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The Lake

May 31, 2016

Memorial Day 2016

Did everyone have a nice long weekend?! I think every year for the last 5 years, Christian and I always kind of forget about the potential of epicness one can have over Memorial Day weekend. Every year we ask ourselves why the heck we didn’t plan ahead and take the weekend to go to The Lake. (We don’t have a lake but I really want one that we can claim as ours so when people are like, “What did you do this weekend?” we can be like “Oh, you know. We went to The Lake.”). So this year, we decided NEXT year we’re gonna do it and make it a new tradition. I have a year to plan and find The Lake, and you know I love a good plan. (Sometimes I like the planning more than the actual thing, but that’s a whole other post.)

We still had a fun weekend though and managed to find a body of water (our neighborhood pool) to get used to the whole The Lake idea (we’re fans). We spent a lot of time outside – summertime is my absolute fave time of year – we biked, grilled out (veggie burgers and veggies!), X made some amazing bloody marys so that we could play Super Mario Brothers on the arcade (because I can’t play anything on the arcade without a cocktail – it’s too stressful without). At 3p, we took pause and listened to Taps while we gave thanks for those who fought and gave all they had for our freedoms. I will always think of my Grandpa Bob when I hear Taps – my Grandpa Bob served in the Marines Corp, and Taps was played at his funeral service in May of 2014 (which was so powerful and beautiful, he definitely would have approved.) To say I’m thankful to those who have given their all for my freedoms will just never feel like enough, you know? But I think to continue to be it and to say it still holds importance, and so I’ll continue to be thankful and to thank those who continue to serve.

Christian and I will be taking our first summer trip back home to Indiana later this week and I can’t wait to hermit myself at my parents’ house in the country where I’m sure more bike riding and grilling out and bloody mary drinking will take place. I love that we have their house to go to when we just need to get away and bask in the quiet and sunshine. He and I will also be celebrating another amazing year of marriage this week – more on that Thursday! – and I’m happy to get back to my novel writing after a few weeks off.

Wishing all of you a wonderful short week!

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  • Even though you don’t yet have “a lake” to call your own, it’s nice that you have your parents’ place out in the Indiana countryside to visit and claim as your own!! I was telling K how badly I want a pontoon or boat to take out on one of our local lakes. I can just imagine us kicked back with a beer and the dogs, lounging in the sun and reading a book! Hopefully some day!

    • I love pontoon boats!! 🙂 That sounds so nice – hope you get it some day too!! 🙂

  • chall1018

    So, so true! When someone asks me what my favorite holiday is I naturally say Thanksgiving or Christmas. But, then Memorial Day rolls around and I am reminded just how much I love that holiday weekend. It’s one of our favorite trips ever!! Sounds like you guys had a great weekend. And yay for going home. I hope you have the best time sweet friend!

    • Thank you, Crystal! Currently sitting in my parents’ sun-porch, watching 2 red foxes walk around their pond – crazy!!

  • Sounds like a wonderful weekend! Funnily enough, we’re surrounded by lakes and we usually don’t go to them. The dark, creepy crawly things lurking below kind of sketch me out. HA!

  • I’ve been aching for a weekend at the lake too! I hope you guys find your lake soon 🙂

    • My parents are currently building a house on a lake in TN so even if I have to wait another year or two, I’ll get it one of these days! 😉

  • Happy early anniversary! Y’all are too cute! Yes, find your lake pronto! Or, if you can’t find one to have a quick weekend trip, find your “Mountain!”

  • Sounds perfect to me! And believe it or not I just had my first Bloody Mary about two weeks ago. Where were they my whole adult life???

  • Sounds like a perfect weekend! YES to Bloody Mary’s and arcade games!

    • I’m kinda liking the Bloody Mary + Arcade for a Memorial Day weekend tradition now 😉

  • This sounds like a freaking perfect weekend! So so so relaxing.