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Currently… Boarding the Gilmore Girls Crazy Train

December 15, 2015
tribe chat

tribe chat

Christine on the big screen during last night’s half-Tribe vid chat. (Because sometimes you just need to catch up. And wear a Santa hat.)

To all of you who completed my year-end survey, THANK YOU. When it comes down to it, this space will always reflect where my heart and brain are in those moments I choose to share those things, which yes- means this space will probably be a mixed bag most weeks. I never started this blog to write about only what I thought others might want to read but instead to write about parts of my life, God’s faithfulness and goodness, and to hopefully give encouragement and inspiration to others (as well as some laughs) with the things I have learned and the day-to-day happenings of life. BUT, there have been many times I’ve wondered what you all as readers most enjoy reading or what you might like to see more of… which is why the survey was so helpful. Truthfully, there are a million things I’ve dreamt of doing with this blog, a million different things I would love to talk about on here – but the problem with that is that it’s easy to lose sight of why you started blogging in the first place. It was time for me to bring in the reigns a bit and focus on a few of my favorite topics, instead of… yeah, a million of them.

The great news is that most of YOUR favorite posts are most of MY favorite posts to write and share. The majority of you answered that you would like to read more posts about our adoption journey- something I have really wanted to share for so many months now and have felt God nudging me to tell parts our story and so, I will be doing that this next year. A funny realization was that (most of) you really do enjoy the random “Currently/Life Updates” posts, which I always wondered about when I wrote and shared them… am I just “talking” here or do people really want to know these random things? So because most of you answered that yes, you do like having a glimpse into my day-to-day and randomness, here’s the latest:


Okay, so remember that one time Comcast couldn’t handle the fact that we moved less than a mile away and wiped out our DVR box completely, deleting all of the Gilmore Girls episodes I’d had saved, planning to watch as I decorated for Christmas and wrapped Christmas gifts? And so I continued to watch the Gilmore Girls reruns but minus an entire season and was so confused? Like, who is this Logan guy?! Why is Richard sleeping in the pool house?! When did he grow that stache and more importantly why?! Where did Lane’s glasses go? How did Lorelei and Luke get together?! No, how did all that go down?! What did he say to her?! How did Rory find out? And then remember when I almost decided to just give up on Gilmore Girls completely, too confused to go on, but then remembered I’d only be even more confused when the reboot comes out next year and all of this really just made me want to cry, obviously for two reasons: 1. the fact that I’m this messed up over a TV show and more importantly, 2. the fact that I was forced off the Gilmore Girls train and then forced back on a few miles down this road of crazy?!


So, anyway. What’s new with you?

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  • Well we are certainly on the same page today… But maybe don’t read my post if you haven’t finished watching the show!

  • I am almost done with Gilmore Girls. I think I have like 1 1/2 seasons to go. Ugh. I’m netflixing it so I don’t miss anything – otherwise I would totally be like you.

    • Ugh, I didn’t even think about what I’m going to do when it’s all over!! ha!

  • I so need to start watching GG!

  • Apparently this (and Lindsay’s post) is my sign to official start into Gilmore Girls for real. I mean, I’ve seen episodes and my mom is obsessed, but I just haven’t opened that box. Looks like it’s time to start…

  • Do you have Netflix? They’re all on Netflix! I am so passionate about Gilmore Girls it’s insane. Like, I’m watching it right this minute, and Luke just pushed Jess into the pond and I can’t stop laughing.

    • oh man!! I don’t have Netflix but I will here shortly!! 😉 It’s worth it to catch up on all I’ve missed. Thank you!! 🙂

  • Dude I will share my Netflix login with you so you can watch them. In order!!! I totally get your confusion, a lot happens in just a few episodes lol.

    • YOU are the sweetest. I told Christian about everything and he encouraged me to just sign up for Netflix so I can catch up. (He also likes watching The Office reruns, ha!) His exact words, “How about you just get an account of your own so you don’t have to be such a mooch.”

  • I’m so sad I missed last night!! As usual, kids dominated my life until 7pm. I am in season 2 and need to catch up asap!

    • I’m getting on Netflix tonight to go back and catch up! Happy GG watching, lady!

  • I’m so sad I missed it last night. Looked like fun. Can we do another one soon?!

  • First off, #tribe hangouts need to be a regular thing. #tribebeforeguys
    Secondly, Gilmore Girls is on Netflix and I need to get on that train again too.
    Third, you’re just awesome. K? K.

    • #tribebeforeguys (I’m still laughing.) That hang was just what I needed! 🙂 Let’s both get on Netflix and catch up on our GG, k?!

  • Gilmore girls are NEVER crazy. 😉