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The One Thing: My Anchor

October 15, 2015

*Today’s post is a guest post, written by Heather from Heather, Here & There.

Ever since I left high school and “moved out” of the home I grew up in, I never stayed in one place for more than a year. Part of that was because my college kept us in the dorms the whole time, so I was in and out of different buildings. Part of it was because I found jobs, internships and research positions in different cities (and countries) each summer. And part of it was because I continued to find new things to do that keep me moving around. My family is a few hours away, my friends move so I constantly need to meet more people, my jobs change, and even as I stay in the same city, the culture surrounding me changes depending on what I was doing.
This summer I felt a HUGE desire to just settle somewhere – anywhere – for a couple of years… to have the roots in a place. I was looking into a grad school program for the near future and was really attracted to the idea of going to school part-time just so I could live in one place for longer. I was pretty set on that idea, actually, and though I might still consider it for other reasons, God has recently made something more clear to me. He is helping me realize that I don’t have to tie my roots into a particular place, culture, or job. If I dig into my anchor – Christ – my roots are mobile and I can really be somewhere when I’m not making it my permanent residence.
Realizing this has been a huge comfort when considering all the possibilities for my future. This year I’m training to be a missionary – yet during the last year in college I had an increasing fear of doing missions because I wanted more stability in my life. While I spent the first four years of my college career thinking, “I just need to go, get out of this country,” my fifth year was filled with doubts about that, wondering, “Maybe it would be better if I just stayed in Wisconsin.” As Jesus reminds me that He will always be with me, wherever I go, He is increasing my confidence in my calling to go. I am slowly but surely starting to feel the anchor that ties me to my heavenly home while I face a season of life in which I’m called anywhere but my earthly home.
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*Today’s post was a guest post, written by Heather from Heather, Here & There. If you are interested in sharing w/ Ember Grey readers The One Thing that inspires you or has changed you for the better, you can find more info here

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  • Following Christ’s lead for our lives is the greatest calling there is. Obeying it is another story. Your failthfulness to Him and whatever He decides you do will be a blessed testimony to so many. Best of luck in your endeavors.