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The ‘Something’ Club. (A Grateful Heart)

February 2, 2015
Happy Monday! Did any of you host or attend a Super Bowl party? We originally weren’t going to do anything for the game (since we’re headed to Chicago today) but were invited to a party by one of Christian’s musician friends – we had such a great time. (The people hosting the party had donuts for dessert. I was obviously super happy I went.) What did you all think of the halftime show?? I love Katy Perry but have to say- I was so not impressed, it just felt blah. The sharks were my favorite part.

Sooo…. it’s my birthday week. (And yes, you must always celebrate for a whole week. It’s a rule.) I’ll tell ya right now- I am less than thrilled with this year’s number: Thirty One Something. (Insert sarcastic eye roll as I type that.) It’s one of those numbers where no one really gets excited about it, you know? Oh you’re 31? Wooptie-freakin-do! Like, people are so less enthused that the entire decade gets thrown into its own category of “something.” It feels boring, but on a really serious and slightly shady note. You can refer to someone as being thirty-something without actually revealing their age – and it’s accepted. And of course it’s serious, because when you’re a thirty-something, there’s no messing around anymore. There is no going back. (Deep breaths.)

If I could go back though, I’d tell my twenty-nine year old self to have no fear. Thirty was my most favorite year of my life. It started out in the BEST way: Christian threw me the greatest surprise party and I felt completely showered with love by my family and closest friends. Michael Bolton even showed up to my party! (Well, he showed up in that he was lovingly blared in the restaurant speakers, thanks to my AMAZING husband.) So naturally we had a quick sing off.

(I won.) (I always do.)

I would tell my twenty-nine year old self that this next year of being thirty would include falling more in love with my husband, really starting to feel comfortable in my own skin, and that a bedtime of 9pm was going to feel really nice most nights. I would tell my twenty-nine year old self that this next year would be the year I take the great leap into the creative world, and that writing would officially become one of my greatest loves. And a bonus to this writing venture? Meeting some of the coolest people I’ve ever known in this world called “blogland.”

I’m convinced that time goes faster the older you get. It’s super cliché but super true. So to slow it down, I told Christian that I was going to turn thirty again this year. And I love him for playing along, because for the last few days he’s been running around the house and saying, “You’re gonna be THIRTY!!!!!!!!!”

Reflecting back on how weirded out I was to turn thirty last year, and the fact that it turned out to be one amazing year, is proof that maybe life does stay sweet, even as it continues to move forward. A reminder that it’s an adventure and not just some finish line to cross at the end. A reminder that another birthday is yet another year I get to live, create, love, be loved, and walk the road of this journey. And what a gift that is. To wake up and breathe. To wake up and live life. To wake up and turn thirty oneOh, my grateful heart. I’m totally in, let’s do this. (Again.)

What are you grateful for? 

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Grateful Heart w/ Ember Grey

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  • Jae

    You're turning thirTEEN-one, if I may. Excited on how you're going to celebrate your birthday this week! I may now know it exactly, but I'm wishing you the HAPPIEST BIRTHDAY (thus far) in advance! <3

  • What a gift the world received thirty (one) years ago! I have a feeling that with you, Christian by your side, and your amazing attitude towards life, that each year will be better than the last. So embrace 31 and make it everything it should be and more. Here's to you my sweet friend! Happy Birthday week!

  • Liz

    Happy birthday!! I love this. These are very similar words that I would speak to myself, just a few years older. I agree with Anne…your attitude is amazing, and starting your thirty-first year with that kind of spirit will only take you to great places!! xoxo

  • Lindsay

    Happy Birthday week! I'm writing an "I'm turning 30" post this week so I'm grateful to read your thoughts on the subject! I hope 31 is your best year yet!

  • Happy Happy Birthday Week!! Can not wait to see what another trip around the sun brings to you!

  • Woohoo! HAPPY BIRTHDAY WEEK! There are so many great things with this post. For starters, donuts…brilliant! But more importantly is your birthday!! I hope you enjoy your birthday week AND turning thirty!

