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This Town. (A Grateful Heart)

June 8, 2015

This is our first summer here as Nashvillians and it just feels like we’ve always meant to be in this place. It’s more than the fact that I have fallen in love with the south and the slow-pace/southern ways, or that the state of Tennessee is unbelievably beautiful. It’s not just this state that feels like home, it’s this city: Nashville.

When Christian and I first moved here, we threw ourselves into work. We wanted to. Up until recently, it was perfectly normal for both of us to be working at least 70-80 hours a 7-day week (oh yeah, workin’ on the weekends is the norm around here.) I’m not saying this is necessarily a healthy thing to be doing for too long- we would both definitely reach a point where we hit the wall, but working our faces off has been something both of us have desired in these past 6 months.

As soon as the weather warmed up though, we felt the shift and knew it was time to get out and feel human again. So last week, Christian and I pretty much threw ourselves into the creative social realm of this city. (We do everything to the extreme, I guess?) After the fourth night in a row of the two of us staying out late to listen to live music and meet new friends, I pointed out that I felt Oooj was totally giving us judgy-looks as we walked through the front door, but those three nights had filled us up in more ways I can count.Living in a music town could be fun for anyone, whether or not you’re in the music biz, but when you are in the biz (or married to someone who is), it makes things a whole lot easier. But Nashville is much more than just a music town; it’s a creative town. Living in a creative town makes you feel supported by others who understand that, yes, a “creative job” is most definitely still a real job, as well as a full-time job. There is breathing room here, ahhh.

My favorite social hang of last week was when Christian surprised me (for our anniversary) with backstage seats at The Grand Ole Opry where we saw/heard musicians such as Chase BryantGloriana (my new fave), Jeremy Camp, and Rascal Flatts. The VIP seats are actually behind the musicians, but literally ON THE STAGE. As the curtains rose for the first act, I leaned over and whispered to Christian, “I feel like I’m about to sing, I’m so nervous!” haha 😉 The announcer of the Opry even announced our anniversary in front of everyone, which was also aired on the radio. (Christian stood up and waved, I remained in the seat with a red face, ha!) It was so very special though and an awesome anniversary memory for sure. And just for the record, afterwards we ate dinner at Cracker Barrel because pancakes are good any time of the day and #crackerbarrelforever.

I’m really grateful for having had that experience, along with all of the other social hangs this past week. Being surrounded by or in the presence of other creatives who share an understanding of what your gift is to you is really important. It fuels your creative spirit, inspires you to keep going – to create more – and it makes you feel as though you belong. And while we’re still attempting to find some balance between being social, working on our craft, and going to bed at a decent hour, today I’m especially grateful for the opportunity to even have the choice.

PS- Did you catch Part Two of EG Skincare on Saturday? I shared some of my favorite skincare products! 😉 


What are you grateful for? 

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  • I'm glad to have found your beautiful blog. 😀

  • What an amazing way to see a concert….love that view. So unique! My friends just got back from Nashville and they were raving about it. Such a beautiful and fun town .

  • What an opportunity to be grateful for. Rascal Flatts, one of my favorites. You have much to be thankful for! Have a great week Emily.

  • Nashville is one of our favorite places to visit and we have always stated it would be one of our cities to consider if we had to relocate. I love that you are falling in love with your new city (and the south).

  • I really want to visit Nashville. I have been there before (but really just driving through with a stop for lunch). I would love to go exploring.

  • We seriously need to make a trip up to Nashville! I've never been and it sounds amazing! I'm glad y'all had an amazing time even if oooj was judging lol. Christian is so the musician, standing and waving lol.

  • Eeeek I love that Nashville has pulled ya'lls heart strings and made you feel so welcomed! Dude, I would've been so nervous sitting in the back like that. How cool though?! I couldn't make any promises though that I wouldn't run out there and give those artists a big ole hug and selfie 😉

  • I am so glad you are enjoying your new life so much! I'll have to come visit sometime. 😉

  • Ahh, my hubby and I are so musically motivated and inspired but I've never experienced the music scene in Nashville!! I'm going to say that has to be our next road trip! Great post! (And we work a TON, too!)

  • That has got to be the coolest experience ever! I follow Jeremy Camp on social media and he posted a picture of him there and I was just like "oh oh emily is hiding behind him!" That is awesome, you have yourself an awesome husband!

  • 5 STARS FOR THIS POST!!! 🙂 Nashville is the best!

  • I think your state is beautiful and love when we get a chance to visit. We'd be all over the music scene if we lived there. Feeds our creativity!

  • What an amazing experience!! I've heard so many great things about Nashville — I don't know a single person who lives there or who has visited and didn't love it. I hope you thoroughly enjoy the rest of your summer!

    PS – I linked up a new post today that's sort of about gratitude, but it's a bit roundabout. Feel free to take it down if it's not the right fit for this link up!

  • That is so cool! What a great anniversary gift. I would love to go to Nashville some day!

  • Hi! So glad you did too 🙂 Thanks for stopping by!

  • You need to come visit soon, Anne!! 🙂

  • Not only were they SO good live (which is not the case for a lot of artists) but they were so nice.

    Happy week to you too, Michelle! 🙂

  • A few of my best friends have mentioned that Nashville is "the place" if they were to ever relocate… I may be trying to push that to actually happen, haha.

  • I'm learning that late spring/early summer and fall are good times to visit… it was 96 degrees here yesterday. I love the heat but for most people, it was hot! 😉

  • Girl, he's just CRAZY haha! I did wave, but remained in my seat 😉 You will get up here one of these days!!

  • I seriously felt like Taylor Swift (hahah) I sooo wanted to take pictures but also didn't want to be "that person" you know? (Deep down I was totally that person though, ha!)

  • You are always welcome, Christine!!!!!! 🙂

  • Oh girl, you guys totally need to visit Nashville, especially if you get inspired by music! You can definitely find all different kinds of inspiration here 🙂

  • Jeremy Camp was SO good, and you could tell he was just a nice and humble guy.

  • Yes!!!!!!!! 🙂 I thought of you when we were there, Ash!

  • It totally does- and is easy to find here! 🙂

  • Brittany, are you kidding?! I just read your post- LOVE. And it's the PERFECT kind of post for this linkup.

  • I told Christian that I can only imagine how he might top it for next year's anniversary!! 😉 Let me know if you're ever in the area, Mattie- would love to grab coffee! 🙂

  • LOLLL I totally was grinning like a nerd as my desk reading about your anniversary being announced and Christian standing up to wave, so stinking cute!!

  • I'm DYING for Steve to get a gig in Nashville. He's never been and at this point doesn't have a desire to go (he has issues). So, when that day comes, I will be accompanying him and he will fall in love with your town.

  • I LOVE Nashville. I'm begging my husband to go back for a weekend – I know he'd love it too. If only he could be transferred there…. 🙂

  • That sounds so awesome, it's great that you found a place where you guys can be yourselves and feel like you really belong! What a cool experience for your anniversary too! 🙂

  • I would so LOVE to live in Nashville!! ok…are you kidding that you just heard of Gloriana?? I love them!! My favorite song from them is [kissed you] good night. It's a great one! listen to it if you haven't heard it. I'm jealous you heard them Happy Anniversary!

  • I love Nashville! It sounds like this was an amazing time!! Thank you for such an encouraging linkup!

  • I'll be in Nashville during the 4th! It will be a busy weekend but let me know if you'll be around!

  • That is so cool! I've never been to Nashville, but I really want to go. And I'm not into the whole Grand Ole Opry thing, necessarily, but I'm sure it's WAY cool in person!

  • What a sweet guy. I miss the days when we would go out and party. Ahhh carefree. ;o)

    You've just reminded me of something VERY important. It's been FAR too long since I've dined at the Cracker Barrel. You can take the girl outta the Midwest….

  • I loved the end of this post- I'm struggling to find a balance between all of those factors, too, but what a blessing! I'm thrilled you're loving Nashville and the south; there's much more to it than meets the eye!

  • Nashville is such an awesome town. We visit several times a year and I always tell my hubs that I would move there tomorrow! 😉

  • ha! It was more like he jumped up and did a fist punch in the air, it was hilarious 🙂

  • YES! Let's pray for that!! 😉

  • Seriously! Any chance that could ever happen?!

  • It was one I'll never forget, that's for sure! And to think I thought we were "just" going out to dinner (which would have also been great but this was better) 😉

  • Yes!! I had heard Gloriana before but just had never seen them live 🙂 They were so, so good.

  • Thanks for linking up, Ashley! 🙂 Hope you're having a great week!

  • oh dang!!! We will have family in town that week/weekend, otherwise I would say FOR SURE! Any chance you'll be back this way again? 🙂

  • You should definitely visit, Karen! 🙂

  • haha! I'm so glad Cracker Barrel is still around – obviously we don't go often (even though they're on every corner in the south) but you know, for road trips or for special occasions 😉 haha

  • The balance is hard, girl! I am really struggling with it lately – and I feel like summer time just makes things that much busier. I know the "simple" thing is to cut some things out but that's not always easy. Hoping you find your balance too 🙂

  • I know it, that's what everyone says! I have never heard anyone say anything bad about Nashville; I'm glad we're here!

  • I completely understand! I also have the Music City Food Festival on my radar in September 🙂

  • oooh! Yes!!! 🙂

  • Moving was an option a few years, but sadly I think that ship has sailed. Visits?? FOR SURE!

  • awww that is the sweetest anniversary present EVER. what a great husband, very impressive. i'd love to go to nashville one day, but for now, from little ol australia – i just enjoy it on tv haha!

  • So sorry I missed this from you, Finley! Thank you!! 🙂 Hope you get to visit one of these days!