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Project 52 (in overdrive) + an Adventurous Heart

June 18, 2014
I have been in major slack mode when it comes to my Project 52. And it’s not because I haven’t been going on weekly walks, it’s just that every time I go I seem to have forgotten my phone/camera. 
Twice now, X and I have stopped by Red Mango to grab frozen yogurt & then walk through the quiet, tree-lined streets of our neighborhood, pointing out the houses we “wouldn’t mind living in.” 😉 
Quite often now I’ve taken Ooojie on walks in the sunshine, sitting on a park bench and just watchin’ the squirrels play. And I took a solo walk the other day too… during a day when I just felt blah and down and uninspired, and my mind was tired and whispering, “You are not enough.” And wouldn’t you know… God met me on that walk and reminded me, “You are enough to Me.” 
Over the past couple years, I’ve thought a lot about my adventurous heart… the “dreamer” that is so much a part of who I am. I think for awhile, I felt like it was a negative trait of mine… something I had to keep secret because surely this meant to others that I couldn’t just be happy with what I had… that I couldn’t just live in the present. A few months ago though, my dad reminded me that this was not the case. He reminded me that God created my heart, has given me those desires to continuously search for good things and ways to make things better – to go deeper.

Lately, I’ve been praying that God would continue to show me why He made my heart this way and feel like He answered last weekend at church. The sermon was about living for One. Living for Him. Obviously, I’ve heard this my whole life. It’s not like this was new news by any means, but isn’t it so lovely how God continuously teaches His word in different ways throughout your life? To answer new questions? With always the same answer. Seek Me. I may have the heart and soul of a dreamer… an adventurer… with a desire to keep searching. The answer to this is to keep searching for Him. To keep dreaming of ways to please Him. And to walk in adventure with Him

So that’s my wish for today. That through all my adventures, I will continue to honor and love Him.
Love the Here and Now

What are you wishing for today?

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  • This is so true. Isn't it wonderful how when we stop and listen and take it all in the answers are right there? We just need to be receptive to them. Thanks for linking up!

  • Beautiful photos. I really love the first one. That angle is awesome!

  • This is absolutely beautiful! I can completely relate to your "adventurous heart" and "dreamer"! I'm the same way.
    Keep taking beautiful photos!

  • The first photo is insanely gorgeous! Keep on dreaming, you beautiful dreamer. xoxo

  • I was kind of talking to someone about this today. I was sitting in Starbucks reading my bible and a coworker sat down with me and asked what I was doing. He wondered why i was always reading the bible and I was telling him how I can read the same thing 5 times and every time I get something different from it. That may have been a tangent, but I digress. I think having an adventurous spirit is not a bad thing at all. A Christ centered life comes in all different personalities.

  • This is AWESOME! I love that you're so honest and real about your heart. I personally think a dreamer's heart is the best kind of heart there is. Because if you didn't desire to seek and wander and dream, what's the whole point of this life??
    Happy Thursday friend!

  • Such a great wish…and reminder of what is important in all of this!