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For the Record: I’m Soaking It Up.

October 17, 2016

Happy Monday, all! Alright, a bit of a preface before I launch into sharing my thoughts with you: please know that everything I’m sharing in this post today comes from a place of love and lightheartedness πŸ™‚ I realize you all can’t see my face or hear my tone as you read these words so please just know that I did not write this with lips pursed, snapping my fingers while waving them through the air in your face. (You know?)


Since the minute Crew was born, I have heard a variation of the following literally every day (and usually multiple times a day): “Soak it up now, before you know it he’ll be grown and won’t want to snuggle, etc etc etc.” I seriously hear this every single day. And I’d like to take a moment to let you all know that – for the record, like this is for real – I am soaking it up πŸ˜‰ All of it. I’m attempting to be present with my boy and really trying not to think too much into the future when he’s 16 and doesn’t want to snuggle up to me anymore. (Although I’m pretty sure he still will. Because I’ll be a ‘cool mom.’) (Wishful thinking?) (Kind of a creepy hope?) (Ok, moving on.)

I get it though. I get why other mamas want to tell newer mamas to “hold on to every moment” and “enjoy it while it lasts,” and while I’m not doubting that my sweet Crew will grow up and that he’ll most likely do so when I’m not looking and it will totally catch me off guard and I’ll probably cry, it also pains my heart (and makes me want to rip my hair out) when I hear those “reminders” every time I share a photo or a moment of us together – whether it’s a sweet moment or a hard moment.

I understand that those reminders are most likely more for that mama’s heart than for my own (because when we miss things in our own life, we feel the need to desperately warn others about it… to appreciate it more… and that it’s gonna suck when it’s gone.) But can I say something? The miracle and blessing and complete and indescribable undying gratitude and love that is Motherhood in my life and that is my son and that is Crew-when-he’s-a-little-baby has never and will never escape my heart. I feel it every single day, every single time I look at his face. Even if I lament about getting 45 minutes of sleep, or lament about colic (it’s gone now, praise Jesus!), or not remember when I last ate actual meal or took a shower… the miracle and gift and JOY that is my son is still there in those moments. And while yes I’m sure there will come a day when he is grown and doesn’t want to fall asleep on my chest (good Lord the tears come even with me just typing that), can I say something else? This mama is not going to wish she soaked up more of the nights of the colic. haha πŸ˜‰

We have had some really hard days these last few months,Β Christian and Crew and me (because Newborning is HARD, duh), and I say that because I think a lot of the time, we new moms are afraid to talk about that in such a public way. Because we’re afraid we’ll look ungrateful, when really we just need a hug or someone to say, you’re doing a good job! Of course, the three of us have also had some incredibly sweet, make-you-a-puddle-on-the-floor kind of days too… most of which I can’t bear to share with anyone else outside of our little circle because they’re just too sweet, too precious, and those kinds of moments shouldn’t have to be explained. They’re felt and they’re felt to the tippy top, and I don’t want the reminder to make sure I’m soaking it up because oh, friends… I’m like a human sponge over here. Promise.

Things I know to be true: these days are fleeting. Newborn days, childhood days, adolescent days, early adult days, adult days (because I can tell you without even having to call my parents and ask: they are still soaking up their moments with me and my brother, now grown adults). But you know what else I know to be true? Life itself is fleeting, and focusing on the fact that it’s fleeting isn’t going to make it go any slower or make the moments any sweeter – and I don’t want to go through all of my moments, grasping on with white knuckles, as hard as I can. I think the “secret” is to just live it, to live it as you go through each moment. We may miss a few of those moments here and there when we’re distracted by the hard times, but we have to have faith that we’ll be soaking up all the rest. And we have to breathe deeper knowing it will be enough because we’ve chosen to focus on the moments we were able to catch and savor.

So. Let’s all agree to soak it up – whatever your it may be (although I hope it’s LIFE) – without having to worry ourselves that someone we know might not be soaking their own up enough. And if we do anything today, let us be grateful? XO.

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What are you grateful for?

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  • slow clap…
    I really related to this in college when people keep telling me it was the best days of my life. Was it? probably not, but there was just so much pressure. It was overwhelming!

