The One Thing

The One Thing: Love

April 30, 2015

*Today’s post is a guest post, written by Erin from comadiary.
When I first sat down to think about the one thing that has inspired me I struggled. In a world where there is so much to see, learn and experience, how can I pick just the one things that inspires me? Thinking back to times when I’ve had to (metaphorically) pull myself up, what has been the one thing that has made me do it? Without sounding too cliched, it’s been love. 
Love is this huge emotion that is at once amazing but also terrifying. Love has the ability to cause so much damage but also to light up the world and inspire nations. Love blends in to everything and influences so much. As the opposite to hate, love is a force to be reckoned with.
It’s the pieces that split off from love that can consume and cloud the mind. So many of us have been in love, so many of us have had our hearts broken, and within that is a tenuous link that reaches from me to you and across the world. Love is displayed in a variety of ways and opens us up to a wealth of experiences and lessons. There are always lessons.

Love touches us deeply, even if it is the love of an animal, a song, a book. It resonates within our very souls and sparks emotions that sometimes we’d forgotten existed. Love and all its related emotions infiltrate our lives, a steady drip de drip, the songs on the radio, the novels we read, the love of a man or woman, loving a career, a town, a feeling. It can cause so many negative emotions, but the positives out weigh those ten to none; they must do so, because we’re all guilty of putting our hearts on the line more times than once.
And how exciting is that? To have all the passion and hope and dreams associated with something we love, risking heart-break for the one thing that still lights up our eyes and keeps us thinking into the night? The what-if’s and the what-next’s.
It’s my love for art and its activities that has kept me going, time and time again. Every time my emotions are liable to flood it’s the knowing that there is something I am passionate about, ready to cradle me back to where I know I need to be. It’s knowing that I have the love of my family, friends and partner who’ve all got my back, just in case; spurring me forward and encouraging me to try new things.
And I can’t ask for more than that.

While Erin does not consider herself a writer (although I strongly beg to differ), she does call herself an artist, and I will follow that up by saying she’s a seriously talented artist and creative. Read more about her Flower Installation (pictures in this post) titled “You Never Bought Me Flowers So I Gave You A Garden” here

You can follow along in Erin’s beautifully honest and creative journey here: 

*Today’s post was a guest post, written by Erin from comadiary. If you are interested in sharing w/ Ember Grey readers The One Thing that inspires you or has changed you for the better, you can find more info here

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  • <3 Love this

  • Beautiful. I really like how she says it can be the love of a song, animal, book… not just a human.

  • Lovely post. You know it was the love of God for others that won me to Him. I read the bible for four years before I surrendered my heart to this God who loved differently. His love for sure was not like mine, mine was conditional, His was unconditional. Mine was selfish, His was not, mine was narrow, His wide, mine was shallow, His was deep, mine was frail, His was not. Yes, I can see why you picked love, it's the very character of God, for God so love the world, He gave His only begotten son…for me and you, now thats love beyond measure. Again lovely post.

  • Thank you 🙂

  • I love my cats almost more than my boyfriend 😉

  • Love is definitely one powerful force! (I hope it was clear that this post was written by Erin from the blog ComaDiary, not by me!) 😉

  • This is so beautiful! LOVE IS A MANY SPLENDORED THING! (I'm singing)

  • I can hear you now!!