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The Ember Grey Tell-All, Vol. 4

May 11, 2016

Happy Wednesday! Well, it occurred to me earlier this month that I’ve gained a few new readers (which is awesome!), so I thought it might be fun to team up with some of my blogger friends and do a re-introduction of sorts. I’ve had a lot of fun with the rest of these blogger gals, coming up with fun questions to answer and share with you all, and hope you’ll give them a visit today too!


I’m Emily, Blogger of this Lifestyle blog Ember Grey, which first began about 3 years ago. I’d had a private blog for years but when I left my corporate job to focus on writing full-time, I knew I wanted to start a public blog. Blogging is a creative outlet for me, yes, and I love to share glimpses into my life (hence the term Lifestyle), but it’s always been important to me that this space is a place of encouragement, inspiration, and a safe platform for others to share some of their own life chapters, too. The journey of public blogging has been so much fun with little surprises along the way: I never thought I’d meet so many other awesome bloggers and gain genuine friendships – ones that have turned into, you know, in-person real life friendships. The best!!

When I’m not blogging, I’m most likely still writing: I am currently writing my first ever novel – seriously the greatest adventure. I can’t imagine not doing it now that I’m doing it; I think I will always be writing in some way. I am married to Christian, who also sometimes goes by the nickname “X” in this blog, and I’ve been known to frequently document our hilarious and crazy conversations. After spending 8 years in Chicago, we moved to Nashville, TN and we love it here – it’s one of the most beautiful places in the US, the amount of green is never-ending! We are currently waiting for our baby, via adoption! Hardest and best wait & journey of my life!

Reintro Collage 1 EG

Things I love: JESUS!, chips & salsa (I could eat it for breakfast – and sometimes I do), Michael Bolton (no, this is not a drill), summertime, animals (especially ours – a dog named Oooj & a cat named Cleo), writing late at night under twinkle lights, donuts with sprinkles, writer Joan Didion, all shades of the color purple, live music, walking (and sometimes dancing) through the trees, cookouts, traveling to warm places, baking, and movie & wine nights with good girlfriends.

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A few more random things about me…

Where was the last place you traveled to? // In-country: Indiana (my home state). Out of country: Paris & Italy. (You can read more about those trips here: Paris / Italy.)

If you were stranded on a deserted island, what are three materialistic things you’d want with you? // A notebook, pen, and Sun-In. (Obviously.)

When was the last time you tried something new, and what was it? // Riding a bike as an adult. ha! It had been seriously YEARS since I’d ridden a bike and just last weekend X and I went out and bought helmets, pumped up the tires on our bikes, and rode around our neighborhood for most of the afternoon. I felt like a kid again for sure!

If you knew you could not fail, what is the one thing you would do tomorrow? // I’d go skydiving. You know, if I was for certain the shoot would actually open.

What is your earliest memory? // My earliest memory, funny and oddly enough, is of the wallpaper in the stairwell of the first house I grew up in. I would have been less than a year old at this time but I remember being carried down the stairs and looking at the wallpaper- light blue with white dots or tiny flowers.

If you could eat only one thing for the rest of your life, what would it be? // I really love donuts but I’d have to go with chips & salsa – something I could NEVER get sick of!

Do you like your first name? If not, what would you change it to? // This is actually really funny but when I was younger, I hated my name. I thought it was too “Little House on the Prairie” and I had a really pretty babysitter named Carla and I begged my parents to let me change my name to Carla. They told me if I still wanted to be called Carla when I was 18, I could change it myself. I told them that was exactly what I was going to do and then I’d open my own bar and call it Carla’s Bar. (I was probably 6 at this time.) What can I say… some dreams just weren’t meant to come true. (I love my name now) 🙂

Would you rather be the person asking the questions in a conversation or the person answering them? // I prefer heart-to-heart conversations (vs. surface convos) – sometimes you’re the one who needs to talk more and sometimes the other person needs that time. It doesn’t matter to me who’s doing the talking, as long as both parties are connected and engaged.

If you could give yourself one gift, what would it be? // The super power to make an infinite amount of food & feed all of the hungry people and animals in the world.

