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January 14, 2015

It’s a new year and I’m really looking forward to continuing the craziness with my Tribe, as well as meeting “new to me” bloggers. Even into the first few weeks of 2015, there have been quite a few new readers quickly becoming regular (I love meeting you all via the Grateful Heart linkup!) so I thought this might be a perfect time to re-introduce myself. (Insert Austin Powers scene here) 

(These pictures have nothing to do with this post, or Austin Powers, but Cleo was hurt that I ended up leaving her out of the review post yesterday. Sorry, Cleo.) 
I went to write a new About Me post to share (I’ve written a few here and here) and then wondered: Well what exactly do they want to know? This might be way more fun if it were a Q&A, SO – beginning today until Tues the 27th, you can ask me anything you want and I will answer all appropriate* questions in a couple weeks 🙂 
You can email questions to embergreyblog@gmail.com or you may leave them in the comments section below. 
*Appropriate questions:
  • Where are you originally from?
  • Why did you stop modeling?
  • What exactly does your husband do?
  • Which actress would be the star in your life’s movie? 

Inappropriate questions: 
  • What is your address?
  • Who is your favorite singer? (Inappropriate because that should be obvious by now.) (MICHAEL BOLTON FOREVER.) 
So there you go. Talk to me.

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  • Jae

    Did I imagine things or you were really modeling not-so-long-ago? *searches "modeling" in archives* OH MY GOD. SHE WAS ONCE A MODEL! You're a natural, Em! No bullcrap. 😀

  • You modeled?! You go Glenn CoCo! Let's see… an appropriate question…. Peach cobbler or banana pudding? LOL! Happy Wednesday chica!

  • What is your favorite candy? And, when can I come visit (I know, this is an inappropriate question, but still :P)?

  • MODELING?! I WANT TO KNOW MORE ABOUT THIS. Appropriate questions: I need to know how you guys make the whole "starving artist" (I know you're not starving) work as a career. M really wants to dive into photography full time BUT WE ARE TERRIFIED.

  • Haha, I think you sparked a hot topic with the modeling comment Em!

    I am far from surprised to hear this tidbit about you. You are really naturally beautiful (inside and out). So, like everyone else….tell us why you quit!

    I had a very brief stint when I was a teenager (nothing like what you've done I'm sure). In the end I was told many times I wasn't tall enough. My ears were too big. I needed to loose weight. Etc. Etc. You know what? I reckon I'm much happier having not ventured down that path anyhow!

    Can't wait to hear the details!!


  • Probably not much help, but one saying I've found to be incredibly true in my life is 'the greatest rewards come from the greatest risks.' You can do it Cassie!!

  • Isn't that the truth!!!

  • Fun idea for a post! What do you miss most about Chicago? (Besides friends, family, or the fact that we never met up before you left… (sad face) ) PS – Can you put parenthesis inside of parenthesis?

  • This is a great idea! I'm a new reader so I didn't know you use to model! So yes, when did you start modeling and when and why did you quit? And what's your favorite drink at Starbucks? 🙂

  • Love this idea- might have to do as well!! If that's ok? … just love your ideas. Also, I am thinking either #acoffeetour (not taken/no tags right now) or #simplygreycoffeetour (a combo of our names?) for the coffee tour hashtag? just let me know… hope your week is going well and excited to start our tour ps: your new glasses are adorable.

  • I had no idea that you used to be a model! Not that I should be very surprised because you are super gorgeous, but I must have missed you mentioning that before. Soooo…..why DID you decide to quit? lol!

  • What was your favorite childhood book?

  • I'd love to know more about the book you are writing. Are you close to being done? Fiction or Non? Do you have a desired date of completion in mind?

    BTW, I referrd you to Weave Made Media when I applied earlier this month. I really enjoy your writing style and content. I though they might too!

  • Alexandra Mayhew

    Hmmm… How about telling us a random quirk about yourself? One of my #ladywriter #happymailers told me that she can't bear to touch lolly sticks and so always wraps the wrapper around the end so she doesn't touch it! Now that's a weird random quirk if ever there was one! Lexie X

  • haha!! aw, thanks Jae! 🙂

  • ooh. I love this, V!!

  • yay!! Can't wait to weigh in on this!!

  • ohhh, lady. Yeah… I have stories to tell 😉 haha.

  • (You can never use too many parenthesis)

  • Of course, Nelle! 🙂 I am loving the #simplygreycoffeetour ! I'm totally in. I'll be headed to my favorite Nashville coffee shop on Sunday! 🙂

  • Brettni! Gosh, thank you so much!

  • too funny!! 🙂 Great question!

  • What are 3 things you would save from your home if you had to leave immediately and why? 🙂

  • I can't think of a question, but I am looking forward to hearing all the questions your readers come up with and of course your answers!

  • When did you know Michael Bolton was THE ONE?

  • Obviously this will be the first one to answer!! (hahaha! Why you're the BEST!)

  • Liz

    This is so much fun! I will be thinking 🙂 Can't wait to read the answers!! xo

  • Katherine Lacabe

    In what order do you read blog posts?

  • I second these questions!

  • I second this question too!

  • How did you come up with the names for your pets?

  • OK let's see what I can come up with at 1130pm haha…..hm….

    Any random celeb interactions during your modeling days? Are you writing a memoir-type book, or fiction? Do you put milk/cream in your coffee or drink it black? How did you feel the day that you left the corporate world to focus on writing…?! Have you ever quit a job with zeal? When you look back at your life in 30-40 years, what would you want to say is your biggest achievement? (Can't say having written your novel, assume that's already on the list and mentioned!) 😉

  • these are seriously awesome questions, ESP for 11:30pm! Love these! 🙂