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August 29, 2016

grateful EG

Happy Monday!! Well, for those of you who are waking up this morning and in desperate need of a pot or two of coffee, DUDES. I am right there with you and please SAVE ME A FEW POTS. I have never, ever felt so tired and exhausted – I’m talking like when you’re so tired your entire body hurts – even your hair. I don’t think I really understood the kind of tired new mamas would talk about – like when they’d celebrate the fact that they got in three sips of coffee while it was still hot, or when they got to take a hot shower and blow dry their hair – I would raise an eyebrow and think, Well that’s a bit extreme, surely you’re exaggerating. And then when they’d talk about only getting an hour or two of sleep each night, I would think to myself, Okay but that’s probably just what it feels like. You probably got more. Friends and mamas, I APOLOGIZE. I BOW DOWN TO YOU. Because when I tell you I’ve been getting between 45 minutes – 2 hours of sleep each night for the last week and a half? I truly mean it. And when I tell you that I could have cried over a hot cup of coffee I chugged down Saturday morning, I truly mean it. And when I blow dried my hair on Friday and put on real clothes, I felt like a million bucks.

But you know what’s just the absolute best about all of this? As tired as I am, my heart has also never been so happy. My son is two weeks old today. (How this is possible, I have no idea.) My son. Is two weeks old. Today. And he’s healthy and happy and his favorite place to be in the late night hours is on my chest, as we look at each other and I rub his back until he finally falls asleep. I have been waiting and waiting for these moments… I’d read about and listen to other mothers talk about how exhausted they were from being up all night with their babies and I’d think, I would give anything to have that. And now I’m knee deep in it I’ve never felt so shocked, proud, felt so much joy and so much gratitude, in my entire life.

And you know what’s even more? On top of all that goodness? My heart has just been absolutely OVERFLOWING from all of the love, happiness, and shared celebration from our family, friends, and all of you. I have been reading each and every comment on my last few posts, Instagram shares, etc. and honestly – it just makes my heart so full to know that there are people out there – people I’ve never met in person but have come to know through this space – who have followed this crazy road to love, and are genuinely happy for this sweet destination. Truly, thank you. Thank you all for sharing in that joy with me. And thank you for being so kind as I continue to celebrate parts of it so publicly. Like, thank you for basically letting me vomit confetti all over you guys this past week and especially with this post today. Thank you.

There are so many awesome stories I cannot wait to share in this space… however I think I might need a bit more time to catch up on some sleep before I even attempt to find the words to tell any of them. So thank you for also being patient with me these next few weeks. Today I am giving thanks for all of YOU, and for this space, and for the incredible ways God has introduced me to some amazingly sweet people. (Pats on the back to all, and to all a goodnight.)

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What are you grateful for?

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  • Awww I am so happy for you both, what a beautiful family 🙂
    I know how much you have both longed for this chance and I know you will be amazing parents.
    Enjoy every second with your precious little one and give him an extra squeeze cuddle from me.

  • I cannot get enough of your little man. How precious is he?! My heart is so full for your family. <3

  • chall1018

    Friend! That picture just melts me. My heart is so full and so happy for you. I know it sounds so cliche, but being a mama is the hardest and most rewarding job ever. Babies are such a blessing. Praising Jesus for your sweet little babe!

  • Hahaha. Oh, sweet friend. I know exactly where you’re at. Wishing you lots and lots (and lots and lots and lots) of coffee today.

  • So precious! Love this 🙂 Hope you get some sleep today in-between snuggles.

  • Seriously so happy for you, Emily! (And I’m LOVING these baby outfits!) Can’t wait to hear more about Crew and motherhood and all the things that are making your heart sing lately! Enjoy your cold coffee and sleepless nights!!

  • What’s great about this is that not only have YOUR prayers been answered, but the prayers of so many others for you have been answered as well. It shows that God is so, so very GOOD, and He does come through for us.

  • <3 <3 <3 I don't have any words except that I am truly so so so happy for you.

  • So happy for you, Emily! I know that kind of tired fairly well. You’ll be amazed as to how little sleep it takes for your body to function…let alone give much grace and love to your little baby. I know I’ve said it on more than one occasion (in the form of likes and comments), but I’m so delighted you get to be a mama now! You deserve this happiness you and your hubby have wished and hoped for! So I’m overwhelmed with joy that you get to finally enjoy it–him and the three of you as a family! Motherhood looks great on you, sleep deprivation, exhaustion and all! Keep up the good work 🙂

  • You’re so blessed! I’m happy for you and glad that great things are going on with your life. Being tired is a little hump compared to the mountain of blessings you have. 🙂

  • SO incredibly thrilled for y’all! I wish I was blogging back when my children were newborns. It’s such a distant memory and Delta Mae is only four! I breath heavy if she’s on my chest for more than a minute.

    I know you’re loving every bit of Motherhood. It looks so good on you!

  • Reading this makes my heart SMILE and be filled with LOVE. All of those things about thinking about being a momma one day? Yea I do that too. I cannot wait with every ounce of my soul. And yea, its gonna be exhausting aint it. Maybe I will prepare by getting one of those hiking packs for water (name is escaping me right now). But I’ll fill mine with coffee. And wrap a heating pad around it 😉

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