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My Writing Playlist, plus my dad weighs in on The Biebs

April 9, 2014
I know, you’re confused by this title. You’re thinking- what’s she doing talking about Justin Bieber?! (And why??!)
Well stay with me now, and I’ll try to explain. 
I’ve mentioned before that there is always music playing in our home. Whether it’s X the one actually playing it or me jammin’ out to my playlists or a favorite station on Pandora (or sometimes it’s just me, doin’ a little acapella rendition of Céline Dion’s It’s All Coming Back To Me Now, naturally blessing everyone’s day who’s within earshot), it’s always something. Do you listen to music while you write blog posts? I know that some people need it completely quiet to write but I am a big fan of Writing Playlists. 
So today, I am going to give you a mix of some of my most favorite Writing Playlists for a little inspiration for your own Writing Playlists. (Oh, you’re so welcome!)
I think it’s clear that I have great love for Michael Bolton. This is serious stuff, you guys. I mean, I did mention it in my first blog post, and how about the time X blasted it at my surprise 30th birthday party. Soul mate? I think so. MB is for sure one of my go-tos when crafting a new post. He helps me write the magic.
But besides MB, I really do have quite the mix – it’s very random and that’s just how I roll. Some of my “chill stations” on Pandora are Benjamin Francis Leftwich and Birdy, and actual albums I listen to are the new Beck (amazing) and then Coldplay.

My more upbeat stations tend to be 80s like Steve Winwood and then pop with a little Justin Bieber. (I told you- quite the mix.) Wait- you don’t know who Steve Winwood is? Stop it.

And I’m sure you’re
wondering how I managed to snag such a great guy, especially one in the
music industry – well, that one I’m still trying to figure out. X
supports all of my music choices and sometimes I can even get him to
sing along. Maybe one of these days I’ll share a little video of us
lip-syncing a duet of Jeffrey Osborne’s Stay With Me Tonight.

I’ve written some of my best blog posts while listening to The Biebs.
(You’re probably never coming back here, I know.)

I did come across a little something the other day though, while cleaning out some of my computer files, and HAD to share this with you all. This was documented a few years ago, right after X and I had moved back from CA. My parents were staying with us for the weekend, helping us unpack and you know, you need some good tunes while you build Ikea book shelves and stuff. Naturally, I turned on a suitable playlist for such things, and my dad weighed in.
He did not know this was The Biebs. He was not a fan of The Biebs. (He did like the rap part in the middle though, which- who doesn’t. Luda 4 lyfe.) And it actually got better – what the camera didn’t catch was him confessing that he first thought he was listening to a girl.
It’s okay, Dad. Same thing happened to me when I first heard Hanson. We’ll let it slide this time.

So what are some of the songs I’d find on your Writing Playlist? Are you as random as I am with your selection? Anyone else out there listen to The Biebs? 

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  • The Biebs did sound like a girl then! If only he had stayed as sweet and innocent as he sounded back then!

  • My playlist is so random! You would find anything except country… including Biebs and Miley (no shame!)

  • So funny! Thanks for stopping by my blog. Loving your blog as well. I've never been to Chicago. Maybe one day! Looking forward to reading more and getting to know you!

  • Not fond of the biebs. and never hard of any of that in which you listed but will try and listen to some of it later. I like mainly country, oldies and rock.

  • So happy to see Andrew Belle on there! We've been loving the whole Black Bear album. If I need to get "in the zone" I like listening to Tycho.

  • Love your "chill" playlist, I have five of those seven songs on my relaxing playlist! Check out Shannon Saunders, her songs Creatures, Atlas, and the Wrecking Ball medley (sooo good, I promise). I don't think she's on Spotify yet, just Youtube. And also, Gabrielle Aplin! So good, love music and the ability it has to enhance our writing styles.

  • I love listening to classical music for every day writing, but I have other playlists depending on the type of posts I want to write. Do you mind if I borrow this idea for a post? It's too good.