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Oooj Day!

August 26, 2014
Are you all aware that today is National Dog Day?! (I wasn’t either.) Well it is and I thought this would be a perfect day to share with you a little bit more about our dog, Oooj 🙂

The first question people ask is “How did Oooj get his name?” Oooj is short for Oooju Booju because he was, hands down, the cutest puppy I’d ever seen and I just kept saying “Oooju booju mooju peecho oooju!” to him. (Totally obnoxious. No doubt he was saying, “Please don’t let this lady adopt me.”) So of course I didn’t want to embarrass him his whole life and shortened it all to “Oooj.” The second question people ask is what kind of dog he is. We’re not exactly sure but have been told by numerous vets that he’s a Schnauzer/Poodle mix.. they call it a “Schnoodle.” 
I got Oooj in the summer before my Junior year of college. The night I brought him home, we spent the evening in my parents kitchen, just staring at each other and getting to know one another. That’s when Oooj and I became inseparable – he was always aware of where I was and he’s still that way to this day 🙂  
We moved to Chicago soon after and Oooj became a city dog, quickly learning and teaching me that he did not love the city, loud noises, fast moving cars, and other dogs. I felt so bad leaving him every day while I was at work and so when the opportunity came about to rescue a kitten, I knew this little kitty would be a perfect buddy for him. And so, Oooj & Cleo became two peas in a pod, quickly becoming best friends. (And truly – they are.) 

Oooj & Cleo play together (she mostly terrorizes him and steals & hides all of his toys), sleep together, and just as Oooj is ever protective with me, he is also super protective over her. I often find them snuggling, Cleo’s arm around him. 

When X and I started dating, I was really anxious to see how Oooj would react to a man coming over to the apartment. My mom had always said you can judge a person by the way your dog treats them (ha) and I was kind of interested to see how that would all go down. I’d had no need to worry though, because Oooj and X were instant buddies… in fact, Oooj is more obsessed with X than he is me now.

Oooj has always loved his toys/stuffed animals, or as we call them- his “babies.” If he’s happy or excited, he’ll run to the other room to grab one of them and then run around the house, squeaking it. He sleeps with his babies too, which is always hilarious to wake up in the morning and have an “Oooju baby” at the foot of the bed, along with Oooj and Cleo. (We’re slowly running out of room.) 

Why so many babies, you ask? Well that’s because literally every time Christian passes a PetsMart, he runs inside to get Oooj a new baby. EVERY SINGLE TIME. We have a huge bin of Oooju babies and for the life of me I can’t bring myself to throw any of them away…. Oooj still plays with them all.

Oooj is also a lover of little blankets and has no problem getting under one and snuggling up… also looking incredibly cute and he pretty much can have whatever he wants when he does this.

Oooj has had “the look” down since the night I brought him home, and he sure knows how to use “the look” to his advantage (works every time.) The term “puppy dog eyes”?? Pretty sure this guy started that whole thing.

Having grown up with a lot of dogs, I can honestly say that Oooj is the sweetest dog I’ve ever known. He is a very emotional dog (ha!), wouldn’t hurt a fly (in fact, he’s afraid of bugs- flies especially), he is SUCH a love, and as protective as he is over me – he makes a terrible guard dog. (That’s where Cleo comes in.) Loud noise at the door? Oooj goes running to the corner to take cover and growl, while Cleo runs to the door like, “What’s your problem, Oooj?”

I wouldn’t go as far as to call Oooj a “wuss” (okay, maybe I would) but he is MY wuss and therefore, he’s perfect. He’s the biggest love I’ve ever known in an animal and I am thankful for each and every snuggle, walk, look, playful game, and for each excited tail wag I get when I walk through the door.

So, Oooj, happy day to YOU, you handsome sir.  I hope your day is filled with lots of treats, babies, and that Cleo respects your space today and doesn’t hide your toys.

