twelve months of bliss

Twelve Months of Bliss, August: A Life Inspired.

August 1, 2015

Yeah, baby 🙂 Here we go, into month three of twelve in the Twelve Months of Bliss project! How about a bit of a breather this month, hmm? Last month, while pretty eye opening and so important, had the potential to be somewhat of a tough challenge (for me, anyway) so August is going to be a bit easier & more creative!

Here is the official challenge information for August:

Every day is like a blank canvas. What masterpiece will you create today?

Challenge: Create your own physical Inspiration Board (no Pinterest!), full of things that inspire you, encourage you, comfort you… the goals and dreams you have for your life.

How Often: Add things to your board throughout the next four weeks.

What you will need: Inspiration Board (can be an actual framed cork board or as simple as a poster board or 8×10 piece of paper.) Then, gather and apply/attach/tack/clip/tape items to your board. Not sure what to put on your board? Ask yourself, What inspires me? It could be a photo, quote, verse, picture, word, a page torn out of a magazine – the list is endless.

Why?: Because each day truly is a blank canvas! So often, with our everyday and busy lives, our thoughts and dreams become scattered, pushed to the side, paused, forgotten about and sometimes even given up on. It’s time to not only bring all of those things to one place, but to put them in a place you will see every day.

[For those of you keeping a 12MofBliss journal: What is on your Inspiration Board? Why did you choose these things? Are they things that might stay up for awhile, or switched out as the seasons change? After looking at these things for a month, do you feel inspired? Are you living a life that allows room for dreaming?]

August’s Linkup: This month’s linkup will take place at Ember Grey on Wednesday, August 26! This linkup will serve as a place for all of us to share our thoughts and reflections on this particular challenge. I would love to hear more about your experience with August’s challenge: A Life Inspired!


For those of you worrying right now and thinking, “but I’m not a crafty person!” – I beg to differ. And this challenge is going to prove that you are.

Some of you may remember my DIY, framed cork board Inspiration Board – which was so much fun to make and I love that it remains a permanent fixture in my home office. (You can see various months of inspiration here.) But listen to me- you do not have to make something like this. Your board can be a poster board or as simple as a piece of paper. It just needs to be big enough to tape/clip/pin all of your items to. What to put on your inspiration board? Anything and everything you’re drawn to, that inspires you, that gives you hope, that encourages you to create, work hard, rest, love, forgive, remember, and inspire you to dreamWhere can you get your pieces of inspiration to put up on your board? Magazines, printed pictures, personal pictures, scripture verses written out, quotes, paint chip color swatches, etc. etc. etc.

A friend of mine who did this the first time around back in 2010 even had her daughter make her own inspiration board by taping things onto a small poster board… my friend said it was such a fun thing for the two of them to do together – goal setting, expressing personal likes, dreaming together. So if you’re currently looking at your busy schedule and wondering how in the world you’re going to fit this in- consider doing this with others. (How fun would this be for a Girl Night?!)

I’m really excited to see all of your boards at the end of this month! Of course, this month’s challenge is more than just about gettin’ crafty. It’s about allowing yourself to dream, to change, and to be inspired. Happy creating 🙂


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  • I see why you said this would be good for me. Thank you. ? I’ll have to find some scrap craft things!

  • Awesome idea! I’ll probably join in.

  • Love Love Love Inspiration Boards. I currently have one in my closet but it’s time to do some readjusting! XOXO

    • I cannot WAIT to see yours at the end of the month, if you decide to share it 🙂 🙂

  • I looooove this! I didn’t do so hot in July but I’m feeling very positive about August! Great challenge!

  • Oooo I am excited about this month’s challenge!

  • Yesssss!!! My creative juices are already flowing 🙂

  • Ooohh so excited about this challenge.

  • chall1018

    Oh I love this! Such a good challenge.

  • I love this one!! I finally just created an inspiration board a few months ago 🙂 But it can always be updated – I’m away for most of this month so it may have to be a virtual one, or I might just need to collect things while I’m away then put it together at the end. 🙂

    • Yes!! I want to see it! You could totally collect things while on your trip – I can only imagine how much inspiration you are getting over there! 🙂 Living vicariously through you!