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It’s time.

November 28, 2016

Did today sneak up really fast for anyone else? Whoa! And um, anyone else going through dessert and carb and wine withdrawal? Like, can we just take some naps for a few days or something? Post-thanksgiving is rough! ha! Guys, I’ll tell ya right now – IT’S TIME. Like, bring on all things Christmas over here, let’s do it. I’m talking full ON, let’s get obnoxious. We got our tree yesterday and I’ll start the decorating this week, along with Christmas music blasting and Christmas movie watching and Christmas coffee and you know, all the things. But before I jump into that, I’m going to finally watch the Gilmore Girls revival. I’ll post separately about that, because I eventually want to know your thoughts, but not until I watch all of it. (Which, pre-baby days I would’ve had it completed by afternoon. Now it might take a few days.) For today though, let me share with you a short recap of the amazing Thanksgiving holiday we had!


We had such a great time during our week-long travels; first to St. Louis to celebrate with Christian’s fam (and to see my brother and his wife!) and then to Indiana to celebrate with my fam. It was a lot of driving and I’m glad we have about a month until we do it all again but it’s always worth it, of course!


Of course we HAD to take Crew to IKEA since there was one so close to my brother’s house. He loved it, obviously.


My brother, Andy, and I are always weird together but there’s something about the holidays that really brings it out.

Andy and my SIL Cassie shared some pretty exciting news over the holiday – they are pregnant with a baby GIRL! I’m so, so thrilled to be Auntie Em to sweet little Taylor Grace this June!


Thanksgiving has always been a favorite holiday of mine – and no, not just because of the dessert and wine… although they certainly don’t hurt my love for it. But I love getting together with family and being purposefully grateful together. It just always feels like there’s a ton of positivity in the room and everyone is focusing on the right things: all of the things to be grateful for. Of course, this year was especially special for Christian and me… the fact that I can give thanks for our son is pretty much the greatest thing ever. I kept telling Crew to just hold on until next year when he can start to try some of the Thanksgiving food. (Poor guy was stuck with his formula this year) πŸ˜‰



My mom is the animal and baby whisperer, it’s crazy. Wherever she is, the animals will be. She and Crew had lots of fun together!

Crew has changed SO MUCH just in this last week! Not only does he look bigger (and boy does he FEEL bigger too… I’m going to need to start lifting weights in order to continue holding him) but he’s super smiley, sleeping more, eating a ton, and has definitely found his voice – he babbles constantly now and will even mimic things you do. (Attempting to blow raspberries is his current fave, it’s pretty cute.)


So much fun when Papa gets onto the playmat too!


Thanksgiving at my Aunt Kara & Uncle Mike’s is a favorite of mine: they put a bunch of tables together to make one big long one. It’s so long I couldn’t even get it in one shot. I love that our family keeps getting bigger each year!


I love this picture so much. I have the best memories of my cousin (who I nicknamed Yaw Yaw when we were little) and I playing with baby dolls and Barbies when we were little girls and now we have the real thing! (Which is so much better, obviously!) Baby Roya and Baby Crew are only 8 weeks apartΒ  – and dude, look how LONG my babe is, so crazy!


Check back on Wednesday to see my Christmas-ing progress, as well as a special announcement! πŸ™‚

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What are you grateful for?

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  • Love everything about this times 10!
    It looks like you all had an amazing time and Crew is the cutest ever in the Ikea pic

    • I was so proud to see he loves IKEA as much as I do! πŸ™‚

      • I am not sure if I ever actually came anywhere close to someplace that had an IKEA, if I could contain my joy, lol.

  • I’m so excited about the holidays! Looks like you guys had a HUGE crowd for Thanksgiving. I love seeing all the photos of your family, especially the one of Crew and his new cousin. How sweet!!

    • Our family seriously keeps growing, we are literally running out of room at people’s houses haha! I love it though!

  • My heart is just exploding for you and your little family and that your little babe got to be with you in time for Thanksgiving. And I am with you…IT’S TIME.

  • Aww, Emily! Your Thanksgiving is just PERFECT!! I love that first picture of your three- too sweet <3 What a wonderful celebration!

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  • I am all about everything Christmas and it makes me so happy to see you and your little family celebrating the holidays! Crew is just adorable and growing up so quickly! And I wish I had remembered to take a little family photo on Thanksgiving but it was already dark by the time we ate…I may have to stage a photo πŸ˜‰

  • I think you and Crew really look alike πŸ™‚ It’s so sweet. He’s getting so big already! What a cutie.

    • πŸ™‚ I’ve heard that a few times now! It will be interesting to see what color his eyes/hair take to in the next few months.

  • 1. LOVE the pics!! Crew is so stinkin’ cute. I love his smiling pic with you πŸ™‚ So glad your Thanksgiving was awesome! 2. Yay Christmas decorations!! I started when we got back from our family vacay, I just needed it. 3. Did you watch GG yet???? MUST. HASH.

    • He is so smiley these days, it’s the best! And YES!!!!!!!!!! Seriously- I need to talk to someone about GG!

  • I love that you guys put all the tables together to make one long one! Ahhh..dinner goals! I can’t wait to talk freely about GG….I still feel like I’ve gotta hold back so everyone can complete it. I finished first and my friend Katy and I decided the safe word was stars hollow and until she gave the safe word I couldn’t divulge a thing! haha

    • I am to the point where I NEED to talk to someone about it. I’ve waited long enough. I’m doin it – next week, blog post. (And I think I’m going to make it a linkup so anyone else who writes a post on it can link up – I want to know everyone’s thoughts!)

  • Crew is going to be tall! Before you know it he’ll be soaring over you. Congratulations to your brother and sister in law! So exciting, so many babies in your family! (That is never a problem)