  • Yay for birthday week!!! I love celebrating birthdays for a whole week. Pshh who am I kidding, celebrate for a whole month!

  • I love this… happy early birthday and 30 was my favorite so far, too! <3 Hope you have the best weekend celebrating THIRTY {one} … I am almost 32 at this point and love 31 as well- so get excited! It's awesome. You could not be more right about 'blogland' friends- heart you. Have a wonderful time and grab some more donuts! xo

  • Ohhh birthday week?? yay!!! how fun!!!

    I did nothing related to the Super Bowl at all. 🙂

  • Happy Birthday! I'm 31 too (actually closer to 32 now!) and I have never felt better! 🙂

  • I was definitely a little freaked out to be turning 30 but so far so good! lol! Happy Birthday week!!! My husband and I just watched the game together and still had a lot of fun. Maybe next year we will try hosting a little party.

  • happy birthday week sweet friend! I am so glad I am not the only one that celebrates all week! Enjoy it! You are a gorgeous thirty-something! 🙂 Praying this year is even better than last! xo!

  • Happy Birthday week my sweet friend!!! 30 was a great year for me too and I would totally agree with the fact that time seems to fly the older you get. I'm always wanting it to slow down. 🙂 we didn't do much at all related to the Superbowl! Lol!

  • Jae!! hahah. This made me laugh out loud this morning! I'm TOTALLY loving the thirTEEN-one 😉 xoxo

  • And once again, you make my day just like THAT! Thank you so much, Anne. I'm so happy to have you as a friend!! 🙂

  • Happy Birthday Week! How long are you guys going to be in Chicago?

  • Happy bday week! Glad you had a great Super Bowl and 30th year! I too was freaked to turn 30 in November, it bas been mighty fine though!

  • HAPPY BIRTHDAY WEEK! I'm with you… times does go by faster each year!

  • Jae

    I mean, c'mon! You'd totally pass for a 20-something, and I'm not even flinching when I said that. 😉 you have MORE fun this week, Em!

  • HAPPY BIRTHDAY WEEK! Celebrate yourself, girl!

  • Yay for birthday weeks!!!! 😉

  • Yay! I love celebrating my birthday for a whole week too! I also share a birthday with New Years Eve so I decided long ago that I get a while darn month 🙂 And 31 isn't so bad. I just turned 32 and I had SO many great experience at 31. Embrace it girl!

  • Ahhh…Happy Birthday sweet friend! this week! And yes…life does get sweeter…so true! I'm learning (or maybe it's a natural aging thing) to find so much more beauty in the simple than I did in my 20's. Life doesn't have to be as complicated as we sometimes make it. So enjoy being 30-teen-1 (LOVE that!!)!

  • Happy birthday week!! 31 is an awesome year, at least that's how I felt. I wasn't traumatized by turning 30 exactly, but I did find it a bit hard to switch that mental gear acknowledging I was then, officially, in 'my 30s'… Now I just forget how old I am lol. My friend has a great phrase: "30 and holding" – so I've been 30 and holding for a little while now 😉
    Safe drive to Chicago – I don't know what the snow is like up there but it's pretty deep here!! I hope you have a brilliant visit! XO

  • Happy Birthday week! It does definitely continue to get sweeter as you become all the more wise with each passing year. my mind I have stayed 28 (it was evidently a good year) so the only hard part is noticing a few additional beauty marks on my face that were not so much there at 28. Enjoy!

  • Sarah

    Happy Birthday week! I hope it's full of wonderful people, places and things! 🙂

  • I love this! You're so cute! Happy Birthweek!

  • Happy happy birth week! I hope you have an amazing time celebrating 🙂 I loved this post! I am actually pretty okay with getting older, at the moment any way ha ha.

  • Thank you, Liz!! Means so much 🙂 xoxo

  • Yeah!! 🙂 Can't wait to read your post and happy early birthday, Lindsay! (What day?!)

