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Our (Anti) Valentine’s Day

February 15, 2014

I hope everyone had a sweet Valentine’s Day yesterday! And if you’re not a fan of the “holiday” – congratulations – it’s now over!

So what’s up with the “anti” title of this post, I know. Obviously I’m not anti-love. I love love. I really do believe in a forever
kind of love. I’m even starting to like pink and red together. And I totally cry over Hallmark and Cheerios commercials. So, told ya. If crying over sappy commercials doesn’t scream that you’re a
lover, I don’t know what does. However, this was not always the case. X and I have only ever
celebrated “anti-valentine’s day” since being together. And I mean
really, this is just because in the past, before we met, we were totally jaded and
against anything that was romantic or love-related. Totally against it.
(Yeah. Until it smacked us in the face and told us to take a SEAT.) We got owned by love and everything romantic and stuff. Dang. (YAY!!!!!!!!!)

But even though we are totally all about love now, we still have to follow through with
tradition, which has always started out the same way: we go out to dinner. How is this
different from everyone else in the entire world? Well, we don’t dress
up and we request a table in the center of the room (you know, versus in the corner or the back with some privacy), where we can have a clear view of everyone
else in the restaurant and then we observe all of the other couples with a
close eye… deciding who is on a first date vs. who has been together for a few months vs. who has been together for a super long time. Silly, yes. But it’s what we do. It’s what we know. It’s how
we roll.

After dinner we’ll do something like seriously anti though. Last year? Last year was one for the anti-love books. Die Hard. Bruce Willis. You know-
violence, fire, horrible Russian bad guys.. it’s totally anti-Valentine’s Day. (Unless guns and fire and some Russian guy with
bleach blonde hair is your thing. Then go you.) I have a deep love for all things Bruce Willis. I have seen every movie he’s ever been in, the Die Hard movies being a personal favorite. So you can imagine how excited I was to spend our anti-romantic night watching BW’s 2398629th Die Hard. We pretty much skipped into the theater just in time for previews. One
of the previews was for the (at the time) new GI Joe movie (also starring my boyfriend,
Bruce). The previews for this movie were so good that I swear I felt
like jumping to my feet and clapping during one of the scenes. X looked at me
and exclaimed in a super loud whisper, “This is going to be the best movie ever!!!” and I was like “I know!!!!!” and then the two of us
exchanged a quick look of confusion and he said “Wait, we’re not seeing
that? That’s not the movie we’re seeing?” and I said, “What are we
seeing? No really. I don’t remember what we’re seeing.” … so if that
gives you any indication of how the next 2 hours were going to go.
Neither of us could remember what we’d hurried to the theater to see.
Are we old?! Boring?! What is with that?! Within the first 5 minutes of
Die Hard, I looked at X
with a very serious life-or-death expression and said, “This is going
to be the worst movie we’ve ever seen.” And it was.

After the torture was over, we dragged ourselves outside where I found BW’s poster and said to him, “Bruce, I still love you. But don’t you ever do that again.” (He did. GI Joe.)

So I know what you’re thinking. How did we ever top that, right? Like how was this Anti-Valentine’s Day going to beat Die Hard?!

This is how.

 The Kin ^^

These guys. If you haven’t heard of them, check them out RIGHT NOW. I’m just a tad obsessed with their song Get On It. They’re currently on tour with P!nk and if I know one singer who must be Anti-Valentine’s Day, I would think it would be her. I mean, total badass right? Well these guys are too.

The Kin would be stopping in Chicago, on Valentine’s Day. It was perfect. X bought tickets months ago and I’d been thinking about this every day since he told me we were going. (Poor thing is never good at surprising me so he usually just tells me.) (It’s fine.) So Thursday night, X and I were in bed and I asked him what time the show started. He said it wasn’t announced when he bought the tickets so he started checking online as I started mentally picking out the outfit I’d wear. And this is what happened from there:

X: “Um. So…. it’s saying there are two other bands that play before them and the first band doesn’t start until 10PM.”
me: (choking on my spit) “10PM?!?! No stop. Did you really just say 10PM??!” (Guys. I’m 30 now. 10PM is late.)
X: “Yeah. Which means The Kin prob doesn’t go on until… midnight.”
– (silence) –
me: “So you wanna just go get sushi?”

And that’s exactly what we did. Because we’re old. And boring. We skipped The Kin, got sushi at a restaurant 30 minutes away and in a strip mall. Why so ghetto on Valentine’s Day? Because we didn’t have a reservation. And because we’re honoring our tradition. We were back home and in bed by 10PM. (told ya. bedtime) And it was the best Valentine’s Day we’ve had yet.

(PS- So who ate chocolate for breakfast this morning? Anyone? Just me? M’kay.)

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  • Ha! I love the comment about "10 Pm?!" 10PM is late! Totally agree.

    Our Valentine's Day…we ate pizza and I organized the house. Exciting Stuff, but it was perfect for us.

  • Oh my goodness. I LOVE BRUCE WILLIS. OMG. The Die Hard movies are my favorite! I own Live Free or Die Hard and watch it regularly. Amazing.