If you had to live in a place where only one season existed year-round, what would that season be? // I love the change of seasons so this is tough but I would have to say summer. I love the warm temps and sunshine and all of the outdoorsy things you can do when the weather is nice!

If money was no object, what would you do all day? // Travel!


One of my favorite things about blogging and blog reading is the community. All of these gals below have supported me from the beginning and I have SO enjoyed reading their blogs, getting to know them, and growing friendships with them over the last couple of years. Be sure to check out their own reintros on their own blogs today!

Lindsay 300



LINDSAY : Bourbon, Lipstick, & Stilettos

If you knew you could not fail, what is the one thing you would do tomorrow? I would do web development/design. It is a dream of mine, but I’m struggling to find time to study and perfect it!




Kelly 300



KELLY : Southern Komfort

If you could give yourself one gift, what would it be? I would have to say the gift to be able to travel (no worries about money, who would take of the pups, boring adult things). I would love to travel all around the nation and the world, just meeting people and doing life with them.




Anne 300



ANNE : Love the Here and Now

If you could give yourself one gift, what would it be?  Without fail, it would be self-confidence.  I constantly second guess decisions and choices and don’t attempt new things because of a fear of failing or judgement.  Truth be told, I could fail and be judged and I would be ok.  Self-confidence would give me the edge I need not to care about those things and would enable to me to live free of doubt, fear, and feelings of inadequacy.


Amanda New 300



AMANDA : Knock on Wood

If you could eat only one thing for the rest of your life, what would it be? I would totally be cool with eating pizza for the rest of my life. You can switch up the toppings and essentially have something different each day. Plus you still get all of the food groups!





Cass 300




Would you rather be the person asking the questions in a conversation or the person answering them? I’m a complete introvert and have been told that I don’t talk about myself very often, so I guess that implies I would rather be the person asking the questions in a conversation.




Rebecca new 300



REBECCA : The Adventures of Bug and Boo

Where was the last place you traveled to? San Francisco! In February I took a long weekend to visit my BFF from middle school, and meet her new baby. It was my first time on the west coast and I fell in love! San Francisco is so different from NYC and London (both cities I lived in for a while) but it’s an awesome city in its own right. And the FOOD….I will definitely be back!



Meagan 300



MEAGAN : All the Joys

If you were stranded on a deserted island, what are three materialistic things you’d want with you?  A camera with unlimited memory, chapstick and a Kindle preloaded with hundreds of books.  (Too much?)




Emelia 300



EMELIA : Dream Big & Buy the Shoes

If you knew you could not fail, what is the one thing you would do tomorrow? I’ve always had the dream to be a wedding planner, but I would love to work with all types of events. I have a love of details and creating beautiful memories, so I would give it all to be an Event Planner and have the opportunity to make special moments for other people.





Christine 300



CHRISTINE : Christine Everyday

If you knew you could not fail, what is the one thing you would do tomorrow? I would go skydiving! That’s something I’ve always wanted to do, and if I knew for sure that I wouldn’t crash-land, I’d totally sign up.




EG signature(For more about me, check out my About page!)

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  • Joan Didion. Be still my heart. Now I’m going to have to reread parts of The Year of Magical Thinking before bed. Xoxo

    • Right?!!! I haven’t read that one of hers yet… I heard it’s pretty emotional (as one would assume as much) and I just can’t go there right now! 😉 I love that you love her too! Not surprised at all! xoxo

  • Thank you for doing this reintro party (& including me)!! 🙂 I loved learning all the little tidbits about you all. And omg riding a bike for the 1st time as an adult – so weird, right?!? M and I rented bikes on our 1st weekend away together, and it had been nearly 10 years since I was on one. That phrase “like riding a bike” flashed through my head because I had to fight so hard not to fall over constantly!

    • I’m having so much fun reading everyone’s posts today!! Laughing over here because X said that same thing “it’s just like riding a bike” – as I wobbled around our driveway, ha!

      (PS- Sweet friend, have you slept at all?! haha!! You’re up so early and I know you were up late!)