  • Thanks so much, Sheryl! 🙂

  • Thanks, lady 🙂

  • haha! I definitely celebrated for a month when I turned 30, oh my gosh. By the end of it I was like, Alright. We're done now. haha. XO

  • ha! Thank you 😉 (I've been telling everyone now I'm turning thirTEEN-one. So hilarious!)

  • So glad to know 31 is fun too 😉 Heart YOU!!!

  • 🙂

    (Stay tuned for my post on Thursday… I did a Q&A with Christian and asked him who was playing in the Super Bowl… HILARIOUS.)

  • yay! So glad to hear that 🙂 Thanks, Julia!

  • I really want to host something next year too. (You know, FOR THE BLOG) 😉 Thanks, Julie!!

  • Thank you, Faith! 🙂

  • aw thank you, Jamie!!! XO

  • Thank you!!!! (Yes, when I turned 30 my bff asked me if I felt different. I said – only when someone asks me how old I am haha). Glad we're all in this together, whew!

  • Thank you!! 🙂 We'll be here for the week and then back to Indy over the weekend for my future SIL's bridal shower!

  • Thank you!!!!!!!!! 🙂

  • I sure plan on it!! 😉 Thanks, friend!

  • 🙂 🙂

  • Jae

    Hahaha! I can imagine! 😀

  • Thank you, Amy!! 🙂 Totally agree- more beauty in the simple!

  • New Year's baby!! 🙂 How fun, and yes- that definitely permits a month-long of celebrating!

  • Thank you!! 🙂 30 and holding- LOVE. haha!! We're headed to Chicago today (decided to stay the night in Indy)… the pictures of Chitown are terrifying. Wish me luck, ha!

  • Thank you, Shelly! So funny about staying 28… that was a great year for me too. When I turned 30 (for the first time), I told my husband, "I wish I could just go back to 28. That was a comfortable number for me." 😉

  • Thanks, lady!! 🙂

  • Thanks, Christine 🙂 So far, so good!

  • Thank you, Kenzie! Today is my last day of being (the real) 30. I'm embracing every moment 😉

  • Lindsay

    I worded my comment poorly! My birthday is in May, but I am working on an "Embracing a New Decade" post!
    But happy birthday to you!

  • Goose bumps Emily, goose bumps! Happy birthday!

  • aww!! 🙂 Thanks, Ash!

  • Thanks so much!! 🙂

  • oooh! Still, I can't wait to read it! 🙂

  • HAPPY BIRTHDAY (today!!!) somehow I didn't realize you and Josh were born in the same year. His birthday was Jan 24. Melissa life trivia there. LOL. I have seriously missed you something fierce my friend. I'm grateful for friends like YOU! I hope you have a wonderful birthday and have fun in chicago!

  • Happy Birthday and enjoy a week long celebration, because that is totally the best way to do it. 🙂 "A reminder that another birthday is yet another year I get to live, create, love, be loved, and walk the road of this journey. And what a gift that is." so true, and such a lovely way to really enjoy each birthday and each year. I often treat my birthday as my Happy New Year, and get as pumped about it as one does when counting down to a new year. I hope to continue that no matter how many years I get to live. lol. 🙂

  • What day?!? Happy Birthday! Early?…late?…. I've got you beat by one year. I was actually just thinking about this as I was driving today. It took me a minute to actually figure out how old I am because I keep forgetting! That's how much I care. It really is just a number. But I have it on good authority that your 30s are the best of your life. Wooohooo!!

  • Haha!! You are too funny. We had a great time!! In Indy now until M

  • I love the idea of treating your bday as your own happy new year- that's very true.

  • Haha! Well it was officially yesterday but I'm still traveling and therefore celebrating 😉 yes, I feel like the saying about your 30s being your best years is true, and that it just continues to get better from there. I'll take it! 🙂 xo!

  • I love that photo of you two. 🙂 I am with you on the 9pm bedtime — it just feels nice waking up refreshed!

  • Thank you 🙂 It's one of my favorites too!