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My Favorite Christmas Tradition

December 14, 2015
us at AMMCC 2015

us at AMMCC 2015

I have always loved traditions. Growing up, my parents passed down and started new traditions with my brother and me year-round, though most of my favorite ones always happened around Christmas time. Lucky for me, Christian is really into traditions too, especially Christmastime traditions, and we’ve already started a few of our own. My all time favorite is our week-before-Christmas dates. Each day or night for a week, we’ll go on special dates: we always see a movie in the theater, we go out to a fancy dinner, we see a Christmas show, watch our favorite Christmas movies, have an early morning Starbucks coffee date, and play Christmas records while we drink hot chocolate with marshmallows. We’ll sometimes throw in other dates, depending on what’s going on that year, but each year I always look forward to that week or two before Christmas – just us.

Because 2015 quickly became the year of some pretty big purchases (moving, our 1st house, an unexpected purchase of a brand new dishwasher, and trading in Christian’s car for an SUV just being a few of those purchases – hello, adult life!), we decided to not do gifts for each other this year and instead just focus on our Christmas dates. And I LOVE that we’re doing that this year – I’d much rather have memories of special moments made and spent together than any material gift, hands down.

A few weeks ago, Christian and I were talking about how this year for our Christmas dates, going to see a show or musical may have to be skipped. Tickets to those things are so expensive and – again – we are all about financially recouping and saving money for the adoption. I’ll tell you right now though, later that night I prayed and told God that my heart felt so disappointed to think we wouldn’t see a Christmas show this year. There’s just something about the singing and dancing and dressing up and singing along to Christmas songs with complete strangers and fake snow coming down from the ceiling at the end, you know?! It always helps me get into the Christmasy spirit. I shrugged it off though, giving so much thanks for all of the amazing things that have happened this year and that we were able to financially afford them.

This past Saturday, Christian told me he was going to take the rest of the evening off work (something he hasn’t been able to do in months!) and that we’d spend time just the two of us. We remembered that our church was having a huge Christmas extravaganza (A Merry Music City Christmas) and decided there was no better way to start our week of dates than by roasting marshmallows, sledding, taking silly Christmas pictures, and seeing some of our friends from church – along with hundreds of other people who would also be there. We had the BEST time but my favorite part was when we ventured inside to listen to some live music…. turns out this wasn’t just a few people singing up on stage. There was singing… dancing… laser lights… singing Christmas songs with complete strangers… and yes- fake snow that fell from the ceiling. It hit me about 30 seconds into the show that THIS WAS OUR CHRISTMAS SHOW.

AMMCC Show 2015

It was better than I could’ve planned and I left our church that night with a heart filled to the brim with joy and gratefulness. God is so, so good.

Today I am grateful for tradition. I am grateful for special moments with favorite people, and I am so grateful for a God who cares and listens and knows our hearts, a God who wants us to ask, loves to give, and surely must take delight when we allow Him to fill our hearts to the brim.

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What are you grateful for?

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  • I love how God cares so much about the little details…He knows those are the really big ones sometimes…and He showed up, big time…to show you one more time how much He cares for you! I love this…and I love the idea of all your dates…so much fun!

  • God does know our needs! I love your tradition of a week’s worth of dates. We typically do one “big” thing for our Christmas date. It’s a wonderful tradition.

    • I love that idea too, Sheryl. It’s so busy this time of year, it’s important to get that time just the two of you!

  • I’m so glad you got your Christmas show! What an amazing chain of “coincidences” (Christian taking the night off, you deciding to head to church)!! God is definitely good 🙂 You date week sounds magical! I think that’s a fabulous idea!

    • We’ve spread it out a bit this year but I think our church date was such a fun way to start it out 🙂

  • Oh my gosh – this is so wonderful! I would love to see Christmas shows. I am so glad that you were able to see your Christmas show this year. 🙂

  • Love love loveeee. We’ve been doing something similar, and it’s made me reflect a lot on previous Christmases (because I’m getting so sentimental about this being the last “just the two of us” holiday)…I don’t really remember what gifts were given last year, but I DO remember how much fun we had on dates last year. It’s the memories that matter the most!

  • Sounds like such a wonderful evening!!! Kyle and I got our first weekend in a long time where we actually got to enjoy not working instead of working all weekend because of our opposite schedules. Those little details are so important, and how sweet of him 🙂

    liz @ sundays with sophie

    • It’s so nice when you’re able to switch it up a bit, isn’t it? Glad you got that time too!

  • What an awesome tradition and how cool is God that he made your Cheistmas show happen? Pretty cool.

    • I told X on the way home, funny that God was like, “Oh you’ll go to a Christmas show but it’s gonna be mine.” ha! 😉

  • What a great idea! Kyle and I actually have a Christmas date planned next weekend!

  • I love that date week tradition! I’m always hesitant about getting a lot of stuff that will just fill up my limited shelf space, and experiences are perfect for not doing that 🙂 Such a great idea!

  • How awesome!! I love that tradition – there’s nothing like spending time with your better half 🙂

  • I love when stuff like this happens. It proves that God really does want us to enjoy the journey.

  • I SO get this right now. We went on our annual Christmas Carol trip this weekend but decided to not stay overnight (as usual) because the hotel prices were higher because there were a lot of events going on over the weekend… we went to the play, had a couple of drinks, and had a less fancy dinner. it was still great but I bought a new car this year, we’re (hopefully) buying a new house next year, we need a new roof, etc. A $500 date night was not logical right now! And I LOVE this tradition! I shared it with Jason and we’re implementing it tonight. 🙂 Absolutely love your attitude, lady!

    • You know I get ALL of this. I feel like when you decide to do it a bit differently, you really realize the most important part is the time you spend together.. and then I’m always like, oh yeah! This is why we do this! 😉 Hope you guys had fun on your Christmas date!

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  • I am so glad you got your Christmas show! How fun! That is a great idea to do Christmas dates instead of presents (wish I had thought of that for me and my hubby). This is a great year to do it too, before your little one arrives, because I can tell you dates get more complicated/expensive after kids! They still happen, it just take more planning. 😉

  • Lovely traditions to carry on. 🙂
    I love get-togethers this time of the year. Everyone is just into the spirit.

    • I love them too 🙂 We’re having some friends over this weekend and I’m looking forward to sharing that spirit together!

  • This is so amazing. We’ve had a crazy year financially too since I quit my job, and we’re not buying each other Christmas presents this year either. We just bought out daughter a few special presents since it’s her first Christmas, and the other day we got a check in the mail from a family friend in the exact amount we had spent on her. God is so kind.

  • Hi, what an exciting show. I love the lasers and fake snow. Sounds like you had a great time. Congratulations. Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas.