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To Infinity and Back.

November 30, 2016

I love you to Infinity & back. My mom and I have had this saying for as long as I can remember. Whenever we write or text each other, we shorten it to “luti+b“. It’s “our thing,” our saying for sure and each time we say it to each other, it feels like a secret handshake, a club meant just for us. While others may understand what the saying means, only she and I know the depth of all it…

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Fall Favorites: My Go-to Fall Wear

October 3, 2016

Guys? I have happily hopped onto the fall bandwagon in blogland… also in real life 😉 The temps have finally dipped (enough) here in TN and it’s made my heart pretty happy to have to throw on a sweatshirt in the mornings. So let me just say it right here and now – today, I am grateful for FALL. While summer might be my favorite season over all, fall is actually my favorite season when it comes to clothes. I…

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My Style: JORD for fall

August 24, 2016

Anyone else experiencing fall-like temps yet?? We’re still out of town (in our baby’s home state!) but I’ve heard that Tennessee had a fall-like day recently. As much as I love the summer and hot weather, fall is actually my favorite season to dress for. I’m a layers kinda gal – with clothes and jewelry – so I always get excited when I get to bring those things out of my closet! You guys know about my serious obsession with…

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(His) Style: JORD Wood Watches

December 8, 2015
His Style Jord

You may remember the first time I confessed my love for JORD wood watches and I’m here to tell you that the obsession only grew from there. I have always had an affinity for watches, particularly ones that stand out from all the rest… and clearly JORD does just that. (Because yes- each watch is made out of 100% natural wood, for real.) Most of the compliments I’ve gotten on the watch I wear daily have been from the men in my life; my dad,…

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My Style: Accessories with JORD

August 12, 2015

Do you all remember when I stated that Ember Grey would *never be a fashion blog? Mainly because I do most of my clothes shopping at places like Marshall’s and Target and could live in a gray tshirt and jeans forever? And now you’re thinking I’m coming back today saying, *’Never say never!’ and that I’m going to start posting fashion posts now?! Yeah?! Well, no. While I still wouldn’t consider myself super fashionable, in the clothing department at least, I do…

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