      • Haha! Nope, not much sleep being had – M is away this week so that means I’m up later taking care of dishes and getting Jack out for his last potty before bed, plus trying to find a little time for ‘me’ that I don’t get during the day. Unfortunately the girls are up EARLY with the light change now! :p

  • Fun post and I learned a few more facts about you!

  • Love this reintroduction Emily!! I feel like I know you but I’ve gained a little bit of new knowledge! XOXO

    • It was a fun thing to do! I wish everyone would at least answer the questions – I’d love to know people’s answers! 🙂

  • I can’t wait to try skydiving. Chuck is die hard on me not doing it…but I want the thrill of it all, the sky beneath me…ahh, sounds so fun! Loved getting to know you better and thank you for having me!

    • I know it – I really want to do it someday. I’ve also always wanted to go up in a hot air balloon!

  • I love bike riding! How fun! I’m with you on the heart to hearts (which you’ve probably figured out by now).

  • I would love to have a drink at Carla’s Bar! So funny. When I was little I begged for my name to be “Cindy”… I have no idea where it came from!

    • That’s hilarious. I’m sure our parents were getting a kick out of our ideas!

  • Bike riding is SO tiring as an adult, haha! I love the story about your name! (And I actually really love the name Emily.) When I was a kid I didn’t like my name and wanted to be named Tina (after a girl on Barney), hahaha! I grew out of that. Now I love my name 🙂

    • HA! It really is!! We went on a quick ride yesterday and I felt like I needed a nap afterwards.

      I TOTALLY know the Tina you’re talking about! That is too funny. (I love your name too. Classic!)

  • Carla’s Bar – that is FABULOUS lol!! Love ya Em and so so SOOO thankful for our friendship!

  • Thank you so much for your work on this… I’m so grateful to have been included! Carla’s Bar sounds like the kind of place I want to go!

  • So fun! Yes to chips and salsa! I could eat it for breakfast as well. Too funny that you wanted to change your name to Carla and open a bar called Carla’s Bar! SO cute! <3, Pamela Sequins & Sea Breezes

  • I love your answer to the question about asking questions or answering them…that is so you! And when I read your wallpaper answer I immediately thought of my favorite wallpaper from my bedroom when I was 4…green and pink…ahhh…Memory Lane. So happy to be a part of this post, thank you for asking me!

    • So funny, the things we remember about childhood and the things we don’t. It’s always the really random stuff with me. haha!

  • You and me girl…we’re gonna go sky-diving someday.

  • I am not sure I have ever stopped by! So nice to get this type of intro! Three things stuck out: love me the chips and salsa, taking The Year of Magical Thinking (Joan Didion) on retreat with me this weekend and may your babe find you soon. Beautiful life, thanks for sharing.

    • Hi Annette! I have not yet read The Year of Magical Thinking, it’s next on my list – Joan is AMAZING. Thank you for the well wishes! I’m so glad you stopped by! 🙂

  • hahaha Calra’s Bar! That’s awesome. I hope you put that in your novel somehow, would make a cool insider fact to be given out years after it’s published, like J.K. Rowling is doing right now with Harry Potter.

    • It wouldn’t fit into the main one I’m writing but perhaps one of the others. Insider fact – love that. ha!

  • I also love chips and salsa (so much that I actually just capitalized “Chips and Salsa” and had to correct myself)!

  • I love chips and salsa – or guacamole. So delicious. I’m surprised you remember something from when you were that young. My earliest memory that I remember was when I was around 4 or 5, but it’s stayed with me this long, so that’s good, right? Carla’s Bar. I’d go there!

    • Seriously- just reading the words “chips and salsa” makes me want it. ha!

  • This is perfect! Maybe I should do one. Totally took a blog hiatus the past month or so it feels like. BUT vacation is in two weeks, so i’ll probably take another one? Hmmmm

    • It’s definitely a great thing to do when you finally do come back – and it’s fun! 🙂

  • Oh my goodness, chips and salsa. Totally agree. That’s so funny about the biking – I guess I just know a lot of people (adults) who only bike so it took me by surprise a little 🙂

    • haha! You have me laughing over here. You are totally right – I’m sure most adults DO ride bikes. I don’t know where we’ve been all this time but we’re certainly fans now!