Journal Love.

April 9, 2015

It’s no secret that I have a love of journals. In fact, I have an entire shelf on my bookcase dedicated to all of my journals, most of them completely full or close to being full, as well as another stack of journals on my desk. So you can imagine my excitement when I noticed that two of my favorite bloggers, Cassie from Sage the Blog and Anne from Love the Here and Now (#TRIBE) were hosting a Journal Swap
I love meeting new-to-me bloggers – it’s one of the best things about the blogging world, and joining any kind of a blogger’s swap (journals, holiday gifts, coffee mugs, etc.) is a sure way of growing your blogging community. 
I was paired up with Diane from Sweet Catastrophe. She and I exchanged emails, asking each other questions, getting to know each other – it was a lot of fun and I was really excited to go shopping for her journal, especially once I felt I knew her a little better. I told her that I love anything floral and my favorite color is purple 😉 She asked what I planned on using the journal for and I told her I hoped the blank pages of this new book would serve as free, open space to jot down notes for my writing-in-process novel.

Well she sure found one perfect novel-writing-notes journal! Not only is this journal purple, but it has beautiful floral outlines pressed into the front cover. The pages are large and the spaces wide, perfect for my huge handwriting 😉 I love so, so much that she also included a personal note on the front page, and in addition to the journal she also included the cutest magnet which immediately went up on our fridge!

Thank you SO much, Diane! 
Are you a collector of journals? What do you fill the pages with?

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  • All the journals I've seen for this have been so beautiful so far but I especially love yours…I LOVE purple.

  • how sweet is that journal?? so far it looks like everyone has absolutely nailed it with their partners!! sooo prefect!

  • Awww, how fun/sweet is this! I Love it!

  • Dance With A Dolly

    I am also a purple fan so I am obviously in love with that journal!

  • Diane is a doll. Purple is my FAV and this journal is so perfect. It looks really sturdy and I love the simple design on the front.

  • This is so gorgeous! (And I'm loving BOTH of those magnets!) I love journal-ing and novel-ing! I have one for life plans, one for monthly/weekly life updates, thousands with half written stories… you get the point!

  • Ahh such a pretty journal! I have lots of journals that I've filled, but I've gotten lazy lately at actually writing in a notebook as opposed to journaling on my computer. Thanks for the journal inspiration to {hopefully} get back to writing on paper!

  • I ALWAYS have a hard time passing over journals and notebooks especially in stores like Marshalls and Target where they are such good deals!

  • What a beautiful journal! I have one just like this in green and it is one of my favorites. Who am I kidding I love all my journals equally…all 56 of them.

  • Love that! You know I'm a purple girl too! What a great journal…happy journaling!

  • Angela H

    I too collect journals. In fact I just got a new one in the mail today. My mom bought it for me because it was on Amazon's deal of the day two days ago. It is leather and I love the look and smell of it.

  • What a cool thing to do. Even though I don't feel like I belong to a 'tribe' I've met so many lovely people through blogging.


  • A journal swap!? What a fun idea! Next time let me know, I'd love to join!

  • Purple journal for novel ideas? Sounds perfect!

  • I'm writing in the exact same journal right now. I've started a collection in different colors. Enjoy!!

  • Journal swap- brilliant!
    The one you received is stunning.
    I write every night in my journal to relieve ny brain of the days thoughts
    And I keep one called Today I Pray as a reminder of all I pray for 😉

  • A journal swap?? Next time around, I am so joining! Any excuse to buy a cute journal. 😉 I have a shelf full of both full and completely unused ones already, but what's a few more??

  • wow how consistent are you with the journaling thats so good well done! I have a thing with notebooks – hard cover notebooks to be exact. but then i get too scared to write in them as they are just so pretty haha.

  • Mar

    What a beautiful journal. Love the colour!

  • I absolutely LOVE that journal! The swap was so much fun!

  • The color is to die for!! And what a sweet, sweet magnet. (PS – love the plant on the fridge too!!!)

  • chall1018

    I have a mad love for journals, too! What a fun swap! The journal you received is beautiful!