mornings like this

Mornings like this: It’s official…

May 10, 2014

I am officially on vacation today, ya’ll! We are driving to Indiana to meet up with my parents and my brother and his girlfriend so that we can all fly out together tomorrow. I’ve been told that to start out this trip, we’ll be partaking in a big family cookout tonight at my parents’ house… and you all know how I feel about Summer cookouts.

Even though I’ll be away, I’m really excited for this next week on Ember Grey because I have some special guests sharing some of their stories with you all! 
You can follow my vacation adventures via my Instagram, you know- except for that one day my dad collects all of our phones
I have a few prayer requests… would you please pray for the following?
  • As silly as this may sound, I am already missing Cleo terribly (who is being cared for at our home by my sweet friends). Will you pray that she doesn’t feel lonely? She’s so used to Oooj being with her everyday, as well as myself, and while it’s only a week- it’s the longest I’ve ever left her “alone.” I think I’m experiencing some fur-baby mom guilt!
  • Oooj will be at my parents house with their pet sitter. Please pray that all of the animals there will be kept safe (there are a lot of them!)
  • Please pray for a safe flight tomorrow (I am so not a fan of flying) and that all of our luggage arrives to our destination. (Because you already know I overpacked.) 
Bon voyage! 🙂 

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  • Have fun! I'll be praying for safe travels.

  • Have a great time! I'll be praying for safe travel and that Cleo and Oooj as well as their sitters are well and have fun together.

  • You're in my prayers! Have a wonderful vacation!

  • have a wonderful vacation! sending good vibes your way!

  • Yay, vacation!! I hope you have an amazing time and all the fur babies are happy and comfortable until you return 🙂 I always worry about my pets being lonely, but just think of how excited Cleo + Oooj will be when y'all come back!

  • praying for your fur babies and a safe trip! But you should totally be excited VACATION! 'nuff said