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Southern Ways: Vol. 4

September 9, 2015

While I may not be saying y’all (*yet), I have begun to pick up the slightest southern accent (certain words) along with “southern talking ways.” It really is crazy how it just HAPPENS but it has. We’ve been in Nashville now for a little over 8 months and it’s happening. The biggest thing I’ve noticed is that I shorten everything. Example: “Babe, you wanna get in the car and go drivin’? As long as we’re lookin’ both ways, I doubt we’ll get run over by the crazy drivers takin’ over the roads.”


 It’s official. The drivers here are still the worst I’ve ever encountered in my entire life. You know how after you come back from a long vacation (one where you haven’t been driving), and then when you go to drive your car again it kind of feels like, “whoa! I kinda forget what I’m doing!” ?! (Please tell me I’m not the only one who goes through this.) I feel like that’s how these southern drivers must feel every single day. 
 Movie theater goers banter is…. well, it’s quite different here in the south than it was in Chicago. Let me just give you an example. Paint you a picture, if you will.

Chicago movie theater goers banter: 
Man: “Oh hell naw, oh hell naw!”
Woman: “Dat b*tch better run! Ohhhhh!”

Southern movie theater goers banter: 
Man: “Well sh*t, Joan. That there dinosaur is comin’ – she best git gone! She can’t run with them heels on.”
Woman: “Bob, hush. Yer gonna spill the popcorn, now!”

(That last one was a real conversation overheard in the Nashville movie theater while watching Jurassic World.)

 It’s the biggest deal in the south when any type of new building goes up, specifically a gas station and especially if that gas station is going up close to where you live. Not only is it the talk of the town but you’ll find yourself in full conversation with others about it, updating everyone each day with any updates. Example: “They have lights now! Working lights! And it looks like they’re stocked but they’re not really stocked. They just have the fake pictures of things in the refrigerators. At least, that’s all I can tell while driving past, but my husband did see the Slushie Guy there on Friday so surely it will open soon!” (I mean, this may or may not have really come out of my mouth.) Friends of ours who just moved to another neighborhood even expressed their disappointment… over having moved. And I quote: “Had we known that gas station was going in there, we would have stayed!” On opening day – after MONTHS of waiting – Christian and I hopped in the car first thing in the morning and took the drive down the street to visit the gas station for the first time. As we walked in, a woman handed out free donuts (my new best friend, don’t ya know it) and then, as I was getting my coffee, I heard another man talking to the donut lady and he said, “Yeah, we kind of had an ongoing joke in our family about how long it would take for this place to open. My daughter was about to have our first grandchild and we had bets on who would be here first – the baby or the gas station.” I love that Christian and I weren’t the only ones making bets on a gas station. (I also debated on whether or not to give that guy the side eye… that donut lady is mine, dude.) (I refrained.)

*Also? The whole “y’all” thing? It totally happened. I’m still in shock that it actually came out of my mouth, and that I actually got it on video. I’m very southern now, obviously. Because nothing brings out “y’all” like a new gas station.

(If you have trouble viewing this video, click here.)
Until next time 😉 

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  • Cute series! I like it!

  • I’m from NY, been in NC for 17 years and have not said y’all yet. You’ve got me beat. Once a yankee, always a yankee we New Yorkers say. Okay, video was cute, very cute. Be careful, they’ll have you saying, “ya momma, ya daddy” – I hear it ALL. THE. TIME.

    • Oh goodness. I’ve never heard “ya momma” etc – Hope that one doesn’t happen. eek!

  • Not even joking, so happy you have X in tour life. You two go together like southerners and y’all 🙂

  • Wait you’re from Chicago and think southern drivers are the worst? lol I’ve lived in each geographic region in the US (Northeast, Midwest, West coast, and the deep South which is my childhood home) and each have their own version of bad drivers. Although NYC takes the cake for worst drivers in America in my opinion. All the horns!!

    • haha! Everyone here is just so SLOW… and they drift EVERYWHERE. No one stays in their lanes, I’m serious. (I was usually that person with the horn in Chicago.)

  • This morning there was a news story about a monkey on the loose in one of our eastern counties. The man who found it said, “well it ain’t like we’re in Africa or somethin’!” Welcome to the south, my dear. Never a dull moment. 😉

  • Ok. First of all? That graphic…NAILED IT. Love it. 2nd? The video? Y’all are my favorites! Bless your hearts. (Did I do that right? I’m a New Yorker you know. I’m not as up on the Southern lingo.

  • Ha! I loved your face when you realized you said, “y’all”! In Ohio we flip our lid when a new restaurant opens up. We have a gas station being built but all anyone can talk about is the Chipotle that MIGHT go in. Haha!

    • Oh my gosh – we had a Chipotle across the street from us in Chicago – so dangerous! 😉

  • This makes me miss Tennessee so much! The good and the bad haha!

  • Love it!! I haven’t been to Nashville in a looooong time, but this is making me want to go back!!

  • Hahaha…yep! Welcome to the South! This reminds me of home. You can imagine what it’s like to leave for two years and come back to all of this… suddenly you notice these things that didn’t used to seem so strange at all to you!

