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Light of the World. (Our Greatest Gift)

December 21, 2015
the gift of HIS light

the gift of HIS light

Happy week of Christmas! Did the festivities begin this past weekend for any of you? Christian and I fulfilled another one of our traditional Christmas dates yesterday by going to our annual Christmas movie… we saw Star Wars! For those of you who haven’t seen it yet, don’t worry- nothing I’m about to say isn’t anything we didn’t already know so consider this spoiler-free. While I LOVED it (and I’m not even a Star Wars fanatic), there was one part in the movie that really got to me, I’m talking hit me hard. I felt incredibly emotional as I watched this particular scene, even bothered and upset to the point where had I been holding a remote I may have even turned it off. Just like all the Star Wars movies, this part specifically focused on choosing between the light side or the dark side… good vs. evil. And as I sat there in my seat, I just thought – but this is real life… this isn’t just a character in a story or the plot of a movie. I stared at the character as he struggled to choose good over evil, ultimately choosing evil, and it was almost too much for me to watch. I thought of Paris and Syria. I thought of the recent events in our own country, involving people who chose the dark over the light, and all of a sudden I wasn’t just sitting there watching Star Wars anymore. It wasn’t just an actor playing a role, this wasn’t a form of entertainment anymore, it really bothered me. These things were real life. And I wondered if anyone else in the theater thought it too, as a lump formed in my throat and the tears formed quickly in my eyes. There is so much dark in this world.

But, just as quickly as the fear had crept in, the light and the hope filled my heart like a piercing reminder that there is also so much light in this world. I remembered that not even all the darkness in the world could extinguish even the smallest spec of light (John 1:5), and just as the theater began to cheer for the hero, my heart was reminded of our own real-life hero… the one who came to this earth as that very light so that we would always have the choice of choosing hope over despair, light over darkness.

I have come into the world as light, so that no one who believes in me need remain in the dark.   John 12:46

One of my favorite moments each year at Christmastime is the Christmas Eve church service when everyone lights a candle and sings O, Holy Night. I cry every. single. year. as I hold my candle and look around the church at all the other candles and think, wow – there is so much light and hope filling this space right now, I wonder what this looks like from Heaven.  And I then always think about what our world might look like if we all kept those lights burning year round… if we kept that hope so close to our souls for 365 days of the year… if we chose to not only choose light every single day but more importantly- if we consciously extended that light to others who needed it too. (Because everyone is in need of hope.) Can you imagine how our world might change? The truth is, “the force” is real. That force is His light – something that forever remains within us once we have accepted it… the force is His never-ending love – a love so great it saves. And for me, that is the greatest gift we could ever receive, that is the reason of the season… it’s the reason for it all.

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas, filled with lots of hope and so much light – for this new year and for always.

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  • This is so beautifully written. Thank you for sharing and for always sharing your heart with us.

  • I don’t watch Star Wars, I’ve seen the first one, but that’s it. Nothing against it. Just never got into them so I probably won’t be able to relate to the part you are sharing. I can though relate to how you feel about the darkness in the world as many of us can. I have to keep reminding myself when darkness attacks our country, our people, our very way of living that God is still in control and He will have the final say. Merry Christmas sweet Emily and YOU are a light in this blogging world for me. Enjoy your time with family and making memories. Just think, next year you may, just may, have an addition to your Christmas!! 🙂

  • I’ve often felt the same way and just this weekend James and I were discussing how the Star Wars movies are the ultimate example of the choices we all make in life. Also, there is nothing like those moments of a chapel full of light. There is always hope in the world if we each simply look for it. Wishing you a wonderful Christmas week. XO my friend.

  • I haven’t seen the new Star Wars yet, though I do like the franchise. I love what you had to say about it! Sometimes I feel like we drown in the dark… how scary it is to even leave our houses or go in public. But all the good in the world is so bright! And this is such a wonderful reminder!

  • I know absolutely nothing about Star Wars, but I love what you had to say about it. Doesn’t the darkness of the world just feel overwhelming sometimes? I used to be really good at separating my life from the bad things that happened. I would compartmentalize and be upset these terrible things happened, but at least I’m mostly unaffected. I don’t feel that way anymore. It just feels so all-consuming lately. O Holy Night has been my anthem the past few months. The lyrics!! They’re so timely. Growing up, we would always go to Christmas Eve candlelight service and sing O Holy Night. They are some off my favorite Christmas memories, and I miss it so much. Merry Christmas, Emily!

  • Amen and amen again, sister! I’m so beyond grateful that we have Hope to be able to withstand the darkness that surrounds us, and tries to hard to consume our daily lives. Love you sweet girl and I pray that God will continue to light your path each day 🙂

    PS- We’re going to see Star Wars on Wednesday… I CAN’T WAIT!!!

  • Oh Em, beautiful as always. I’ve never been a giant star wars fan but that battle between good and evil always hits me, no matter what movie I’m watching or book I’m reading. Often it fills me with sadness and despair, wondering why on earth so many people these days choose evil. You bring it on home though – despite all that, His light cannot be extinguished. We are blessed by His love and forgiveness and His everlasting hope. That is plenty reason to shout AMEN every morning!! Happy Christmas, friend, we are going to have a birthday party for baby Jesus so Bug can remember what it’s all about 🙂 Celebrate the light. XO

  • I love that idea of the candle being for all days of the year and to be extended to everyone! Beautifully written.

  • This post is so beautiful. I love the song O Holy Night, just the description of your church service sent chills down my spine!

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  • What beautiful thought….”I wonder what to lots like from heaven…” Can you imagine seeing the beauty and softness of a candlelit glowing church? must be beautiful…a sight to bottle up and savor year round!

  • The best gift ever. Such unconditional love we don’t deserve.
    Happy Christmas!

  • This is so good! You have such a beautiful heart, and I love reading the things that come from it!

  • My church holds a Christmas Eve service where we sing Silent Night to close it out by candlelight. I cry every time also! Kindred spirits we are. This post is special, and important. All heart smiles over here.

    Chels | heartnatured

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