Southern Ways

Southern Ways: Vol. 2

March 13, 2015

Country music is so much better when listened to in the south. I mayyyy have the biggest crush on Sam Hunt and may or may not blast his song Leave the Night On as I drive down the interstate. I once had it blasting so loud that I actually found myself embarrassed when the traffic came to a stop (the Nashville traffic topic is being held for Vol. 3) until the guy in the truck next to me tipped his hat. HE TIPPED HIS HAT TO MY COUNTRY MUSIC BEING BLARED. (Did I mention it was a cowboy hat?)

Winter storms in the south are no joke. I thought the drivers here were bad on dry pavement?! That was mere child’s play! Apparently this city doesn’t own any salt. Or shovels. (No, really.) I was in a furniture store the other day, literally skated into this place, and the saleswoman says, “I’m so ready for spring, it’s so dangerous out there!” and it took everything in me to not respond, “Yes, that’s because you have to actually clear the ice from the sidewalk.” (I held the sass.)

Everyone leaves their cars parked in their driveway or on the side of the street because their garage is being used as a workshop. (Which, I think further proves my homemade whiskey theory.) It looks like a straight up used car lot when you drive through our neighborhood and I’d be lying if I said we weren’t a part of this problem. We still have 70% of our moving boxes needing to be broken down, taking up the entire right side of the garage… Christian’s car has been sitting in our driveway since January. I hang my head with shame.

Southerners introduce themselves to you by stating their first and last name. One would think this is cool, like ‘Bond, James Bond’ kinda thing but really it just comes off as very Little House on the Prairie. “My name is Paw. Paw Wilders.” (That was his first name, right? Paw?) I finally introduced myself to one of our neighbors – like, straight up walked up to this woman’s door – and began our conversation with, “Hi! I live across the street – I’m Emily.” She replied with, “My name is Bonnie. Bonnie Wellentown.*” Suddenly I felt I hadn’t given her enough, like maybe I should follow up and give her my last name. Instead, I asked her who her Bug Guy was…. because I’m a bug-a-phobe. And that’s not a weird introductory question at all.

Speaking of neighbors… Living in a neighborhood really changes things. Aside from the fact that I’m living in a house for the first time in my adult life (with a mailbox and a garage and everything!), living in a cul-de-sac has proved to be so much entertainment! Blame it on the fact that I’m a neighborhood newbie or the fact that I most likely watch way too many detective shows, but I’ve convinced myself there’s something fishy going on down the street. (Read: there is nothing fishy going on down the street.) Am I ‘that gal’ now?! Head of Neighborhood Watch, reporting any and all activity as I run errands in yoga pants with no real plans of exercising?!

*name has been changed but c’mon. How cool would it be if her name was Bonnie Wellentown?


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  • It's Pa…..a paw is what a dog has. ?

  • HAhaha!! I know ? I had to protect his privacy.

  • Oh my goodness. I love all of this. Seriously. I'm from a small town. Obviously I need to move to Nashville now. lol!!

  • HA! I moved from the south to the north and I'm still not use to everything they do differently here HA!

  • I'm so glad you made it into the finals, well deserved!! I love the comparisons of North v South! I love love love living in neighborhoods because in a neighbor junkie. I'm that person who knows everyone in my neighborhood and obnoxiously waves at them all. It's a beautiful thing!

  • Hahaha!! We introduce ourselves with first and last names here too because there is a 93% chance that 1. you're related or 2. you know someone in their family.

  • I'm dying at this entire post. Maybe it's because I've lived in GA my entire life that these things don't seem that strange to me. The lack of preparation for a winter storm is a little cray cray though. And wait.. you mean garages are MEANT for CARS?! shut up. LOL (jk) it's like that on my street too though. all the cars just in the middle of the driveway. it's something I never really thought was strange though. you're so funny.

  • Haha, welcome to the 'burbs Emily! Far more drama and intrigue than any big city can offer. ;o)


  • I say y'all all the time. LOL! Happy Friday and have a wonderful weekend 🙂

  • Yessssssssssssss. I've lived as far north as Maryland and as far south as Columbia, SC. Now, near Charlotte, it depends on what part of the city you're in. I feel like there are parts of North Carolina that are more "Southern" than parts of South Carolina. I guess it is because I associate southerness with ruralness. My Southern Studies minor is showing. (Yes, I went to a liberal arts school in the rural South).

  • Lol- I love this!!! So much fun, I live in the south I guess, but out in the middle of nowhere, secluded on a farm, so I miss out on a lot of the dynamics:) congrats on the blog, that is beyond exciting!

  • I found your blog thanks to Angie's Blog Awards, so congratulations!

    That southern hospitality…we don't have that here in Southern California. Not at all!

  • haha, introducing yourself with your first and last name does sound a bit strange! xx

  • If you think the lack of prep for a winter storm is bad there, just imagine what happens in Florida when we get the occasional "frost" or that one time it snowed in 1989. Chaos. 😉

  • I always assumed in grew up in the south being from Texas but I hear that's not true…that the south and Texas are their own things :-p Heading over to vote for you now!