    • Oh, I’m sure! Even leaving for a few weeks and then coming back – especially the drivers 😉

  • Hearing people say ya’ll and hearing the southern accent is so entertaining to me. The first couple of times I went there I couldn’t help but smile whenever someone was serious while saying ya’ll 🙂 I’m glad that I’m not the only one who thinks that Tennessee has so many crazy drivers, I’m a little scared lol.

    • haha! You learn very quickly to drive with white knuckles. (You’ll be just fine!) 😉

  • I’m literally peeing my pants right now!!!! You have literally described southern ways to a T ma’am. And darlin’, lemme just tell ya – we’re all still talking about the gas station that may or may not be built close to my momma and daddy’s house (swear to the goodness of all things). LOL! We really really need to meet in person so that we can practice all our southern ways 🙂

    • HAHAHAHA! (X and I are totally still talking about the gas station.) We need to meet for sure! It will happen, promise.

  • you are picking up y’all MUCH faster than me- 8 years in and still not saying it! lol. and the movie theater talk- amazing. driving- the worst. {esp. when it’s raining… or sprinklin’!}

    • Nelle, it will happen when you least expect it 😉 Never in a million years did I think it would come out of my mouth. (And yes, raining? Sprinkling? I don’t even drive.)

  • Hahahahaha I love this! Sounds pretty accurate to me!! Especially the driving thing. I’ve lived here all my life and it still bugs me.

  • Jae

    What adorable couple, you two! 🙂

  • I so badly want ya’ll to come out naturally but alas I keep saying you guys! Haha.

    • haha! Oh yeah, I still say ‘you guys’ all the time – y’all hasn’t come out since the vid. We shall see.

  • I love this. The driving – YES but you already know my feelings on that. I love your Chicago movie banter, it’s so accurate 🙂

  • I cracked up. Also I love your sunglasses. Maybe that wasn’t the point of the video? And yet, I love them.

  • I have to admit, I got pretty excited about a gas station opening near our neighborhood, but to be fair our neighborhood was pretty new and there wasn’t a gas station between my office and home on one of the routes I would take. So it was pretty exciting to know that I could fill up close to the house.

    • ha! That’s how it is with us- we really needed one close by and it’s strange to see a gas station brand new and so clean!

  • haha this is hilarious. i lived in TX for a few months and the south is nuts. that was the worst driving (houston) that i’ve ever experienced.

    also…bob totally has a point. how the heck did she keep those heels on the whole time in jurassic world?!

    • Bob TOTALLY had a point. Those shoes would’ve been off (and hair up) within 5 seconds of those things getting loose! 😉

  • So funny! My hometown people are still obsessing over a rumor that an Olive Garden is coming to town 🙂

    • Get out! 😉 I can’t even imagine the chaos that would ensue if an Olive Garden opened up here.

  • My sister moved from Maryland to New Orleans. She says y’all all the time now. AND, all the groomsmen wore seersucker in her wedding. I didn’t even know seersucker suits still existed. (Or, honestly, exactly what seersucker was till she showed me a pic)

    • Adorable. And yeah- I definitely just googled ‘seersucker’ haha! I guess I still have some things to learn 😉

  • HAHA! Girl you had rolling! the movie theatre talk was hilarious! I love that you got “yall” on video and I can totally tell the difference in your talk from last year at influence and now. 🙂 You went and got southern on us!

    • I’m so happy I got it on video- it would have been hard to explain without it 😉 See you SOON!

  • Hearing you say y’all just made my night!! It simply slips out sometimes, doesn’t it. Now we just need to get you a t-shirt with the saying. As I’ve always been a public speaker, I’ve worked on my accent but my husband loves it when I’m frustrated or mad because suddenly the southern girl comes out…. as I said, sometimes it just happens.

  • Oh my gosh this is hilarious! That paragraph about betting on gas stations is just TOO funny!

  • Your first organic “ya’ll” I’m so proud.

  • This is awesome! I totally relate, having started in Massachusetts and worked my way down to southern Virginia, and I’ve seen all of these things. Like when a local gas station got bought out by 7-11 – it was the biggest news around here! And pretty much any comments you hear in a public setting just make me stop and crack up. So Southern right now 🙂

    • Things changed constantly when we lived in Chicago- new gas stations, restaurants, starbucks, etc and no one cared. But here – it’s the biggest deal!

  • Hahaha, I say y’all, but I’m from a small town and that’s why. I get crap for it all the time. 🙂

  • haha this is awesome. Small towns are like that about ANY building going up. Where I used to live was the same thing. It’s too funny 🙂

    • I’m sure it will take me a few years to get used to it all, but for now- it makes for great writing material! 😉

  • Haha! This is too funny… When I was younger we moved around a lot (navy fam) and it was crazy how the kids’ dialects would change with each place we moved (specifically Mississippi to Hawaii… what a change!) Makes you wonder what would happen if you moved to England or Australia…

    • I’ll tell you what would happen- I’d have a very pretty accent 😉 haha! So which place to you feel you picked up the most from?

  • Welcome to the South! (aka God’s Country) 🙂

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