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The Happiest of (Birth)days.

August 2, 2014
Today is my husband’s birthday 🙂 And while he’ll probably shake his head over me revealing that he turned 40 today, I think it’s important to be shared and celebrated. (It is, babe. Trust me.) 
My mom, who lost her mother when her mother was in her early twenties, has always said that no matter how old she gets, she celebrates it – because it’s just one more year that her mother never got to celebrate. That has always stuck with me. Time is ever fleeting and I think LIFE was meant to be celebrated, every day, but also on each birthday we’ve been blessed with.
So, my dear love Christian, on your birthday – I celebrate you today and always. For your heart and soul and sweet spirit. For the love you carry for so many others and for this world… and for me. I celebrate your gifts and talents, your hilarious ways, and your dreams. I celebrate all of the days we have spent together, and those we will continue to spend together – you by my side. My best friend, partner in crime, and hands down the best Michael Bolton lip singer partner of my life. Happy Birthday, love. 

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  • Hhhhappppy birthday Christian!

  • So adorable! Happy Birthday Christian!

  • 40???? haha. Welcome to the 40 and up club. 6 more years and you'll catch me. Happy Birthday sir~

  • Happy Birthday Christian…you sound like an amazing guy!

  • Love this! Life IS meant to be celebrated….thanks for the reminder- and happy Birthday to Christian!

  • Adorable! Can't wait to hear what you guys did! For my husband's 40th I flew his best mates and brother over from England in secret. It was the best surprise ever. Have an awesome weekend. xx

  • Happy Birthday, Christian!

  • Aww! Happy birthday to your mister. This was such a sweet post.

  • LOVE this! I hope you guys had an awesome weekend celebrating Christian!

  • GREAT photos of you two!! I hope he had an awesome birthday weekend =) xx

  • It was perfect!! 🙂 He said it was the best bday he'd ever had. #success