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  • Oh wow. Just wow. This is so adorable and made me laugh at how cute he is! And with Cleo! Awww! And all his little toys! What a special little dawgy. 😀

  • Oh my gosh, he is soooo cute!! Love his little face! And I am so glad that I'm not the only one that makes those kinds of sounds to my animals. haha!! So glad he has a bff now too. Love this!

  • Oh my goodness, so precious. Love the little guy!

  • I seriously want a dog so bad. Maybe in a few years when Teagan is a little older. But yours is CUTE!

  • Lindsay

    What a sweet post! Love his name!

  • Um, I kind of love this post in more ways than I can even say. I am excited to celebrate National Dog Day with my Walty later. I mean…extra cuddles and a treat, what more could a dog want? 🙂

  • I am in love with this post! Dog's are the greatest! Oooj actually looks like my dogs…minus 80 pounds. She is a labradoodle and SO big!

  • So sweet! We just got our dog & have loved getting to know her. Glad to know it's national dog day 🙂

  • this is too sweet!!! I had no idea it was national dog day!!

  • Katie @ A Beautiful Little Adv

    Loved reading this!! precious baby!! My little maggie is a poodle mix too and has those same eyes. So expressive! I think Oooj and Maggie would be besties. Also love him and Cleo cuddllin up, how precious!!

  • he is very special!! 🙂 I know I'm biased!

  • haha! You are definitely not the only one, Julie. I've even heard my husband do it when he thinks no one is around, ha 😉

  • We love him so much! (He is almost 9 now!)

  • Aww I love this. My pup is a bit of a wuss too, but he's perfect as well. I had no idea it was National Dog Day!

  • This is just one big soppy furry mush fest! I love it!! Oooji is adorable. And Cleo seriously makes me rethink being a dog person, for, like, one second. And then I'm totally a dog person again. ;o)


  • I was NOT aware! Love this 🙂

  • Happy day, Oooj! When I was reading this, I was laughing so hard because all I could think was – are we the same person with the same dog?! I got my pup Duncan (yorkie/maltese) when I was a junior in college, moved him to the city – which he hated, and adopted a kitty to keep him company while I was in the city (and they are now serious best friends), haha! Also, when M + I first started dating, I was panicked because Duncan hated my ex's + would try to bite them. Not only did Duncan love M immediately, but now he is o-b-s-e-s-s-e-d with him. I'm chopped liver in comparison! I loved every bit of this post, and can relate to it so much since our best buddy pet stories are so similar 🙂

    PS – What you call puppy eyes, I call 'cow eyes' (because when Duncan gives them to me, there's a lot of white showing, haha). Does Oooj ever give you the eyes when you literally just aren't paying attention to him? That's Duncan's favorite. It's like a staring contest, and when I look over because he's staring at me with cow eyes, he'll look away real quick like nothing happened, haha.

    PPS – Sorry for a ridiculously long response about dogs. #nerdalert

  • HOW DID I NOT KNOW IT'S NATIONAL DOG DAY??? Hahah my dog is named Andi but we call her everything BUT andi…love embarrassing my dog, glad i'm not alone!

  • Awwww, your dog seems so well behaved and precious compared to mine. My dog destroys her "babies" within 5 minutes. haha

  • Awww…super cute post. Your dog is so cute! 🙂 I'm always so so glad we got Max…he makes our days and nights so much more fun…so completely understand the dog love. Happy Dog day.. I might have to stop at petsmart myself and get Max something on the way home.

  • Okay, you're the cutest and Oooj is too! Happy Oooj Day!

  • This is just stinking adorable! He has the puppy dog face down. My knees got a little weak over here.

  • Your baby is so stinking sweet!!! Ahhh I cannot get over that face – I'm a sucker for puppy dog eyes lol!

  • amy

    So adorable! What a sweet pup.

  • How cute is he! I am slightly jealous that he is so calm. Our dog (she's an outside dog, but still) is a maniac!

