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October 30, 2015


Happy Friday!

This was going to be a Friday Favorites post and I tried real hard to make it as such but it really is just a bunch of randomness. I’m sorry, that’s just how things are these days. Can we talk about this new WordPress thing for just a moment? I will tell you – while the actual migration was pretty seamless, the learning curve has been rough. (For me, anyway.) I’m having issues with spacing (on both past and new posts) and major issues with comments and you know, everything just looks DIFFERENT! (First world problems, I know.) Don’t get me wrong, I (think) I’m still glad I made the move but I just think it’s going to take some time for me to feel like I have a good grasp on all of this. Thank you all for sticking with me here as I continue to get used to all of it. I do have a question for you though:

How are we feeling about this font size? I feel like it’s just a bit too small and am most likely going to change the font family and size altogether but I wanted to get some feedback from you all – do small font sizes on blogs make you less likely to read them? Do most of you read blogs from your phones (in which case the font size wouldn’t matter) or do you read them on a computer? *Update: the font size has been resized/fixed thanks to your suggestions! 🙂

Alright. Let’s get to more important things like what you all are up to this weekend! Friends of ours are getting married on Saturday (no, it is not Halloween themed but if it was I would totally go as Bella Swan) (get it?) so that’s what we’ll be doing. I went to the bride-to-be’s “bachelorette party” (it was more of a chill get-together – definitely more of my kind of hang!) and painted the beautiful masterpiece you see at the beginning of this post. (No. I’m just kidding. The picture at the beginning is something I snapped on my walk yesterday. It just screams FALL, doesn’t it? My painting is at the end of this post.) First time I’ve ever done one of those drink while you paint parties… I mean it all makes sense to me. Why wouldn’t you drink while you paint?? It occurred to me that this is exactly what I’ve been missing while I paint our kitchen cabinets. (Yes, I AM still doing that, by the way. UGH.) Anyway, I am a fan of the drink while you paint activity. I am also still a fan of Gilmore Girls and it’s basically all I want to talk about these days. (Apologies to any new readers who have made it this far. The Gilmore Girls obsession is real and it’s a struggle and I just can’t help it.)


(This is what a moon and trees after a good Merlot looks like. I don’t want to call myself the new van Gogh or anything, but basically.)

Have the best weekend, my loves.

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  • I’m not sure I would have noticed the small font size until you said something but I didn’t have trouble reading it but I could see some people have issues (ha. I think I have a small font size too!).

    Gilmore Girls is so addicting. That’s why we generally watch it every year…we can’t get enough.

    • I’m calling a GG party when the new episodes come out!!! 🙂

      • YES!!!

        • And maybe even a party before the new ones come out… you know, to catch up on the last season?! I’m serious about this!!! 🙂

  • Girl I HEAR YOU on the wordpress thing. I made the transfer years ago and then switched back to blogger because I just couldn’t deal. Everything here looks so lovely, so I’d say the swap was worth it! PS–loving that leaf photo! Such a clear blue sky!

    • ugh, I know! 🙁 I’m going to give it a year – hopefully by then I’ll have it under control. There are so many things I love about it but when I want to just sit down and write and have it all look good, that’s when I get frustrated. We shall see 🙂

  • I’m still learning WordPress (and feel silly that I don’t know certain things after almost a year). So, I did increase my page view so I could read the font better (but I think I’m in need of new contacts). Hope you have a great weekend.

    • It’s definitely not just you, I think we’re all in this need-to-learn-WP boat! (I will be fixing the font, lady! Sit tight!) 🙂 Happy weekend to you!

  • I had spacing issues on WordPress before, but it was related to the theme I had. It was so bad that I quit using wordpress for awhile. I have no issues with the theme I have now, though.

    That’s an awesome painting. I really want to do one of those paint nights, but I can’t find anyone to go with me.

    • P.S. Did you hear that there is supposed to be a reunion of sorts for Gilmore Girls? I hear like 4 – 90 minute episodes or something of that sort. Not confirmed yet, but lots of talk about it.

    • Yeah, I think you’re right – I think it’s my theme. gah!

  • I am with you on WordPress. I’m just so confused. I can make a post, but that’s about it. Maybe we need to get Anne, Christine and Lindsay to do that google hangout for us! Love that picture, Van Gogh!

    • Meagan- YES. I seriously need a live tutorial. I’m sooooo lost on so many things. Almost like WP has too many options but nowhere it explains them all, you know? I’m still glad I made the switch but I’m thinking it just doesn’t have to be this hard.

  • I love painting classes like this! The one close to me is called Sips and Strokes

  • Happy weekend, lovely! I’d say change the font size if it’s bothering you..I had an issue with my font that I wasn’t sure if it was just me or if it bothered everyone else too, and it was all I could see every time I looked at my blog. I should have just changed it right away. So jealous of your wine and painting! Growing a human is a miraculous thing, but seriously…I miss wine.

    • aw! Happy weekend, girl! And I think you’re right about the font because yes- every time I log on, it’s all I see. I’ll be working on changing it this weekend 🙂 And YES- growing a human is TOTALLY a miraculous thing!! (But I would miss the wine too, haha)

  • So pretty! Also, I like the font size.

