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December 12, 2014
I’ve been dying to do a Currently post for some time now but realized I’d have to edit this one to more of a “Lately” post, considering all of my answers to a Currently post would end in, “driving” or “packing.” For. the. LOVE, some days it feels as though I will never be through with the packing of boxes! The good news is that we move on TUESDAY so the end is in sight. Praise. Until then though, let me bring you up to speed on this past week…. 

Feeling… completely and utterly exhausted. Last Saturday, Christian and I took The Babes and drove to Indy to drop them off at my parents’ house for the next few weeks. Moving can be really stressful on animals and both Oooj and Cleo were already showing signs of stress each time we’d bring out the packing tape, so to Grandma’s house they went 😉 Then, on Sunday, we drove to Nashville with some small boxes of valuables we didn’t want the movers moving. On Monday we got to see our house in person for the first time (more on that later!), then drove back to my parents’ house in Indiana, and then on Tuesday early morning drove back to Chicago. Guys- I am all about a road trip but I’m honestly exhausted from driving and being in the car. We still have about a half a day’s worth of packing to do but yesterday I slept literally the entire day and answered my phone for no one.

There was no sleeping on this roadtrip but that doesn’t mean you can’t still ride in comfort! 

Looking forward to… being moved and settled into our Nashville home!! There is still a lot more driving in our future. The movers will pick up our things on Tuesday, we’ll drive to my parents’ house for a few days until we go to TN to meet the movers, then head back to IN and Chicago for Christmas, and then finally back to TN for the new year. I cannot wait for the day we just wake up on a Saturday afternoon and the only thing to do is to maybe take a walk around our new neighborhood. I hope early 2015 is all about REST 😉

Looking at… pictures we took of our new (rental) house. Christian and I have never lived together in so much space. When we were there on Monday, Christian ran to the bonus room upstairs, made me stand in the master bedroom, and then he started yelling – to see if I could hear him. (This is what we do, you guys, for fun.) I could only hear him a little so when he came back downstairs we did a little victory dance in the kitchen. I cannot wait to move in and start making it home.

10am, sunny and 55 degrees. #yes
Laughing at… the fact that I may need “Southern Accent Lessons.” Last weekend while at the hotel in Nashville with Christian as we were checking in, the lady at the front desk (who was about as southern as they come) was going over some of the rules with us. She asked Christian to sign something that “basically says yer not gunna smoke er bring any pits in the room.” I looked at her, surprised that they’d be so specific, and said, “Oh really? Just no pit bulls?” She gave me the most confused look. I looked at Christian and could tell he was trying not to laugh as he quickly agreed to her request and then ushered me away from the front desk as fast as he could before he burst out laughing and informed me that she was saying PETS, not pits. No PETS in the room.

Enjoying… this time with my husband. We have seriously had the best time together this past week – packing boxes together, eating meals on our living room floor, road tripping it together… it really has been so much fun and we’ve laughed more in this past week than we have the past 2 months combined. Either we’re mentally losing it or we really are just that funny. Stay tuned for early next week when I’ll be compiling a bunch of quotes and conversations from our drive last weekend. HILARIOUS.

A heavenly sunset through Elizabethtown. (Side note: I LOVE that movie.) 

Thinking about… Oooj running around in our huge backyard! This poor pup has lived the city life for most of his almost 9 years and I love so much that he’ll get to have this big, grassy, fenced-in yard all to himself soon! 

Reading… some awesome posts this week, wow. I have so enjoyed reading all of the Grateful Heart posts, as well as all of the Christmas related posts. (Shoutout to Anne from Love the Here and Now for having a Christmas tree in just about every room… I’m so doing that next year!) As I link up with Meagan from All the Joys today for some Blogger Love, my absolute favorite post this week was by Katie from Life Is This. Truthfully, Katie would be on my Blogger Love list weekly – every post she writes is a favorite of mine, but her post My Heart to this Life was so honest (as her posts always are) and really just spoke to my heart. Katie is a beautiful soul and that certainly shows through her writing. I hope she never stops.

Loving… that my dad and Christian have so much fun together. The three of us went to pick out a Christmas tree for my parents last weekend (my poor mom was sick and stayed home) and let me just tell you – doing pretty much anything with these two guys is always entertaining and hilarious. It makes me smile when I think of how much fun they have together… something I always wanted between my spouse and my dad. 