  • OMG Oooj is the cutest!! Love the pics of him snuggling under the blankets !! 🙂

  • Yep. I need a dog now. Your cat is also huuuuge hahaha

  • Melissa Camacho

    holy cow the cuteness is overwhelming. Such a sweet puppy face! I love him! 🙂

  • Tanya Jean

    Aw, I feel terrible not knowing it was national dog day! Love this little tribute post! And oh gosh, the way he got his name is beyond perfect! I named my dog Teddy when we got him because he seriously looked like a little Teddy bear! Aren't dogs the greatest??! 🙂
    xo TJ

  • I like Oooj's little old man look with his mustache. Your puppy's face made me say "oooju booju" too LOL.
    Also, that is one chubby cat HAHA. I recently hung out with a friend's Russian blue and he totally changed my mind about cats.

  • oh I know! He just kills me when he does that!!

  • I really did luck out with him being calm. Our cat is the maniac of the family! 😉

  • hahah – SHE IS!!! I know!! (We're working on it, ugh)

  • I love him too!!!!! 🙂

  • Dogs are the absolute greatest!! Teddy is such a cute name! (And less embarrassing, haha!)

  • He totally looks like a little old man- my husband calls him that all the time! ha! And I hear you about our cat, oh my gosh we are trying trying trying to get that girl to eat LESS! haha! We love her just the same though 😉

  • Love our fur babies!! 🙂

  • oh his eyes and that look – gets me every time! (But pets were meant to be spoiled, right!?)

  • haha!! I know!!

  • aw!! 🙂 I will tell him you said so! 😉

  • Pets are just the absolute best. Hope Mr. Max was spoiled tonight! 😉

  • haha! I did luck out with having a fairly calm dog… it's our cat who is the crazy wild one.

  • oh girl, I hope you celebrated with Andi when you got home!!! 😉

  • are you kidding?! I love this!! I LOVE that Duncan and your cat are friends! It's rare- I hardly ever hear that. (Now I want to go back to your blog to stalk for pictures of them, ha!) And yes- Oooj is Christian's shadow. If you asked Oooj who he loved more he would most certainly say Christian. (It's okay though, clearly this means we married great men.)

    haha!!!!! Oooj will totally give the eyes when he feels sad because we're not paying attention YES. And he'll sigh really loudly, too – it's hilarious. Oh my gosh your babe sounds SO sweet!!!!!

  • haha. Yeah- she is pretty great and the greatest cat. (Most of them aren't as cool, and I'm not biased at all!) Hope your sweet Chewie had the best day!!

  • They are perfect, just the way they are 😉

  • It must be a poodle thing!! The expressions are hilarious. I once had a vet tell me he didn't believe dogs were that emotional and I wanted to be like, "Do you HAVE a dog??"

  • aww!! They are the best. I'm excited to come over to your space and search for your new fur babe!

  • Love love love Oooj, perfect name and such a lovely face and expression! Thank you for introducing us 🙂

  • oh wow! Yeah Oooj is only about 10 lbs… our cat is bigger than he is. (oops.) I love big dogs though too!!

  • awww haha! I hope your sweet Walter baby had a great day!!!

  • YES. I'm always trying to talk everyone into getting a dog so you know my vote!! 🙂

  • aww thank you, Vicky!! 🙂

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  • Sweet! I want some kind of terrier. Something small because I can't handle elephant sized dog shit on my floor. Hell no.

  • oh perfect! Cairns are sooo sweet.

  • Yes they are!! He's so sweet! Stinky breathe and all!! Haha

  • But fat cats are more fun! and more to love!

  • I just scrolled through my blog + IG and realized I have no pictures of my babes together — clearly this is an issue that needs to be fixed PRONTO! Here's one from when they were a bit younger, while we were still living in the city (they still snuggle like this daily!):

    And oh, the sighing! Hahaha, Oooj + Duncan could have a sigh party together one day. Duncan loves making a big fuss out of nothing — I can't even count how many times a day I say 'Oh my gosh, you're so dramatic Duncan!'. They are all such sweet babes <3

  • hahahah THEY ARE!!!!!!

  • oh my gosh LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes, take more pictures STAT!!! 😉 What loves they are. Your pup is adorable. Doesn't your heart just melt when they snuggle together?!