St. Louis Recap! (Arcade games, crime labs, & the Frozen Soundtrack)

August 14, 2014
Our weekend in St. Louis for the family reunion went by super fast (as fun weekends often do), but we somehow managed to squeeze quite a bit into our 2 day trip. We hitched a ride out of Chicago with one of X’s brothers & his family and let me just tell you… I now know all the words to the Frozen soundtrack. (I know.) BUT- hearing the girls sing their hearts out to Let It Go? Worth every painful minute.

I’d taught our 4 year old niece how to do the peace sign when someone takes a picture and it was hilarious to see her carry it through the weekend all on her own. Thatta girl! 

The hotel we stayed at was awesome. It wasn’t your fancy schmancy hotel, it was the kind of place that has the indoor pool in the same room as a ton of arcade games and then tables and chairs/gathering space for the adults. (Although we adults even had a blast playing the arcade games too.) This was the exact hotel Christian and his brothers and parents would stay at every time they’d come to St. Louis… you could say he grew up going to this place. Apparently people don’t like fun, non-fancy hotels though… this place is being torn down in the next couple months. (All the more reason it was special and fun to stay here with everyone.) 

 X’s brothers and dad in a serious game of … some kind of serious game. 

What. You didn’t think I’d get in on that? #diehardforever

There was a Waffle House near the hotel and since I’d never been to one, Christian told me that HAD to change…. so we went. And I made it out alive. (I will say- the waffles were good and all was well as long as I didn’t look around to observe how clean or not clean everything was.) (I don’t wanna talk about it.) 

After that experience, my brother and his fiancΓ©e came to pick us up and take us all back to their  new house. But first, my soon-to-be sister-in-law had a surprise for me. First let me tell you that aside from this girl being beautiful both inside and out, as well as crazy in love with my brother (has been since the 8th grade!), she is hella smart… and she has one of the coolest jobs EVER. She’s a forensic scientist which basically means she tests drugs and evidence all day long from crimes or busts. CLEARLY this is awesome, especially for me being the extreme lover of anything cops related, etc. So her surprise for me was to take us to her work so that I could really get a feel for what she does. 

I could hardly contain myself while going in. I was so nervous and my hands were literally shaking. haha. (I know. I’m nuts.)

She took us on a little tour, showing us some of the evidence rooms, etc. and she even let me wear her badge and lab coat. Just call me Penelope Garcia. 

(Please note the nervous, uncontrollable laughter as well as my hands balled into fists. I was freaking out, you guys.)
Unfortunately those are the only crime lab pictures I can show you. If I showed you anymore, I’d have to kill you. 
After getting my CSI on, we headed back to their house to relax (poor Christian worked) and to snuggle & play with their sweet babes. 
Eventually it was time to get ready for the big family reunion dinner, that both my brother and SIL were coming to. I never do fun things with my hair and have been inspired by pinterest lately so here you go… this was the outcome.

You know the funny Pinterest Fail pics? This was basically mine. It wasn’t exactly how it was supposed to look but I had a bow in my hair and I was goin’ with it. 
The dinner was so much fun – having everyone together, and to have my bro and his fiancΓ©e there was really special. We had the best time, especially with Annie who I might just say has her Uncle Christian’s humor and knack of silly faces down. 


love my bro
Unfortunately, I didn’t get any other pictures of the rest of our nieces and family… we were having too much fun πŸ™‚ But before we left, I made sure to get a picture of Christian with the “famous” Holidome sign and the mermaid that is apparently riding a shark… you know, for old times sake. (Check out those pecks though, huh?) (He’s totally Bruce Willis.)

Until next time, STL!

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  • This looks like my kind of family trip! My oldest throws up the peace sign all the time. The only problem is she's starting to do duck face sometimes. I literally tell her to knock it off. HA!! And do you know that I have remembered every single song and lyric to the Frozen soundtrack AND movie?? Another one I am addicted to is Brave. Yes. I listen to that soundtrack too. LOLOLOLOL #noshame!!

  • #diehardforever – YES. Also, I have been to that hotel before for a family reunion haha!! And that is awesome that she does CSI stuff. I am in law enforcement but not quite as cool as that (I don't think at least). πŸ™‚ I am glad you had a good time.

  • ashortblonde

    What a fun trip! Some how we avoided having to listen to the Frozen soundtrack when my nieces were in town…haha

  • Looks like fun!! First off, the Frozen soundtrack thing cracked me up! All of our close friends have girls and I love hearing them scream the words to Let it Go!! puts a smile on my face! Second, WAFFLE HOUSE!!! hahahah We have tons of Waffle Houses in Arkansas where I grew up! I have never been in a clean one….you don't look around you just eat- the hashbrowns are so good!!!

