mornings like this

Mornings like this.

September 10, 2014

Good morning from my buddy Hank and me! Today, I am wishing for more beautiful, crisp fall mornings like this one and Hank is wishing for more hugs. It’s true- this is the only dog I’ve ever known who goes out of his way to get your attention so that you’ll give him a big bear hug. He will keep pawing at you until you give him one and it can’t just be a quick hug- you have to hold him for a minute. (Melt.) I mean- this face. How could you ever say no?! (Hank gets lots of hugs) 🙂

I have a busy day of errands planned, hence the short post today, but check back here tomorrow for a new monthly Vlog series linkup I’ll be participating in. This linkup is hosted by Faith from Life With Mrs G & the Artist – if you would like to join in, you can find more info here!

For today though, I want to know what you’re wishing for? Head over to Love the Here and Now to link up with Anne and the rest of us! Have an awesome day, everybody!

Love the Here and Now

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  • Walter gives me hugs. He puts his paw around my neck and lays his head on my shoulder. I love it! 🙂

  • I need a little bit of Hank in my life. I want a doggy so bad.
    I also want crisp fall weather. This 90 degree weather is starting to piss me off.

  • I love mornings like that! I'm sitting here in my pjs still, on my 3rd cup of tea, leisurely going through emails and blog reading. Petting my puppies as they come in and out of my office. Life is good on mornings like this! Thanks for joining me!

  • Awwww I've never met him and I love him. haha! What a sweetheart! I can't wait to get a big dog one day. I just love them so much. I want to wait until Paige is just a little older so they don't trample each other. lol

  • Melissa Camacho

    OMG what a sweet loveable face! I want to give him hugs too! Hank looks like the kind dog I want: a big, fluffy, cuddly, love bug! 🙂

  • I love your dog and that he asks for hugs!

  • My dog asks for hugs too, well, one of them anyway. My chihuahua asks that he doesn't give a flip about hugs or not but the chiweenie is desperate for love and attention. Sometimes he paws so ferociously it's like he's digging into your arm or hand until you pet and hug him. So lovable, our little furbabies!

  • Shannon Nichole Quigley

    He is seriously sweet!

  • So sweet. My friends dog will lift her paw – you'd think for "shake"… but noooo, she wants a paw massage. I'm not kidding!

  • Yay! More vlogs from Emily! You are so videogenic. Can't wait to see what you come up with next.

    Oh my gawd…Hank! You sexy beast! What a cute fur bag!!

    <a href='">Life+1</a&gt;

  • sweet! Penny was extra cuddly this morning too!

  • It's the sweetest!!

  • ha! You crack me up. Yeah, it started out as crisp and fall-like this morning and now it's back up to 90 and storming.

    Hank is such a love!

  • Good for you!!!! I always think of you on Wednesdays since it's your day off 🙂

  • Hank looks so snuggly!!!!!

  • He is definitely so sweet! 🙂 I love big dogs too. I think our next one will be a big one!

  • Same! I definitely want a big dog someday!! 🙂

  • He's actually one of my parents dogs (and for sure my favorite) 😉 He's the first one I visit when I come home!

  • oh cute!!! I love them too!! 🙂

  • a paw massage?!?! I've never heard of that, haha!

  • oh my gosh- the Vlog was so painful to make today and it was only 3 minutes. (There was no wine consumed in the making of this video, I think that was my problem. haha!)

  • love our sweet, cuddly babes!!! 🙂

  • It starts out 90 here and ends 90. I'm living in hell. Hahaha

  • hahaha! 😉 I can always count on you for a daily chuckle, Natalie!

  • You're sweet…not going to lie…I live for them!

  • ashortblonde

    I miss dog cuddles! Someday …someday. 🙂

  • Sweet dog! He looks so fluffy 🙂

  • I am also wishing for crisp fall mornings!!! Scarves, boots, and a cup of coffee! Yay! Can't wait!

  • can't wait for the vlog!! 🙂

  • one of these days!!! 🙂

  • he really is like a big polar bear! 😉

  • it has been so nice!! it's so cozy!

  • Oh he is sooooo sweet…I wanna cuddle with Hank!! 🙂

  • Anytime my friend 🙂

mornings like this Tennessee

Mornings like this.