  • Just found your blog and already in love! xx


  • You held in your sass?? Shucks…that would have been fun thread about! I love learning about the south and their ways through you! Glad you live where there is nothing fishy going on, although it would make for great blog fodder if there was! 🙂

  • I'm dying. Everything you've observed is amazing and I totally lived that for 27 years of my life. Super fun right?

    I can't wait to hear your take on the traffic!

  • Oh. And I think you meant Charles Ingalls. The father in Little House on the Prairie.

  • You should definitely come visit sometime!! 🙂 (Lots of people are moving here though, I will say.)

  • Oh I'm sure the north is its own thing too!

  • Thanks, Kenji! 🙂 And yes… everyone here waves and says hello in passing. It took us a little while to get used to but now we get excited when we see someone haha

  • Hilarious! Maybe that's why they do that here too?! The few times I've had to introduce myself with first and last name here, I've gotten the whole, "Have you ever seen the movie Twilight??" …. EVERY TIME.

  • haha!!! So funny. We're cleaning out the boxes tonight, so X will finally be able to pull his car in. (Can you tell it's bugging me?! I'm that weirdo! Garage newbie! haha!)

  • ha! That's for sure!

  • haha! I haven't done that yet… not sure if I ever will but only because I've said 'you guys' for all of my life. We shall see though! 😉 Happy weekend, lady!!

  • My parents moved us out to the country (like your kind of country!) when I was in the fourth grade – you're right, it's very different! 😉 I always say… that's the best place to wake up in the morning – out in the middle of nowhere with only trees and cornfields to be seen. I think that's probably why I like going home so often 🙂 Thank you, Chelsea!!

  • I totally agree with you about NC!! My brother lived in NC for years, with my aunt having lived in SC for years and my brother's town was far more southern than my aunt's. Funny how that works!

  • Hi Karen! Thank you! I have lived in SoCal too… it may not have that southern hospitality (at all- agreed haha), it DOES have that beach and ocean we seem to be missing! 😉

    I'm so glad you stopped by! 🙂

  • It just feels so old fashioned… and yet it doesn't really bother me, it's just different you know? While I don't ever see myself falling into that, I can appreciate the southern charm it brings 🙂

  • oh girl I CANNOT EVEN IMAGINE!!!!! Like pure terror I would think!!

  • Yes!! My husband and I have that conversation all the time- I guess I do think of TX as being southern.. but more like its own thing. Plus, you guys have all the cowboy boots and bbq as well, right?! ha! Thanks for the vote, Kelli!!! 🙂

  • Hey Louise!! So glad you stopped by! 🙂

  • hahaha! It WASN'T easy, Anne! My mom and I always do the "but THIS is what I would have said" thing and then tell each other the alternate version, which is always entertaining 😉 (I'm still keeping an eye on that house down the street… I'm not 100% convinced yet. Stay tuned)

    PS- One of our neighbors must take part in pranks like you do with your neighbors because yesterday on our walk, we noticed like 50 plastic pink flamingos in the yard, it was hilarious. I told X about how you and your friends/neighbors do this type of thing and party at each other's homes while they're out of town – we were dying laughing. I'll try to get a picture of it today!

  • bahahaha 😉 I later thought of his real name…. but I think my guess was pretty close, yeah?

  • oh I'll need a few glasses of wine before I can talk about TN drivers/traffic. I …. I just can't even.

  • Liz

    Love this! Soooooooo funny….I obviously am still "up North", but went to college "bordering south", so I get it…this is so much fun to read. I could not believe watching the national news…here we were with 9 inches of snow and icy roads; didn't even get a delay, and there was a half-inch in some spots down south and school was closed. Ha 🙂

  • You moved into the PERFECT neighborhood then! Let me know if you need some prank ideas….I have a few up my sleeve. 😉

  • lol!!!! This is hysterical….being born and raised in the South I can totally relate! I have never even thought about introducing myself with first and last name, but I so do it!!! and didn't realize until you brought this up!!! and about cleaning off the ice….YES you are right..we don't do that..We don't own the stuff to do it, so we stay in our homes until spring! 😉 lol….

  • This is too much lol!! Now that I think about it, I think Hunter introduces himself with his last name too… bahahahaha!!! You're adjusting mighty fine down 'herr in these parts. LOL! Congrats to making it to the finals!

  • Yeah we definitely do. And the country music. But I still heard that it's a tad different. I'm dying to go to Nashville someday. We went to Gatlinburg and loved it.

  • Erin Light

    Em I just re-read this because it's so freaking funny. I can literally picture you doing all these things and every facial expression. Dying. I'm so happy you are on this new adventure right now down South.

    …still laughing…

  • I KNOW, LIZ!! It's crazy to me! I grew up in Indiana and then lived in Chicago for 8 years and I can't imagine NOT having shovels and salt in the wintertime!

  • hahah!!! I love that you introduce yourself that way, Megan!!!! That's awesome. I'm going to try it next time (and try not to laugh as I do it haha)

  • YES!! hahaha! So funny! (And thank you, Kel!)