  • Looks like a great time! Your car ride with the girls singing Let It Go reminded me of when I was flying to Hawaii. This little girl had headphones on and was watching Frozen on the screen (that was on the back of my seat). She was belting her little lungs out to that song! I'm not sure if she was aware how loud she was because of her headphones. It was painful to hear, but oh so sweet at the same time!

  • i laughed multiple times during this. and i love the bow! no fail.

  • Not gonna lie, I kinda love the Frozen soundtrack. haha. I'm so jealous you got to see a real, live crime lab! That would be so interesting!

  • amy

    wait…are they pecks or boobs??

  • Sounds like an amazing weekend! Glad you had such a good time πŸ™‚

  • What a fun family get together! I was cracking up over your CSI experience… I would have acted the same way! I love anything crime/cop related (Investigation Discovery is my BFF). This looks like such a fun weekend!

  • Ya'll are just too.stinkin.adorable!! And all of those facial expressions from you to your nieces – crack me up!!

  • How is it we both had posts about St. Louis today? You kill me about the Waffle House….the food may be good but if it's messy and dirty it bothers me and I can not think about it. We have a local restaurant with the best Mexican food that I will only get takeout from because you know the saying….Out of sight out of mind.

  • How fun is that you got to go to her work?! That's so awesome. What a cool job. Looks like a lot of fun. And look! Discus is working. Woo!

  • Haha Waffle House is pretty much a road trip must! But that is the ONLY time I eat there, and even then, I have to close my eyes to a lot. But chocolate chip waffles after an all night drive? Perfect!

    Looks like you guys had a ton of fun!!

  • You are brave to subject yourself to the Waffle House. I've never been, and refuse to go. πŸ™‚ Also, little kids making funny faces is one of my favorite things ever.

  • oh my goodness. everything about this post is perfection. Penelope Garcia oh my! I would freak too, you're not alone. I love family reunions, I haven't been to one in years but now that I'm older and not a kid it's fun to talk to everyone and see the relations.

  • the peace sign gets me every time. It's hilarious. Oh man, the second the Disney Pandora station came on, I was like- God help me, Frozen is surely on its way!

  • FOREVER!!! So crazy you've actually been to that hotel! πŸ™‚ And no- ALL law enforcement stuff is cool. I'd never be able to do it, but I love hearing about other people who do.


  • oh girl. We were sitting there and I was practically rocking myself in the corner and X says, all casually, "This is actually the cleanest one I've been to!" and I thought oh dear God! (The hashbrowns WERE totally good.)

  • sooooo cute, haha!!

  • Thank you! I was proud of myself for just doing something other than "up" or "down" with my hair. I have lots of practicing to do though, ha

  • Maybe if I saw the movie it would change things for me… I just think it's because I've heard it 23098 times. The crime lab was like the highlight of my entire summer, I kid you not!


  • yes!! Love that channel!

  • haha! Our 4 yr old niece can really ham it up!

  • YES! Anne, it was all I could do to just get through it. Had there been any other option, we would not have gone there… but it was LITERALLY the only option for food nearby!

  • She has the coolest job, for sure, and she is the biggest sweetheart to have taken me. (Disqus is SO hit or miss for me right now! Def in a love/hate relationship!)

  • YES! That's what I ended up getting- the chocolate chip waffles. And they WERE good. But then all I wanted was a shower. haha

  • Girl. Don't go. If I had to do it all over again, I wouldn't have gone. hahah!

  • they are so fun! I hope it becomes an annual thing, honestly πŸ™‚

  • Melissa Camacho

    looks like a great time! I must say, as a Georgia resident with a waffle house at EVERY major intersection… the food is ONLY acceptable at 3 AM after you've been drinking way too much. πŸ˜›

  • amy

    πŸ™‚ Don't tell your hubs I said that…if we ever get to meet in person I don't want him to hate me!! πŸ™‚

  • hahah!! That makes me laugh even harder! He would simply not hate you… we don't take ourselves too seriously around here. (And I hope we meet in person someday!)

  • amy

    so I just looked at the pic again…yes, those are definitely boobs! hahaha…it's almost disturbing!…and after reading your currently post, I've decided we'll meet up in Paris. πŸ™‚

  • I'm dying right now. I just looked at it again and it DOES look like boobs… and blonde hair. So is it a chick?! haha!!! And I am SO in on a Paris double date! It would be the ultimate!!!

  • amy

    hahaha…I think it's supposed to be Fabio!

  • i want to be friends with your sil!! she sounds awesome! and i have such a fascination with cops too!! another reason we are friends, emily! πŸ™‚

  • she is AWESOME!!! And it was so sweet of her to take me on a tour πŸ™‚ Girl, I LOVE that you love cops! ha!