Ember Grey, formally solely a lifestyle blog, has officially evolved.

Change can be scary, no? But oh, so necessary, when the time is right. This space has meant so much to me over the years: a space for me to share with you hand-picked parts of my life’s adventures. A space that has held some of my most precious memories. It still holds those memories. It has been a place to connect with all of you, to form genuine friendships and encourage and/or inspire a stranger or two on a similar journey. And you all have encouraged and inspired me so.

Currently, I am writing my first novel. As of September 2017, it’s about 80% written. So it should only be a few more years until it is finished 😉 (I kid, I kid.) (But seriously. It might be a few more years.) I will keep you all posted with this, okay?

These days I spend my free time working on my novel and writing from daily word prompts over at embergreywrites. You can also find me at emilyecullen, where I continue to share some of my life’s daily adventures. I also share all things safe beauty and skincare over at beautycounterwithemilycullen .

Thank you for continuing to follow along, encourage, and inspire me. While the blog posts in this space may be dated, in that moment in time they rang true for me. They might currently ring true for you, depending on where you are in your journey. Regardless, the words are still true to my story, and I would love to hear from you if they connect to your story too.

Thanks for stopping by,

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