Project 52

Project 52 – 2014 Favorites: Weeks 31-40

December 28, 2014

This week, I am choosing one favorite picture from each week of Project 52, Weekly Walk. 

[ Go back: Weeks 21-30, Weeks 11-20, Weeks 1-10 ]

I’m looking forward to joining you all tomorrow with a Grateful Heart! Will you be linking up??

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  • I love how I am reliving the changing of seasons through your pictures.

  • Oh, it was so nice to see flowers and bright colors! Take me back!

  • You pictures are wonderful! I loved reliving the warmth of the sun and the vibrant colors of the flowers…thank you!

  • It's been a lot of fun to go back through each week 🙂 There were definite themes depending on the season.

  • haha I know!! I can't wait for spring, especially now that the holidays are over 😉

  • Thank you, Anne! Going back through these were a great reminder that sunshine and warmth will be here soon enough 😉

  • chall1018

    Love all of these! Sure wish I was curled up on that porch swing!!

  • me too! Now that Christmas is over, I'm ready for the warm weather to return 😉

  • So refreshing to see flowers after all this snow!! 🙂 You take beautiful photos!!

  • Thanks, lady! It was nice going back through these, especially on the gray winter days 😉