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My Indiana Home.

September 17, 2014
“The new-mowed hay sends all its fragrance, from the fields I used to roam.” 
– Back Home Again In Indiana
Well, guys? This is my last week of staying out here in the country. It’s funny, looking back on the days leading up to my two week stay in Indiana – I’d had it all planned out. It would be relaxing and I’d get in so much alone time (which I love) and I’d be so inspired by the beauty of the countryside that I’d just write and write and write – I’d have like months worth of blog posts written for future use. 
Yeah, that’s not how things went down… I mean, clearly. While being out in the middle of nowhere and waking up in the country DOES typically put me in the writing mood – it has really just felt like something out of a horror movie. Dramatic? Perhaps. Not at all. 
I wasn’t going to bore you all with another “tales from the crypt country” but then Sunday happened and it was just too good NOT to share.  Let me paint you a picture, mkay? It’s 6am, about 40 degrees outside, and I sleepily walk out to the barn to feed the horses. I went to give one of the horses her hay and noticed electrical tape hanging out of the metal thing that the hay goes in. Immediately I realized how dangerous this was (and weird that there would be electrical tape in her hay bin?!) so I grabbed it to throw it away… and it occurred to me juuuust as I had the tape firmly in my hand and out of the hay holder that no, no this was not electrical tape. THIS WAS A DEAD SNAKE. (I’ll give you a minute to breathe.) I’M NOT KIDDING YOU! I literally screamed at the top of my lungs and dropped it in the horse’s stall. While gagging and totally crying and swearing, I took a pitch fork, picked it back up and then tossed it into the woods. I mean, just call me Norma Rae and get me a pair of cowgirl boots – I think I’ve earned my country medal after all of this. 
Honestly though, I have really enjoyed the scenery – as I always do when I’m here. Indiana will always hold a special place in my heart – Indiana will always be home. The skies seem a bit bluer, the clouds a bit fluffier, and the corn a bit sweeter… and I’ve tried to savor every moment. (Well, minus the snake moment… that one can just go straight to you know where.) (GAH! I’m still shuddering!) 

My parents get back tomorrow, thank the LORD! I’m seriously so excited – I cannot wait to give them the biggest hugs and to hear all about their time in Kenya (and the safari! Fingers are still crossed for an elephant.) My wish for today is that they have a safe trip back. (And thanks again to all of you who kept them in your thoughts and prayers!)
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  • Lindsay

    I would have had a heart attack! Glad your parents are coming home; praying for safe travels!

  • OMG!!! Yeah, I probably would have handled that the same exact way. haha! Except I probably would have ran away like a sissy and went back later. hahaha!!

  • I nearly passed out reading this. Ughhhhh my skin is crawling!!! You're much braver than me. I would've ran screaming from the barn lol! Holy moly it's already time for them to come back?!?! Time flies! Lots of prayers for their safe travels home 🙂

  • Oh my gosh, I would have died!! I'm just so glad it was dead!! I'm eager for you for your parents to get back and for you to get back home to peace and safety! 😉 (honestly though…)

  • Happy to hear that your parents are returning! Praying for a safe return for them! and TERRIFYING

  • HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHA I think I choked on my water. Next time splash water on your face before going out into the barn!!

    And hooray for your parents returning!!

  • Oh. My. God. A *insert explicative here* snake?! NO WAY, I would have absolutely had a complete heart attach. NO WAY!

  • Oh my word…I'm still cracking up! Seriously…you've had crazier adventures than the Kenyan missionaries!! Fingers crossed for the elephant! They'll probably bring you a stuffed animal or something. 😉

  • I'm sorry. I can't get past the fact that you grabbed a dead snake. I can't. I just can't. The visuals I have, the horror I feel for you is mind boggling. I.Hate.Snakes.

  • On the positive side, so happy you enjoyed your time in Indiana and that your parents are doing well!

  • Christian Matthew Cullen


  • You TOTALLY deceived me with that innocent post title. I mean REALLY?! That freaked me out just reading it! You have some serious composure to be able to pick it up and chuck it in the woods. I have a kill instinct when it comes to snakes. That pitch fork would have served a very different purpose in my hands I'm afraid!

    I officially have the heebie jeebies. Going outside now to lay moth balls around the house to repel any would be snakes.


  • Dead snakes…gross. I'm glad you survived because I'm not sure I would have! The country is beautiful and calming but sometimes the city is where it's at!!

