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August 1, 2014
Happy Friday, guys!!! (And happy August – GAH!) What is everyone up to this weekend?! Well let me just tell you – I am going to be partying hard this weekend. Like full on RAGING. You know, with pizza and cake and ice cream and arcade games and stuff. Christian’s official birthday is tomorrow (!!!) but we’ll be celebrating with friends tonight. I’d wanted to throw him a huge party (this is a big birthday, guys… more details in tomorrow’s post) but he did not want a huge party and instead opted for a small get together with pretty much everything a 5 year old would want at their party (plus beer) and I feel like that kind of party is always okay, no matter how old you are. So there you have it.

So more on the birthday boy tomorrow, but can I just share with you this picture of him from when he was little??

(I mean seriously.) 

A quick EG recap from this past week and the month of July…

* I had this blog’s first ever VLOG yesterday, featuring the super sweet Betsy from Heavens to Betsy. If you weren’t able to watch her intro video, make sure you stop back by. I felt like this was a fun and more personal way to get to know one of my favorite people and bloggers 🙂 
* I tried something new this past month, a feature post/series titled The One Thing, for sponsors. This is basically a time when you can take over Ember Grey for the day and give readers a look into a time that changed your life for the better, or person who has been an inspiration to you. It’s about The One Thing that’s made a difference in your life. The amazingly talented Katie from Life Is This shared her One Thing, and let me just tell you- not a dry eye reading that post- it was beautiful
* This week’s Grateful Heart linkup was the best turnout yet!!! I was seriously doing a happy dance even yesterday as new readers continued to link up. If you haven’t visited the linkup since Monday, you might want to go back to visit the new gals who are sharing their gratefulness.  
All The Joys Friday Favorites

It’s that time again! I am linking up with Megan for another round of Friday Favorites. This is such a fun linkup – I love sharing the posts that I really loved from this past week, but I have found so many other bloggers/new blogs through this linkup as well! So grab the button, share some of your faves, and link up! Here are my five faves, in no particular order:

* This conversation that could have been titled, “Conversations with my kids and Justin Beaver.” I could not stop laughing. Autumn from Fun Life * Happy Life sure is a good sport with her kids, ha!

* Basically, thanks to this post from Aimee from This Darling Day, I now need to figure out how to explain to Christian why we NEED a baby alpaca. (I’m serious.)

* Katie from Life Is This shared one of my favorite posts of hers about Finding Home. I truly could read her writing every day and always be inspired and touched just so by her honesty, transparency, depth, and love that she holds for this world, for others, and for herself.

* Flowers In My Hair blogger Nina wrote a follow-up post to her Dear Nina in a Prom Dress (post from last week), this one titled, You are Not Alone. I do not even have the words to explain how important this post from her is… it needs to be read and it needs to be shared with every single woman you know. (Even the ones you think are “doing just fine.”)

* After a wonderful month of blogging (almost) daily and more to-do lists made, I really needed this reminder from Alyssa from Ten Feet Off Beale that sometimes you do just need to Lead With Your Heart.

Have a fabulous weekend, loves!

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  • Sounds like you will be having a SUPER fun weekend! I am kind of jealous. I will be in bed all weekend for my R&R after surgery. I am hoping I get lots of rest and relaxation. 🙂

  • Yay!! Happy birthday to Christian aka X! Hope he has a fantabulous time being the birthday boy and celebrating like he's a kid 🙂

  • X's birthday party sounds like it's going to be ahhhhhmazing… I hope you both enjoy it so much! Also, yes yes yes to Aimee's post on alpacas. I need one in my life. Enjoy your weekend full of celebration!

  • That baby picture is precious! Have a great night 🙂

  • thank you I am humbled and you put it so perfectly…even if she seems fine.

  • Happy Birthday Christian!! Enjoy your day and be sure Emily spoils you rotten. 🙂

    Gonna check out those Friday Favourites…I have found some of the coolest posts ever via these linkups.

  • Happy almost birthday to Christian! Have a blast celebrating. I can't wait to read mroe about it tomorrow. I mean having a party with everything a 5 year old wants plus beer sounds right around perfection!

  • Have the best time celebrating!! I love his idea for what he wants for his party…totally my thing…food and a few close friends…and beer. Excellent. Have a happy weekend!!

  • It's my bf's birthday tomorrow, too! Hope you guys have a great weekend!

  • Happy birthday to your hubby! I am sure the party will be a blast…make sure to (not) play some Justin Beaver! 😉
    I love this Friday fun…I am off to read all these posts you linked!

  • Can you believe I haven't read ANY of those?! This is why I love this link up! Thanks for joining 🙂 And Happy Birthday to your husband – I hope you are partying hard right now!