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Twelve Months of Bliss – August Recap & Linkup

August 26, 2015
It’s funny how you sometimes start something with the end result as a vision, clearly established in your mind, and then by the end of it- it looks completely different than you thought it would. That’s how these last two challenges have been for me and it’s kind of cool – I feel like I’m learning more about myself – who I am as a 31 year old – you know? It’s almost like, just as I got to know myself in my 20’s, I’ve had to start from the beginning again now that I’m in my 30’s. And I’m sure the same will ring true when I become a mom, and when I hit a new decade, etc. etc. etc. 
August’s Twelve Months of Bliss challenge involved creating a physical inspiration board and attaching things that inspire and encourage you. Most of you probably already know that I made my own board over a year ago, it currently hangs in my home office. I’ll occasionally share its changes (here) – it’s become one of my favorite things in my office! When I started out at the beginning of this month, I had no problem finding pieces of inspiration and encouragement to post on my board. By the end of the first week of August, my Inspiration Board looked like this: 

1. A colorful reminder to pray for a friend who was serving on a mission trip in Mexico. 

2. Things are changing here at the Cullen home πŸ˜‰ In addition to our in-motion adoption adventure, we have also been investigating all that goes into buying a house (something we’ve never done). Basically, we’re trying to give ourselves heart-attacks, haha πŸ˜‰ This little picture serves as a reminder that our hearts is what makes our dwelling place a home- no matter where that may be. 

3. A reminder to always give thanks: to Jesus, my husband, our veterans, and to those in my life who have done or continue to do so much! 

4. A flashback to our friends’ wedding: silly times in the photo booth with my favorite silly guy. 

5. My Best Gal XO. 

6. A reminder from one of my bffs: A friend loves at all times, Proverbs 17:17. 

7.  1 Peter 1:6. Clinging to this right now.

So after week one I thought to myself, well that was easy! I’m done for the rest of the challenge! Until I wasn’t πŸ˜‰ By the end of week two, as things in my life began to change, so did my board.. and I added a few things:

(so sorry for the weird coloring – I have no idea why this one looks so different!)

Addition 1: A card from my grandparents, congratulating us on our “expecting.” Adoption is such a crazy wonderful and emotional journey – full of a million unknowns, and no “due date” while you wait. I’ve been reminded that as we wait to be matched with our birth mother and our baby, we can still celebrate this chapter. This is our time of expecting! 

Addition 2: A 5-leaf clover added to the reminder to give thanks, serving as one big reminder to give thanks to Jesus for the baby we know He has planned for us! 

Addition 3: Color inspiration for our bedroom. A work in progress.  

Addition 4: I’ve always wanted to make my own special tomato sauce. This is a recipe I will be trying out in a few months!

So surely I was finished with the board after the additions, right? Wrong. Just a few days ago, I changed it to this:

Towards the end of it all, it was like my brain and heart needed to get rid of anything else except for the one thing I felt God was reminding me of this entire month: Be truly glad! There is wonderful joy ahead. (1 Peter 1:6)

And what does my Inspiration Board look like today?

Because nothing encourages inspiration and a creative outlook like a blank canvas πŸ˜‰ 

Here is what was emphasized to me this past month: we change  – and that’s okay! We change as birthdays pass, we change as days pass. We change as life happens. Just as the seasons change and as life circumstances change, different things inspire us, we cling to different things for encouragement or comfort, and we dream different dreams. And all of these things are incredibly important. Whether it’s a million different things that encourages you or just one, the key is to allow your mind to be open enough to receive those dreams, those reminders. And if nothing else, start with a clean slate and let your heart lead the way.

Now it’s your time to share your feedback from this month’s challenge. Link up your thoughts below & don’t forget to check the Twelve Months of Bliss page in a few days for next month’s challenge!

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