  • A DEAD SNAKE?! Oh my!! I nearly spit my lunch out! At least he was dead…I think I would have died right then and there. I do know what you mean though, about loving home. I loved how you said the skies seem a little bluer, the clouds a little fluffier. 🙂 My grandma grew up in AR, but her family moved to MO (just across the AR-MO border) when she was in high school. When she would take my dad to visit family in AR, he would always tease her by saying "mmmmmm….smell that fresh and clean Missouri air!" as they drove across the state line! 🙂

  • I was totally imagining this in my head as I was reading! I am laughing and shuddering all at the same time! I would have freaked plum out!

  • OH. MY. GOSH. I would have freaked!! I cannot handle snakes….dead or alive. Shivers. I'm glad it was dead, for your sake though!! I hope you have a beautiful reunion with your folks and that their trip was fruitful and amazing, and I can't wait to hear all about it! 🙂 XO

  • Ohhhhhhh my gosh. I guess a dead one is better than a live one, but still. I think my heart would have stopped. I don't even mind snakes all that much – but being surprised by one like that would freak me out.

    I hope you'll share your parents' stories! And hopefully safari photos too!!

  • OH MY GOSSSSSSH!!! I would have seriously been freaking out!! Kudos for you for picking it up again with a hay fork! That bad boy would have still been there if it was me!?! Loll! Your parents house sounds so relaxing!! They have horses…so fun!! 🙂 I'm glad you have enjoyed your time back in Indiana! Can t wait till next week!

  • It was seriously terrifying!! I was more shocked than anything, I think.

  • I just about did!! haha. Glad they are coming home today, too. Thank you so much for your prayers!

  • I cried. I straight up CRIED. hahah.

  • Girl, it was hard for me to even WRITE it!!!!! It was horrible! I wanted to wash my hand with bleach or something. haha. Thank you for your prayers, Kelly!!

  • ME TOO! That was my thought later on- like THANK GOD it was dead… can you imagine if it had been alive?!?!?! gah!!!!!! haha!!

  • Thank you!!!! 🙂 (and YEAH. IT WAS NOT GOOD.)

  • hooray for them returning, indeed! I'm going to pick them up and be like "Okay, I really want to hear about your time in Kenya, but first let me tell you about my time in Indiana." hahah 😉

  • girl, there were lots of swear words and tears. and screaming and waving my hands up and down…. as I cried and swore. It wasn't pretty.

  • hahah I KNOW!!! My parents are not even going to believe everything that's happened. And I was worried about spiders….. now I have a whole new fear of snakes.

    (I'm hoping for anything elephant! ha! Truly though- I'm soooo excited they're coming home today!)

  • ANNE!!!!!!! It was seriously HORRIBLE!!!!!! I couldn't even call anyone to talk about it for hours…. I was trying to get it out of my brain. And off my hand, even after 2309852 washes. haha!

  • haha!! I've had the heebie jeebies for DAYS, I tell you. The worst part is every time I go to give the horses hay now, I'm terrified another snake will be in there. So I'm wearing the ski gloves again, feeding the animals their food.

    sooooo ready to go home 😉 haha

  • I'm thinking balance between the two is key…. and it's time for this gal to be back in the city 😉

  • yes thank GOD it was dead! I don't know what I would've done had it been alive and in my hand.

    The country air really is the best!!! Taking long walks out here is my absolute favorite.

  • haha!! I was, lady!! I WAS!

  • Well until that moment, I'd never really had a fear of snakes….. I DO NOW! 😉

    Thank you, Rebecca!! I cannot wait to see them!!!

  • I will definitely share Kenya stories and pictures!!! I cannot wait!! 🙂

  • hahah. Well I had horrible thoughts of the horse accidentally eating it or something and that was enough to encourage me to get rid of it. GAH! I cannot do snakes, I cannot!!!!

  • There is no place like home. Praying for a safe return for your parents!

    P.S. If they bring you a baby elephant I must be allowed to come visit and play with it!

  • Seriously I can not even imagine it. That's what nightmares are made of.

  • Lmao!

  • haha! Welp- no baby elephant (although I did get some awesome Kenyan jewelry!) … looking forward to sharing some of their pictures with you all soon!!!

  • Is it bad that I was happy to read the snake was already dead? Haha… what a nightmare! So glad it wasn't wiggling around when you grabbed it! Huge kudos for handling it like a champ! And what a beautiful picture of the Indiana sky 🙂

  • hahah It's not bad AT ALL!!!!!! That's what my husband said when I called to tell him… and I hadn't even thought of that until he mentioned it and then was REALLY glad it was dead!