really wanted to tie in all of the colors (some of my favorite colors!) 

Oh okay, here. Cleo demanded to be in the shot.

Future cat model on our hands.

I also have this blue chair in the room. (Also where I do a lot of my writing in the mornings.)

Oh hi, Oooj.

And my favorite piece of the room, this beautiful table from my mom.

So with all of those things, I wanted something that wasn’t going to be heavy. I wanted something “funky” … something that would highlight my personality (if a window treatment can do that, you know).  That’s when I saw this: Yarn Pom Poms. And that was that. 

Easy enough, right? 
I went to only the best place on Earth (Michael’s) and picked out some yarn. I picked out two different colors of pink (also different sizes of the actual yarn – I wanted some texture) along with gray to pull in the gray from the rug. 

(I’m not sure why the pinks are neon in this pic. They aren’t that bright and match the pinks in the rug perfectly.)^^

But I still wanted something to beak up the poms, and I wanted something purple. So I picked up this. 

Once back in front of the window, I took some twine and measured the length. I would also be using the twine to tie the poms onto.

And then came time for weeks (literally weeks) of making poms. You guys? If you plan on doing this? Get comfy, make yourself a drink, gear up your favorite series on Netflix, and prepare to watch it from beginning to end. This was for sure the longest part of the process. 

There are lots of tutorials online on how to make pom poms with a fork. I had kind of remembered doing this years ago when I was at camp but had to get a refresher on exactly how it worked. You will need: your choice of string or yarn (originally I thought the thinner the yarn the better but thicker yarn makes the best poms), a fork, sharp scissors, and lots of patience. 

Take the yarn and slip it through the fork like this. 

With your left thumb, hold onto the little piece of string while you take your right hand and wrap the other end of the string around the fork. I wrapped it around 33 times. (Because I’m random and weird like that and it just felt like a good number.)

Snip your string, tie the two ends together (not knotted, just so it holds the string in place). 

Then cut off another piece of string and tie it very tightly around the wrapped part of the string (tie it once in the front and once in the back.) It’s important to pull it tightly! 

Slide it off the fork and cut through the loops. Then you basically give it a haircut to make all of the strings even. 

Take all of those steps and do it a million more times. (Seriously.)

Part of the reason it took me so long was due to this gal. 

Cleo seriously stalked me as I made these things, and literally the minute I turned my back- she grabbed the closest pom she could and RAN with it. 

So if you have a cat, beware. This project will take you twice as long. 
(Such a helper.)^^
Once you have all of your poms, you can begin tying them onto your main string (twine) that you’re using as a base. Again, I did somewhat of a pattern with the two pinks and the grey, and used 3 pieces of the purple between the poms- I just tied them to the twine – to break it up a bit.

Finally, literally weeks later, I finished it. And here’s the end result:

Originally, I’d planned to do the poms/garland all the way down the sides of the window – to give more of a curtain affect, but after seeing Cleo’s love for anything string, pom, or dangly, I opted to keep it only at the top of the window. 

(Pay no attention to that dying plant over there. I’m like a professional plant killer.)^^
I’m not sure if it’s completely done yet or not. Perhaps down the road I’ll end up adding funky curtains to go along with the garland, but for now- I like it and feel like it adds just enough love to the window and pop to the room.

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  • That looks great!!! Love the idea and the color scheme.

  • That looks so pretty!!! I really love the way you decorate, that light fixture is just awesome!

  • Your garland came out great! I love it.. a pop of color and texture 🙂 I was laughing about your pets in the post. I have so many DIY ideas I want/need to do for my blog, but every time I sit down to create something it takes 3x as long because of fur friends wanting to "help" (aka: steal all the materials and run away).

  • How fun! It's awesome to find ways to try places that you feel like really fits your personality- it's a satisfying feeling!
    Thanks for all the fun photos!

  • Love the garland, what a fun alternative to curtains!

  • That's so cute! I love the idea of putting the purple stuff in between to break up the pom poms, great idea!