The One Thing

The One Thing: A Mother’s Influence

January 29, 2015
I am so excited to introduce you all to Stephanie today, as she shares The One Thing that has shaped who she is. Not only is she an incredibly talented photographer (no, seriously- look at these shots), Stephanie is also a very caring and giving person and I think this story she shares explains why.  
Hello! I’m Stephanie. I blog over at She Dreams of Hope and I’m a photographer over at in her lens. A little disclaimer: I will be combining my two blogs, soon. My goal is to use my photography to share what I see and do with the world. I will be showing/spreading hope with my photography so She Dreams of Hope will soon be merged into in her lens (mainly because I  am finding it difficult to keep up with two blogs). I hope you still follow along.

When I signed up to do my One Thing post I thought “man, this will be easy. I know what to write about.” Then, I started thinking about all the things that have influenced me and changed who I am. I realized this might be a little harder to narrow down. I decided to write about the first, biggest, most influential thing that happened to me. This changed who I was completely and shaped who I have become. This continues to influence my life on a daily basis.

My parents divorced when I was very young and after that I lived with my mom. Over time we became best friends. When I was a teenager she was always the “cool mom.” All my friends loved her. I told her everything. Well, almost everything. I was a teenager after all. When I was fifteen, everything changed. I lost my mom. I won’t go into too many details, that’s something I’d rather share on my own space, but I lost her in a tragic way and it changed me forever. It changed my entire life course. In a way, it made me a better person; although, if I had to choose, obviously I would choose having my mom back.

Losing my mother decided my entire college career. I got a Bachelor’s and Master’s in Criminal Justice based on my circumstances and past (my original plan was Psychology). I wanted to have a degree that would allow me to help families like mine. That would allow me to pursue the bad people who hurt others. I have also become a more caring and selfless person because of how I lost my mother. I dedicate myself to making others happy and to bring joy to their lives. I volunteer my time with organizations that really help people.

My goal in life is to be inspiring and to spread happiness and hope to others. I hope you all will continue to follow along with me on my journey over at in her lens.

To follow along in Stephanie’s journey to spread hope and happiness (*she’ll be sharing the FULL story of A Mother’s Influence on her blog next week!), you can find her here: 

*If you are interested in sharing w/ Ember Grey readers The One Thing that inspires you, get more info here

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  • I'm so happy to be on your blog today. 🙂

  • Hey, I know you! 😉 Love this post and love you! ♥

  • Me too!!!! 🙂 I'm so happy to introduce you this way, and look forward to reading the rest of your story on your blog next week 🙂 XO

  • Hey! I love you! 🙂

  • Thanks for sharing, Stephanie! I can definitely relate to some of this!

  • Thank you for sharing this Stephanie! I always love seeing what inspires people 🙂

  • Thank YOU for reading. 🙂

  • Those pictures are amazing – what a cool blog! Having two must be soooo hard to keep up. I'm so glad that I found all these new (to me) blogs from the giveaway you shared last week Em! Stephanie your story is very inspirational – I love your phrasing: "I dedicate myself to making others happy and to bring joy to their lives." Now that, my friend, is a noble cause. 🙂

  • xo