  • I love the new design. I do think you are right…the font would be a bit easier to read if it is a little larger. If you have wordpress questions, email me! I am not an expert but I am using it for a long time and had to use it for work to and of course, ANYTIME you want to talk GG, let me know, girl!

    • Girl, THANK YOU. I will seriously take you up on that! There are a few things I can’t figure out, even after literally hours of googling/trying to figure it out. (And seriously- GG forever.)

  • Such a pretty painting!!

  • For someone who needs reading glasses, the font could be larger. Especially in my email. I receive your posts via email and it is smaller there than here. It also doesn’t fit the whole page on my email. I have to keep scrolling to the right to see the end of each line. That said, I love your blog, your heart and your spirit, so I don’t mind a little fuss. If it were anyone else, I’d be outta there! LOL-just kidding!

    • ha! No, I’m with you Michelle! I’ll be making the font larger this weekend. (Weird to hear that about the email. It’s showing up in mine?! Maybe a formatting issue or something.) Thank you for continuing to come back here, even with the annoying changes! 🙂 It means so much to me!!

  • The font is a little small for my eyes (i’m getting old you know). But I can zoom my webpages when I need to. And I wish I could help you with WordPress, but I haven’t made the move yet (dunno if I will though either).

    • Yes, I’m totally going to make the font a bit bigger. It’s hard on my eyes too! Fortunately, Anne helped me out a TON on the WP issues – she’s amazing. I’m feeling so much better now!

  • Blue skies and fall leaves – doesn’t get much better than that!
    And yeah, this font is pretty small. Even on my desktop I have to squint, buuuut I don’t have the best eyesight! I can see the aesthetic of small fonts on blog posts – they look so neat and tidy – but IMO this is a case of function before fashion!

    • I love the color of a fall sky- the blue is so different this time of year! (I’m with you and will be adjusting the font!!) 🙂

  • Oh girl, in your transition I’ve lost you on my reading pane so I deleted you and re-added you and still nothing. But I keep searching your blog title and there’s always new stuff. The kinks will get worked out…
    I love your painting. I also haven’t jumped on the Gilmore Girls bandwagon so maybe I should hop on 🙂

    • Hey Brittany! When you say Reading Pane, are you referring to blogger? Like, Google Friend Connect? Since I’m no longer on Blogger, it won’t show up there – you can follow me on Facebook though, email subscription or Bloglovin! I would love to hear your thoughts on Gilmore Girls 😉 Give it 3 episodes though, k? It takes a few to get a feel of the style.

      • Yes. But when others have switched over to WP like Kelli at primarily inspired I deleted and re-added her and she’s in there now. I follow tons that aren’t just bloggers. I will probably have to do the ol’ email since I don’t do any other social media.
        And I will let you know on GG. I just bought Bones because I don’t Hulu or Netflix or anything like that so it may be awhile. You aren’t the only one raving about how good it is 🙂

  • I’m preparing myself for a migration to WordPress as well and I’m just nervous about that whole getting-everything-over-seamlessly thing. I think the font size you have here is ok…you could maybe go up one point but I wouldn’t overdo it.

    • Hey lady, Anne from Love the Here & Now blog just helped me a TON on the WP questions I had and I’d be more than happy to share that knowledge with you when you make the move! That’s the good thing – there are so many willing and helpful people in the blogging world.

  • I feel like all the best artists probably drank and painted (though it might have been a problem for them…) so naturally we should paint that way, too. I LOVE your picture. I did one of those parties once and painted a Hawaiian-scape but there are no rooms in our house with that color scheme. (It is BRIGHT! Ha)

    • YES! haha, totally! Okay so listen to me- I told Christian that our laundry room would become our art room, which gives room for any of these pieces of art. You should do it!!!

  • I think the font size looks fine! Spacing is weird on WordPress… I had problems with it on just a few posts (don’t know why it didn’t affect all of them).

    • I changed the font over the weekend so by the time you read this today, it was larger! 🙂 Glad you like it though- it was pretty small before!

  • chall1018

    I have thought so many times about switching to WordPress, but I just can’t pull the plug. I am terrified of messing everything up and not being able to “get” WordPress. Your blog is looking gorgeous, lady. And I love your painting. I’ve been wanting to go to Painting with a Twist in our town.

    • As far as messing anything up, don’t let that be a concern. Trust me – if I’m not messing anything up, you won’t mess anything up 😉 There IS definitely a bit of a learning curve but if you can take a few days or a weekend to ask questions (I’m here!) and do some googling, you’ll be just fine! I’m still glad I made the switch! (And thank you for the sweet words) 🙂

  • I usually read blogs on the computer so the font size, to me, is perfect! Girlfriend, painting and drankin’… it’s THE only way to go. LOL!

  • I usually read blogs on the computer because it’s so much easier that way. I don’t think your font size is too small. It actually looks perfect to me. I think I need to change the font size on mine because it might be too small.

    • It’s been adjusted now but it was definitely on the small side before. You’re reading the edited version! 🙂 I’ll go check out your font, lady!