Wanting… to go back to last weekend at The Friendly Tavern. Fried food, beer, and remembering funny times with Christian & my parents = the best.

Listening to… lots and lots of Christmas music. We seemed to find all of the Christmas radio stations pretty quickly while on all of our drives, but our favorite was a station in KY that played both Christmas and 80s music… can it get any better?! (It cannot!) My favorite part of our road trip was when Michael Jackson’s Man in the Mirror came on – naturally we blasted it and sang at the top of our lungs and I even showed Christian a few of my college-car dance moves. (They’re so bad they’re good.) 
What have you been up to lately?

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  • Moving is so exhausting-especially around the holidays! Been there done that 😉 It's been business as usual around here and just looking forward to my kids Christmas break to spend time with family and to unwind from the crazy school year. Good luck with the final move!

  • Lindsay

    I am tired just reading your post! Excited for you to slow down after the new year! And your house is gorgeous! Glad you enjoyed your drive through Kentucky; we live in a beautiful state!

  • Just like pet is pit, get is git in the South. You're going to love it!

  • Hahah the story about you two in your new house made me laugh, too cute!

  • I am beaming after reading this post cause I just feel like you two are on the edge of so much goodness! Nashville sounds like it's gonna be so good and I'm so happy for you both 🙂 The house sounds awesome!

  • Your Nashville home looks amazing and I love that backyard! Congrats girl! Had to laugh about y'all yelling back and forth in the house, sounds like something we would do!

  • Good luck with the moving! I moved just before Christmas a couple of years ago, it was exhausting.

  • I am so happy for you and your new home! That backyard–amazing!

  • Can we talk about how you are driving through my state (Kentucky) and finding awesome Christmas stations? Sigh. So close yet so far away! I'm so glad you and Christian are having so much fun together–its nice that in the middle of your crazy, you are finding the joy of just being together! 🙂

  • I just love all of this… so excited for you all! I have been thinking about you and your move! Love the new home- so cute. Best wishes and post some photos once you make it a home. 🙂 Happy Holidays! xo

  • ps: we have been laughing through the process as well and your parents are adorable.

  • So glad things have been incredible and full of laughter for you lately. I'm definitely jealous of that big deck and yard!

  • haha! I love how you wrote the southern accent! I sat here saying "pit. pet. pit. pet."

  • LOVE your rental! hope you're feeling better!

  • I'm DYING at the hotel lady. Remind me to give you a lesson in southern twang. 😉 hahaha. you're hilarious. I'm SO happy for y'all though. The house is gorgeous and I know Oooj will LOVE the backyard. you & Christian are going to have a blast there. We can meet up AFTER y'all are nice and settled. 😉

  • Your new place looks amazing!

  • Girlfriend, ya'll have been all over God's green earth with this moving lol! I'm beyond uberly excited about the move and cannot waitttttt to see/hear about it all!!

  • I think it's incredibly sweet and so so wonderful that you have a husband that you can laugh with so much. Such an awesome thing. xx


  • I absolutely loved this post and I was dying with the "pits" story!! I can totally see your face saying it too… "Really? Just no pit bulls?" LOL! That home looks gorgeous! We love Nashville..well..I love Nashville! Maybe we will see you sometime!

  • Liz

    Oh my goodness! What a fabulous post. So much packed into one day's worth of writing. You are one busy lady, and wow, yes I think we all love road trips, but you have to be exhausted. The new house looks great! Your parents have to be nearby my neck of the woods! And hilarious about the accent…I went to college south of where I live, and just 2 hours south, we were told we had a "northern" accent. Seriously!? Good luck…saying prayers that all continues to go well 🙂

  • Ahoy Kate

    It sounds like you and Christian can turn any kind of time into a lot of fun 🙂

  • chall1018

    I took an unplanned blogging hiatus, so I am playing catchup! Whew…that’s a lot of driving!! Love that picture of you in the car! You’re gorgeous, friend. Your new home looks and sounds amazing and I can’t wait to see more of it. And I can’t wait to follow along your journey in Nashville!! I love the deck in your backyard! We want to build one…ya know, someday! Also, your parents are adorable!