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When all you can do is laugh (at yourself).

January 11, 2016

Blonde. EG

Well, it’s Monday so let’s laugh a little (or a lot) today, shall we? Even if it means confessing some really embarrassing moments, life is too short for so many serious moments, especially at the start of the week. Plus, my word this year is BIGGER and if that means I’m a bigger goof because of it, well then so be it. Are you ready for this epic blonde moment of mine?? Let me just paint you a picture here…

On Friday, (you know, after I set off our house alarm at 4:30am) I went to make my mom’s famous banana bread until I realized I didn’t have sour cream – the secret ingredient. So I found another BB recipe on Pinterest and began to make it when I got to the part that said:

In a bowl, mix all ingredients by hand until well incorporated.

Strange, I thought, but I’ve rarely been one to stray from the original instructions of a baking recipe so I did just what I was instructed to do: I stuck my hands in the bowl and began to “mix” together the egg, flour, sugar, baking soda, etc etc etc…. yes, WITH MY HANDS. It hit me about 10 seconds later that no, I was not supposed to mix the ingredients with my hands but rather with a spoon – mixing it “by hand” vs. with a blender. (I mean, Amelia Bedelia anyone??)

Blonde Moment

You guys, listen to me. It just does not get any more real than this, ok? I seriously DIED laughing, hunched over the bowl – literally crying from the hilariousness of it all – and then did what any good blogger would do: I snapped a picture (because I really love you guys and, #fortheblog) and then obviously called my mom to tell her what I’d just done. We laughed together for quite awhile and then it occurred to me that this is not the first blonde moment I’ve had while making banana bread. Like how about that one time I went to bake mini loaves of BB and had to call my mom to ask her, “I’m making mini loaves that would equal one regular sized loaf… so I’ll probably need to cut the recipe in half, but how do I do that with an egg?” to which, of course, she responded with, “Em. You make it the way you normally would but just pour the ingredients into the smaller containers.” Yeah. And then there was the time when instead of using cinnamon, I accidentally used ground cumin (because DUDE- they look exactly the same!) If there was ever one ingredient to ruin a good batch of banana bread, it would definitely be ground cumin, there has never been anything truer than that.

Today, I am grateful for the chance to not only laugh at myself, but to share my embarrassing moments with others. Because it’s SO great to laugh until you cry every now and then (even if it’s at your own expense) and the older I get, the more I realize how important laughter is. Like, we need it in our lives on a daily basis. More laughing for us all today, ok?

Alright, now I wanna hear one of your ‘laugh at yourself’ moments – because we’ve all got ’em!

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What are you grateful for?

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  • This cracks me up! I think we’ve ALL had days with plenty of “blonde” moments and where laughing at ourselves was our only saving grace. I know I certainly have. I’ve put a cake in the freezer to “bake” and then wondered why I didn’t smell it an hour later… Thanks for sharing your funny moments and giving me a chuckle this morning. 🙂

    • THAT is funny!! haha! Thanks for sharing, Lecy – those moments are meant to be shared, I’m convinced!

  • Haha, this is hilarious. I love it! Girl, we have all been there…

  • This made me smile because I would have done the same thin in reading those directions. In fact, I’m fairly sure I would’ve had the same conversation with my mom about cutting the recipe in half and such…egg comment included. It’s true what you say though, laughing at ourselves is needed in a daily basis. Because when all else fails, and there’s really nothing we can do, laughter is the one of the best things to turn to.

    Thanks for hosting us this week, Emily! Have a great week 🙂

    • Maria, I’m so glad I’m not alone! haha! Hope you’re having a happy week!

  • My first read for this Monday morning and laughter is a great way to kick off the week. Thanks for this! It sounds more like a menopause moment (too early for you though)! Yup, they exist. Probably for me a laughable moment would be the time I was putting away groceries and put the milk in the pantry. Good thing I caught it before things became spoiled! This is just one of the many embarrassing moments so yes, we all have them. Enjoy the rest of your Monday making others laugh!

    • Yes!! I have done the “milk in the pantry” thing too and same- realized it in time to put it in the right place.

  • It is so important to laugh at ourselves and not take life too seriously. My blonde moments tend to happen when we are on vacation with my husband often looking at me and stating “You remember you have advanced degrees don’t you.” Let’s just say I’m no longer allowed to say anything when we go through customs! 🙂

  • Haha! I totally would have done the same thing… did not realize that using your hands is not what the recipe meant until you pointed it out.

    • I honestly don’t think I would have realized my mistake if it wasn’t for the egg I was attempting to “mix” with my hands, haha.

  • You’re just the cutest. I love this story….and likely would have done the exact same thing. xoxo

  • I HAVE DONE THIS EXACT THING BEFORE! Also, that first picture of you is my favorite. So much happiness!

  • Oh man… we’re on the same embarrassing-story-wave-length this morning 🙂 I can totally see how you would take that the wrong way- this banana bread stuff is complicated! Haha!

  • I love baking…like a lot. So, I have made quite a few baking mistakes! And, I always just laugh at myself – because what else is there to do? 🙂

  • Ooooo my goodness that’s hilarious!! Total blonde moment, no judgment here hahah

  • This is amazing! Sounds like something I would do. And maybe banana bread isn’t your forte?! But yes, cumin and cinnamon look very similar!

