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The last of the vacation to-dos (and important reminders from my dad)

May 6, 2014
Well guys, I leave for my family’s vacation this weekend and can hardly contain myself. (And I feel it necessary to mention to all of you burglars who are Ember Grey fans that we do have people staying at our home with Cleo so don’t for a second think you can come steal all of my craft supplies.) (And thank you so much for reading.) So the house is cleaned, guest posts are scheduled (SO excited about this!!!), and all that’s left to do is pack and then we are on our way!

Our last family vacation, when I ended up with the child’s life vest. 

I’m so excited for this time with my sweet husband & my family. We always have the best vacations together – usually very entertaining resulting in constant pee-your-pants laughing fits, which easily happens when the men in my life (my dad, brother, and X) are the most hilarious people I’ve ever known. You put the three of them together and I can’t even tell you how great it is. My dad has had some important reminders for all of us that he’s shared via email the past few weeks leading up to our trip. Here are some of my favorites:

  • Hey dudes! It’s almost vacation time! I wanted to update everyone on the costs involved (sorry to be a buzz kill). Mom and I are paying for the house but if you guys could help pitch in on the booze… I expect the alcohol bill to be substantial.
  • There will be one day that I will deem a “no tech day” and I will be collecting everyone’s phones.  
  • Please remember to pack light. We have a minivan rented, but there’s only so much room for suitcases. 

I think know that last one was specifically meant for me and I have a few thoughts: I’m guessing this means I can’t bring my second suitcase full of shoes, and, I’m so glad we’ll be rockin’ a mini van! I hope it has the wood on the side.
*Update. Turns out that last reminder was intended for me, however I’m not the only one my dad needs to worry about. My brother’s girlfriend texted me this morning and this is how the conversation went down:

Cass: So no joke….. kind of nervous about trying to pack light for vacation :-/ 

me: hahahahahah!!! We’ll just be at the pool most days, so it will be easy. I’m only bringing like 2 pairs of shorts, one nice outfit and 3 tops. The rest of the days I’ll just wear my suit and coverup.   

me: oh, well and plus my workout clothes and pajamas… plus then my workout shoes, and then maybe like one light sweater if it gets cold in the evenings. Hmmm. That really adds up quick.  

Cass: I know! I just have so many cute dresses that I really want to wear. 

me: omg I forgot about all of my sundresses. Crap, we’re screwed. 

So clearly I am not alone in this debacle.  And, Dad, I know you’re probably reading this and freaking out but it’s okay. Cass and I are coming up with a game plan on how to pack light. So far this is our game plan: 
1. Write a list of everything you want to bring
2. Now circle the things you need to bring
3. Okay, now cross off half of it
4. Then go have a glass of wine and try to calm down
5. Go back to your suitcase and just throw as much as you can fit in there. If it shuts, you’re good. 

(And hey – don’t for one minute act like you don’t have a second suitcase for shoes.) 

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  • Family vacations are the best! Wishing you a wonderfully relaxing time and a very substantial booze bill 🙂

  • Loved this….good luck packing! I always overpack. You just never know if you need capris at night or maybe long pants Bc of a/c. It's hard I tell you!! I hope you guys make your dad proud and buy enough alcohol! Love family vacations like this; so many great memories and tons of laughter!! Enjoy every minute of it!

  • HAHAHAHA have an awesome vacation!!! Your dad cracks me up…

  • I ALWAYS pack too much. But you never know what you're gonna want/need while you're there!

  • Packing always stresses me out. Like you said I always lay out what I WANT to bring and then cut it in half. And then I usually only wear half the stuff I bring anyways. But options!! I need options!!! Your Dad sounds so fun!

  • hahahaha I like your method on packing light 😉

  • Yay!! I'm so excited for ya'lls trip! Packing is not an easy feat for me. My dad and fiance cannot help but to comment on the fact that I always look like I'm packing for life and feels like I'm carrying a dead body… So nice lol! Have fun!

  • I always pack too much as well! I love his "no tech" rule 🙂 Sounds like your family is a blast – have fun!!

  • jealous of your trip! sounds amazing! i always end up with the childs vest as well, whats up with that?! haha. packing, schmacking. bring all the things!

  • Have a wonderful time!! We are getting ready to go on holiday too. A much needed adults only holiday! Holla!!!

    I just had to laugh when I saw your note to burglars. I feel the same way every time I write about where I'm going on the blog. And yes, we too will have some menacing house sitters!!

    PS – Have you been the Florida Keys? If so, stop by the blog today if you have time…I'm looking for suggestions on things to do.

    V @ Life+1
    New Post : Things to Do: Florida Keys

    • Yeah!!! Adults only vacay sounds fun!!! 🙂 I have been to the Keys but it's been YEARS so I'm not sure I could recommend anything to you other than the pool, since that's all I remember. I will of course stop by your post anyway!! Love your blog!

    • Ya know, maybe I should just chill out for once and stop trying to cram every thing in my vacay. Maybe laying by the pool is what I should do. After all, relaxing has its merits from what I remember!

      Thanks Emily! x

  • "Mom and I are paying for the house but if you guys could help pitch in on the booze… I expect the alcohol bill to be substantial." Bahahahah! I wanna come!!!!!!!!! I'll bring the vodka! 🙂

  • Family vacations are so underrated. Ours is in July and I can't wait!

    Stopping by from Whispering Sweet Nothings 🙂

  • Enjoy your vacation! I love family vacations. It's that time of the year – vacation time. I'm getting ready to go on vacation with my sister and my boyfriend. 🙂

  • That's so funny! Sounds like a great vacation! Packing light is so difficult.

  • South Padre Island in Texas is really nice weather and has great activities for everyone. Teens would like something different than the usual which is great here because there is snorkeling and stuff which everyone can enjoy..

  • Packing light is a challenge, especially for us girls! Between shoes and hair products and shoes… 😉