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Sponsor Love: Faith!

September 23, 2014
Happy Tuesday, all! I know I say this every week but reading all of your Grateful Heart posts seriously just makes my whole day! I really feel like I’m hanging out with you all every Monday and love that we’re able to encourage each other, just by sharing all of the good that’s going on in each of our lives (even on the hard days). If you didn’t have a chance to link up, it will be open until Friday – I’d love to know what you’re feeling especially grateful for this week! 
Today, I’m excited to officially introduce you to one of my fabulous Soul Providers, Faith from Life with Mrs. G and the Artist! She has such a big heart and giving personality and that definitely reflects in each of her posts. Thanks so much for sharing with us today, Faith!
Determined, Loyal, Stubborn, Compassionate.

I’ve been married to my best friend, LG, for 12 years and I can’t imagine being with anyone else. He completes me in every way and is truly my other half. The Lord has not blessed us with children just yet but I know in His perfect time He will, we do however have a fur-baby and his name is Max. He is adorable and spoiled rotten… Lord help me when I have children if this is any indication of how LG will be with kids! We live in Indiana – it’s home. I’m very involved with my church and I love Jesus with all my heart! To know more about us, go here.

I’ve always loved to write and I’ve always wanted to write a book or short stories. (I love The Little Women and Jo is my favorite because of her desire to be a writer.) About five years ago I decided to take the plunge and try blogging and it has been the best thing. I love the outlet it gives me! It’s been my saving grace this last year.

I was a blog-by-the-seat-of-my-pants type of girl but I’ve been trying to become better organized. I have a blog planner now and it’s made my life so much easier.

I have a series called “The Golden Vlog” – it’s a once a month linkup and we chat about all kinds of things. We kicked it off in September and I was super excited with the participation we had! We would love to have you join next month. For more info on that, go here.

I’m a very social person and sadly LG is not so we kind of have to compromise with what we do on the weekends. I love hanging out with our friends for game night and pizza, or dinner and a movie. Both LG and I are book worms so a nice quiet evening at home with our books is always a good way to make both of us happy. I love my tv shows as well (Once, Scandal, Grey’s) so a night at home isn’t all that bad. LG has recently purchased a motorcycle which we both love so that provides great weekend fun too!

You can’t be half-hearted about your marriage. It’s all or nothing… seriously. You each have to give 100% or it’s not going to work. Marriage has taught me that I have to think of someone other than myself. It’s taught me that someone else is looking to me to help them learn about hurt, disappointment, love, etc… they depend on me to be there for them all the time: good/bad, happy/sad, trial or mountaintop – we are in this together. And it’s really opened my eyes to Christ’s love for me and His unconditional love. I’m a big advocate for lifting each other up and encouraging others in this thing we call marriage. I have a series called “Bloggers on Marriage” I do every year around our anniversary. It involves bloggers giving advice on what works in their marriage and they answer questions about their own marriage. You can check it out here.

I have to admit- I have a little bit of a self-esteem issue. I have a hard time finding myself beautiful but I’ve really been working on this because I know it’s important to love yourself and love the person you are! I would say I feel the most beautiful when I’m happy. Happiness, I think, makes everyone beautiful. I also feel beautiful when LG compliments me… he’s a sweetheart!

When others can give of themselves, that to me is really beautiful. I love when Jesus shines through a person.

Recently I’ve had a desire to help young girls realize their potential in life, in their ministries with the Lord, and to accept who they are as individuals. I mentioned this a little in my Vlog earlier this month. I want it to be a place to encouragement and love and of course, Jesus. I started telling my own personal journey in finding my way and my purpose in the mini series “Our Desires vs. God’s Plans.” It has been interesting to reflect on just how the Lord led me to where I am now. 

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  • Oh yay!! Always love when new people come check out our little neck of the woods. 🙂

  • Thanks so much Emily for your kind words! I love your blog and am excited that I get to meet you in person this weekend! Yay!

  • Yay! I LOVE Faith–she is amazing!

  • woo hoo!!!!

  • Thank you for being a guest today, Faith!!!!! 🙂 See you this weekend!

  • Agreed!! 🙂

  • awe… I love Faith! This is a great interview Em! 🙂

  • She's lovely!! 🙂 Your questions are so good at getting a feel for a person.