  • This. Was. Awesome.
    Just last night my mom told me I need to live in the moment more. Because at 6:47 pm she messaged and wished Remmy a happy birthday. I shuddered because I am the “mom” and didn’t remember because I am too busy doing homework. This reminder comes at the perfect time.?

  • Yes yes and more yesssss!!!!

  • My favorite moments are the ones where I’m so blissfully comfortable and happy- but I take a short moment to note that happiness and reflect on what’s actually happening around me. We don’t get to re-do moments but that’s what makes them so much sweeter!

  • I love this post. I love the love you have for Crew. It has been beautiful watching through social media at how much you love him. I also love the reminder to remember everyday and every moment. They are all a blessing and we need to soak it all up! Love!

  • I agree! If we’re soaking it up just because we know things will change later on, then we’ve already fallen in the trap of worrying about “later on” rather than just being present in “right now.” Life is life and will happen at the pace it does, and every moment will be worth having so there’s no need to be reminded that things will not always be the same!

  • I’m just so happy for you all!! This is so sweet πŸ™‚

  • I love this. I know you’ve had some tough days, but you guys are rockin it as parents. I am so happy you and Christian were blessed with your little man and look forward to seeing new photos of him here and on Instagram. <3

  • What a lovely reminder for us all – whether it’s a reflection of our lives as moms or just women. Soak. It. All. Up! Time never slows down but it’s how we cherish those moments that can live forever in our hearts <3 Thanks for hosting such a great linkup Emily!

  • I love this!! (I’m probably also guilty of saying “soak it up” at the same time ?) I find myself too often forgetting to soak in each moment, because I’m so deep in the thick of the hard parts of parenting 3 under 4 solo when M is on his long jaunts and all I can think about is what I need to do next to keep this show on the road. As if mom guilt weren’t bad enough!

  • Do you know why us “seasoned moms” give the advice to “younger moms?” Because, we do know how fast the time flies and we see many a mom “complaining,” way to much these days. Yes, let’s say it as it is, complaining about motherhood. More times than not. So it is nice to pass on the reminder that, take it all in, enjoy the good and the bad times. Because we appreciate the good more so when we experience the difficult days of raising children. Your heart is in the right place so I’ll be one to say it again – you’re doing just fine Emily. Just fine!!

  • You wrote the words I was saying to myself as I read this. Life is fleeting. The truth is, we need to appreciate every day of our life -and there are times that is hard, especially the difficult ones. The wonderful thing about life is that we will not always be where we are. The fantastic wonderful moments move into ordinary days and the painful difficult days lead into peace. I know without a doubt that you are soaking it up. Please try to not think about 10 years from now – what will be, will be. Enjoy this time!! PS – I have been reading but often read from my phone when I’m working at the hospital and disques refuses to work there. I then forget to comment when I get home. I’m still here!! πŸ™‚

  • I totally agree with you…I think this reminder is for the mom who has passed that phase more than they think you actually need reminding. I like to just say to new moms, “isn’t it great? it can be so hard, but it’s still so great”. because I think that we should acknowledge that it’s hard, but most of us realize that life is never ONLY great or ONLY hard. we just live it and let all of it in.

  • First of all….how have I missed that your Grateful Heart Linkup is BACK!! #notetoself Love these sweet words and it’s so true. I think after having two “big” kids before adding the “littles” my biggest change might not have necessarily been that I soaked up more but that I didn’t worry so much about all the little things nor about whether or not they were still going to love me when they grew up. And I didn’t wish away any stage…I didn’t necessarily LOVE every stage (colic is hell) but I didn’t catch myself saying “I can’t wait until they are X years old”. So loving watching you embrace the momlife!

  • I can relate to this so very much. I found the newborn stage delightful (because hello cute babies) but also completely overwhelming, stressful, and exhausting. And people saying “enjoy every minute!” is NOT helpful because it’s 2 am and I really just want to be sleeeeeping.And what I’ve found is that actually I don’t feel sad about the previous stage ending because the next one is so much fun! And somehow it does just keep getting better and better, and they keep getting cuter! How? I don’t know but it’s true.

  • just now catching up on blog world but THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS!!!!!!! totally and absolutely agree and appreciate you and your words!

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