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The Ember Grey Tell-All, Vol. 1

January 27, 2015
A few weeks ago, I opened up this space for any and all* questions you might have for me and let me just say- this was so much fun and hilarious to do, you guys. There were a lot of questions so I ended up breaking this down into three posts – especially since I really could write an entire post on just the modeling questions alone (and did). So if you don’t see your question in this post, check back in a few weeks for Part 2 🙂

What is a random quirk about yourself?
I mentioned quite a few random Emily quirks in this post, but one thing I have not revealed (until now) is that I cannot touch velvet without getting nauseous. It’s been this way since I was in elementary school. My parents have said that I’ve had aversions to certain textures since I was little – I just cannot stand to touch certain things. I’ve had numerous almost-freakouts in department and furniture stores where I’ve accidentally touched or sat down on something that was velvet. (Makes me gag just thinking about it.)

Do you put milk/cream in your coffee or drink it black?
For years I drank my coffee black. My dad always said it’s easier if you drink it black because when you’re traveling or if you’re at someone else’s house and they don’t have creamer or sugar, it won’t affect you. (He’s very practical, no?) Only recently did I start putting sugar-free hazelnut creamer in my coffee and now I can’t drink coffee without it. (So obviously I’m incredibly high-maintenance now) 😉

Tell us more about the book you’re writing. Is it Fiction or Nonfiction? Are you close to being done?
I laughed and then cried when I read this one. (I didn’t really cry, but kind of wanted to.) I haven’t officially started the book. One of my goals for 2015 is to set aside specific time for this book, and it’s only January (and I did just move) so I suppose I’m not too far behind. I have somewhat started it in that I have 57 emails I’ve sent to myself, full of notes, certain parts of the book I’ve written, but I need to sit down and start piecing all of the emails and ideas together.

The book is fiction and is a “futuristic” love story. Very vague, I know, but that’s all I’m revealing until it’s done 🙂 The only people who know about the storyline are Christian and my parents (and even then, my mom still won’t let me tell her the ending). I have already established the story (beginning, middle, and end) but don’t have any names for my characters nor do I have the title yet. I never thought I would write a novel but my passion and hopes for this story are bigger than any other project I’ve worked on. As for a completion date – I’m hoping to be totally done with it by 2017. I will most likely ask a few of my best friends as well as some people from My Tribe to read it first and get some feedback 😉

What is your favorite candy?
I love fruity/chewy candy: Skittles (but only the red and purple ones), Starbursts, Twizzlers, Laffy Taffy, and Gummy Bears are my favorites.

When did you know Michael Bolton was THE ONE?
Ah, only my most favorite story to tell ever!! The year was 1996-ish, I’d just gotten home from school and my parents told me they had a surprise for me but that they couldn’t give it to me until later that night so I had to hurry and finish my homework. They blindfolded me for the car ride and I sat in the back seat feeling so special to be out on a school night. We got to the venue, sat down in our seats, and it wasn’t until Michael Bolton walked out on stage that I realized my life was CHANGED. Most kids my age were going to New Kids On the Block concerts, but not me. Having spent every night of my youth singing Michael Bolton songs at the top of my lungs into my hairbrush, I sat there with my jaw on the ground and eyes wide as I watched Michael himself sing Steel Bars a mere 12 rows in front of me.

Fortunately, I was lucky to have married someone who loves me enough to entertain my love for MB – Christian has taken me to a Michael Bolton concert almost every year we’ve been together. (And let’s not forget my super cool parents for entertaining my obsession too.) *golf claps for all*

Not long after we got engaged, Christian took me to a famous Chicago record store, where I scored THIS bad boy.
Hands-down, best Christmas gift I’ve ever received. I asked Christian if we might be able to keep it up year-round… he’s still thinking about it. 
The time we lived in California and Christian surprised me with MB concert tickets. This was also the time we were literally the youngest people in the joint… 1 minute after he took this picture of me, a tour bus full of a million 80 year olds pulled up. The perfume was so strong while we sat in our seats, my eyes literally watered. 
The time Christian surprised me with yet another MB concert – in my hometown and 2 days before our wedding day. Best wedding gift ever 😉 

When you look back at your life in 30-40 years, what would you want to say is your biggest achievement? (You can’t say having written your novel, assume that’s already on the list and mentioned.) 
First of all, I love that this person included my novel for me 🙂 Just one more reason I love you guys. (And truthfully, there are quite a few things I hope to have checked off in 30 years.) In 30 years I will be 60… wow. At 60 years young I hope my biggest achievement is motherhood. I really cannot wait to be a mom and for me, I just feel like it will be the ultimate adventure. I suppose the journey of motherhood continues your whole life, so perhaps the actual achievement would be that my children feel safe, know they are loved by their parents and by Jesus, and that their hearts feel full.


Thanks for such fun questions! Check back in a few weeks for Vol. Two 🙂


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  • Jae

    These are really interesting facts about you! Velvet, really? That's so weird! Hahaha!

  • Katherine Lacabe

    Your MB love reminds me of my BSB love. So many good times!

  • I love this….golf claps for you!! Can't wait for Vol. 2 and 3!!

  • Oh wow I am writing a novel too! Can't wait to hear about your progress.

  • That was lovely! I'm terrible at coming up with questions for Q&As like this but I love reading peoples' answers! ( the velvet thing; I totally understand — except for me, it's paper towels. *shudder*)

  • I love this posts to get to know the blogger on a deeper level. I love all the michael Bolton stuff.

  • Mmmm, I want some fruit candy now. 😉

    I love getting to know you better!

  • What a fun post idea but can't believe you don't love velvet!!!

  • I love these questions and answers! I honestly laughed out loud at the velvet thing – too funny!! I cannnnnoootttt wait to read your amazing novel 😉

  • Your dad is wise. Learning to like black coffee is a really struggle! I don't think I'm quite there yet.

  • Cute post! Being a mom is the ultimate adventure. You will be a great mom!

  • 1. you are adorable. 2. your love for michael is simply incredible 3. i yearn for motherhood and hope it's my ultimate adventure, too 4. i still do black coffee- my dad was my influence as well 5. i love this series already. and 6. can't wait to read your book- I might be your first customer!!! xo

  • haha you are so cute! I have to giggle a little every time you talk about your love for Michael Bolton. So funny! My aunt is super obsessed with him. Also, the red and purple skittles are my favorite too! lol

  • Would love to keep each other accountable on the writing front!!

  • I love that your parents did that for you! Surprises are the best. And motherhood is full of them 🙂

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  • I was actually listening to MB the other day! 🙂 He just gets better with age!

  • I’m stalking your blog and I’m loving it. The Michael Bolton thing is CRACKING me up. You are awesome.

    • Oh bless you, Michelle! Having just moved over to WP, I need to go back and fix the font size and spacing on some of these old posts. BUT, I’m so glad you stuck around 😉 xo