    • hahah! Believe it or not, my bb is killer – sometimes it just takes me a few batches to get there 😉

  • Bhaha. I love this! And I probably would do the same thing if I were sleep deprived and hungry. It’s things like this that make me so happy to get in the kitchen and cook…you never know what you will do or what will make you laugh.

    • I truly wish I could honestly blame it on the hungry and sleep deprived factor but I know myself and it’s just how my brain works sometimes. ha!

  • This. Is. Awesome. Laughing is good for the soul – even if it is at ourselves. I love that you called your mom to tell on yourself. It is always my first thing to do. 🙂

  • Holly

    I don’t think I’ve ever loved you more! This was awesome (and something I would have totally done!). Haha! Thanks for starting my day with a giggle!

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  • HAHAHA oh Em! I needed this laugh today. Thanks for being so authentic and real. 🙂

  • That is too funny!! Life’s too short to be super serious all the time 😉

  • Hilarious! Love the authenticity!

  • Emily, I love this and your comparing it to Amelia Bedelia too! I love the humor in those books (being a children’s librarian and all!).
    You have given me a real chuckle…not AT you, but WITH you, sweet girl. I have not done such in a while but I can recall…I won’t tell today! Just know that I have been there! : )
    Making my day!!!and…
    Caring through Christ, ~ linda

  • You are delightful. Thank you for sharing! Totally an Amelia Bedelia moment! 🙂

  • I once added icing sugar instead of flour to a carrot cake… It didn’t go well!

  • How adorable are you? Haha I loved this little story and one I needed to hear on this Monday. I can’t recall doing something as silly as that, but I can agree that laughter is very important. Thanks so much for sharing this hilarious tale and hosting such a great linkup!

  • Hahaaa, this is spectacular. Also I haven’t heard “Amelia Bedilia” in years! Definitely an AB moment though… we all have them!

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  • OMG! This is too funny! You made me laugh out loud while I was reading this. Okay, it took me about 10 seconds to get why you made a mistake in the first story. They when you had to ask your mom how to make smaller loaves…that really takes the cake. Love it! Laughter is so needed and I have to laugh at myself from time to time. I will have to jot them down the next time they happen.

  • So this one time, I was making my very first cheesecake ever. For my boyfriends birthday. His favorite cake – I mean, I was going to be the most wonderful girlfriend ever in the entire world. Until I pulled it out of the oven. It was completely sunken in, didn’t have any creaminess to it… it was just horrible. And, he ate that for like two days, saying “just the texture was bad, but it still tasted fine!”. A few days later, I’m telling my co-worker about it, and she’s like – “you only used one block of cream cheese? I usually use four!”
    And. That’s when it dawned on me that I read 3 *insert the abbreviation they used* cream cheese, as 3 tablespoons. And it was actually BLOCKS and I totally screwed up the recipe, not having ever made a cheesecake it didn’t even dawn on me that one block would be definitely not enough.
    On the way home that day, I bought the ingredients again, and made a kicka$$, delicious, amazing redemption cheesecake. Buttttt the boyfriend still brings up that first cheesecake every once in awhile lol

    • The original cheesecake. oh man… lol

      • Half eaten! Must not have been TOO bad! 😉

        • It tasted LIKE cheesecake. It just wasn’t – the same ha!

    • hahahaha!!! Oh this is awesome and I’m SO glad you shared it. Bless your man for eating it anyway!!

      • He is a keeper! For sure!!!

  • Hahahahaha!! Oh I had such a great laugh out of this one! And I didn’t even notice the mistake until you pointed it out, LOL! I definitely needed this laugh today, thank you for sharing it 🙂

  • Oh girlfriend…how sad and pitiful life would be if we couldn’t laugh at ourselves. I wish I could make money doing it cause I’d be rich!! Can we please make banana bread in Feb together??vAnd ask your mom to come down!! I want to give her a squeeze!

  • Hahahahaha this is so good! I’m a complete domestic failure so I can (unfortunately) relate a little too well to this! — Lisa | Two Martinis

  • I love this and was laughing (with you, not at you!). I love that you are so open to sharing the funny stuff. We need a sense of humor in this life!

  • oh my gosh I love this. not only because I do things like that with recipes a LOT, but that Amelia Bedelia reference is amazing. obviously we love her around these parts with our own little Amelia at the house. thank you for capturing it to share as well…we obviously love it.

    • I used to read those books ALL THE TIME – even my young self could relate! ha!

  • That is the most perfect Amelia Bedelia moment! Love this. So funny and I’m so glad you shared it.

    • Kari

      I was just thinking Amelia Bedelia! LOL!

  • This post rocks!!!!! Sometimes all you need is a good laugh, and yes, have a little fun!
    Juju Sprinkles

  • Bahahaha!!!! I can’t tell you how many times things like this has happened to me. This puts a smile on my face in the very best way possible!!

    • haha!! I’m so glad I’m not alone, lady!! (PS- I have missed you! I need to catch up on your blog!)