July 17, 2014

Oh, hi. It’s just me. Totally slacking today and posting later in the day than usual. Even though I was up at 5:30am this morning. (Whyyyy does this happen?! Finally my chance to sleep in, babe-free, and I’m up at the crack of dawn.) I’ve gone jogging, took a long walk, smelled the flowers, ate the most healthy breakfast I’ve had in awhile, went to the gym, read the paper (like a REAL paper paper) (and I don’t mean People magazine) and have had 4 cups of coffee. (Nap later?) But but but – mornings like this. I tell you what- just leave me right here, in this place with these views and these flowers and these sweet, sweet people, and I will be happy for the rest of my days.
I’m definitely behind on my reading this week, and dying to know what’s going on with y’all (see what I did there? It’s what these southerners say… I still can’t say it without it sounding forced, and as one syllable – mine sounds more like “yah-uh-all” but I’m working on it.) Clearly I love it here and I am soaking in everything that is SOUTHERN but guys. Can I just say that not all of it is appealing to this gal? For one, I have a new fear of Recluse Spiders (not even sure if that’s how it’s spelled but I’m sure as hell not gonna google it and find 2309862 images of those little devils.) So this is not a new fear, just a newly heightened fear – after finding out that those horrible things just LOVE it here. I’ve been sleeping with one eye open and one hand on my hairspray. (It’s the only weapon I have.) Another thing, the BBQ here… it’s everywhere and I swear to you, that’s all people eat. There are tons of hipsters in this town, right?? I mean, where are all the freakin’ vegetarians?! I cannot keep eating sides! Last night I found myself ordering a higher-calorie-than-usually-ordered beer simply because I was starving to death. (I may be exaggerating.)  
Spiders and pork aside, this place is perfection and I’m SO excited to share more of our adventures here with you all. Until then, I am guest posting over at Seriously, Sarah? today, talking about how we can still find beauty on a dirt path. Come over and say hi! 

Have an awesome Thursday, loves! 

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  • I'm pretty sure there are 2,700 brown recluses living in my house right now. I see them EVERYWHERE, but then again, I think EVERY spider is a brown recluse! haha! If you are a vegetarian, you should try The Wild Cow in East Nashville. It's strictly a vegetarian restaurant. 🙂


  • I love these pictures. I wish I had time to go on morning walks. I get up at 5:30 and I'm lucky to make it to work on time. Working early sucks sometimes!

    Did you get my email earlier??? You won the camera lens mug!! 🙂

  • Wait, wait, wait. You went jogging, walking AND to the gym in the SAME morning?! Whoa, and I thought I was doing good to get 20 minutes of kickboxing in a few times a week! ;o)


    • lady. this was just a reeeeally good morning of motivation for me! (And I am feelin' it today.)

  • Spiders, no thank you. However I do love me some BBQ. I am so so behind on reading so don't even start to feel bad. Have fun!!!

  • Sounds like a great morning. Beautiful pictures!

  • I do find the BBQ to be a bit much, even as a meat eater. I've heard that the food scene is slowly changing, so hopefully a lighter fare will be around the corner soon!

  • I would say beer is a solid substitute for meat… right?

  • Holy cow you are one motivated morning person!!! Jogging, walking, AND the gym?? Yikes. I'd hate to throw my routine down beside yours…! 🙂 I'm glad you're enjoying your time there — I hope the spiders keep a wide distance!

  • Haha, welcome to the South! I feel that way in beach towns…seafood everywhere, and I don't like it! Glad you're enjoying yourself!!

  • Feel free to send some of your morning workout motivation my way. I do good if I get to class on time with my hair bushed.

  • That last picture is perfect!

  • Just came across your blog from the Find Beauty Friday link up! Love the photos! And don't worry, you will be able to say y'all perfectly in no time! 🙂

  • I don't have to be to work until 9 AM and do you think I can drag my butt out of bed to do any of the wonderful things you have done today before hand? That's a big fat nope. On the days that I actually do, I feel awesome! And I say, "I'm going to do that tomorrow!" Aaaaand, I don't. Good for you! 🙂

  • Haha! I love it! Yes, recluse spiders are quite the freaky little things down here. And you just keep on practicing that ya'll – I know you're rockin it! Enjoy the delish BBQ 🙂

  • Meg

    Ha. Spiders. Hate them. You just have to choose not to think about them!

  • Linking through from Find Beauty Friday – your pictures are gorgeous! What a productive day…including the beer 😉

  • Love the picture of the red flowers – the way the sun is coming through them.

    aka Bailey

  • Your pictures always take my breath away. 🙂 And, despite the unpleasantness of waking up at 5:30…don't you just love the feeling of accomplishment before 12pm? It totally makes up for that 5:30 wakeup call.

  • Random Fact: my mom just got one of those gorgeous flower covered trees planted in her front yard. I'M OBSESSED WITH IT. Then I realized, they're ALL OVER THE PLACE and my favorite thing when I'm running is seeing those beautiful little buds everywhere. And, they come in SO many colors. Yes, I'm turning into some CRAZED tree lover. Oh. My. Soul.