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Life Is Still Life.

August 19, 2015
Oh my gosh, you guys – do I have an amazing blogger, writer, & human to introduce you to today!! We all most likely have our “daily bloggers” – you know, the ones we make sure to check/read daily (or, at least as soon as we find the time) and this girl is definitely on that list of mine 😉 (And this post she’s sharing with us today? SO GOOD.) It is my pleasure to welcome Taylor DuVall to Ember Grey!

*The following post is a guest post, written by Taylor from Taylor DuVall blog, specifically for Ember Grey readers.

Confession #1:  I fought with my boyfriend last night. Not like the “Let me use the remote and change it to HGTV” type of fight – no, no – the “I’m unleashing my rude fury upon you” sort of fight. I love him to pieces, he is such a good man. Still, we fight.
Confession #2:  I’m on a new medication that has the possibility of giving me lots of zits. Since I suffered from acne every year of my life that had the word “teen” in it, I’m obsessively checking the mirror to see if my face has exploded. Like a survivalist stocks up on water just in case the zombie apocalypse hits, I’ve stocked up on Burt’s Bees blemish sticks just in case the zit apocalypse hits.
Confession #3:  Dirty dishes and I don’t get along. Every time I step up to my sink with plates covered in last night’s dinner grime and spoons covered in melting peanut butter, I think God is punishing me. So sometimes I leave them in the sink so long they smell. Should I put a picture of that glory on Pinterest? … “5 Easy Ways to be a Gross Pig”
Now that you realize I’m a mean, broken-out-slob, you can also know I’m here to tell you something that I think is really important: 

Life, my friends, is still just life. No matter what. 

You see, I also do a lot of really cool and awesome things. I work from home writing articles on lots of interesting topics for people who pay me. That’s sweet! I’ll be living in Costa Rica in a couple weeks. Pretty dang awesome. Basically I’m the bee’s knees sometimes. 
Then basically I’m a pimply argumentative wreck the other times. It’s both. 
Sometimes we humans fight, breakout, “forget” to clean. Sometimes we get sick, really sick, or stop talking to our family members. Sometimes people die. They die. And life starts seeming at the very least gross, but more likely just really horrific. 
But then sometimes we fall in love, feel beautiful and “pinspired.” Sometimes we’re healthy and lively and things are going so dang great. Sometimes people are born to us. They’re BORN. As in, they get to live too. And life starts seeming at the very least charming, but more like just really awesome.
No matter what’s happening more or what occurred yesterday, life is still just life. It’s a mixture of ugly and beautiful. It’s a combination of “I’m the bomb” and “Did a bomb just go off?” Life is what happens when sadness meets gladness, and we realize we can survive them both. 
I don’t want to pretend with you. As much as I don’t want to act like my life isn’t a mess, I also don’t want to act like my life isn’t terrific. Both of those things are true, both of them are life. I learn to grow more in the mess; I enjoy and relish more in the terrific. 
So do the wonderful things, the amazing things! Chase your dreams without a second of doubt. And then go home and wash the dishes and slather your face with zit cream.

Because life is still just life.

*This post was a guest post, written by Taylor from Taylor DuVall blog as part of EG’s Go the Distance sponsorship option. This post contains fresh content and was written specifically for Ember Grey readers. 

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