Project 52 Tennessee

Week Eight.

February 21, 2015
One must maintain a little bit of summer even in the middle of winter.
– Henry David Thoreau 

Remember last week when I was pretty much mocking winters here in the south? Well, I basically ate my words this past week. Winter storms in the south are NO joke. Ice came shooting down from the sky for 8 straight hours and by noon, neighborhood kids were literally skating down the street. Yesterday, I cranked the heat, put on my favorite Hawaii tanktop and shorts, and painted my toes neon pink as I sipped on a margarita. Because gosh darn it if I have to bring warmer weather here myself, I will! (Still waiting to see if it works, stand by.)
[ This is week 8 of a 52 week photo series: Project 52, where I document the beauty found in Tennessee ]

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  • Jae

    Sending you sunshine from Manila (and San Diego), Em! 😉

  • Love this!!! I am thinking today it should finally be over!!! Hurry up summer!!

  • Eek….that's no fun but yea for the great photo op! …..and margaritas!

  • Yikes! Stay in that summer spirit 😀

  • Hahaha! I love how you think!! Is it working??

  • Bless you, dear Jae! 🙂 XO!

  • I'm thinking you're right, Megan. Fingers crossed we're out of the thick of it!

  • Always yea for ritas!! 😉

  • Trying with all my might! 😉

  • Ummm… it's um… well, it's not but I'm hopeful!!!! haha!

  • Sorry you are truly getting a taste of the worst winter has to offer in the South. It's what I share with my friends from the North, we just don't get snow – we get everything in between. However, Spring is coming!!! I believe the count in 28 days.

  • Katherine Lacabe

    Wow! That picture made me cold!!!

  • Brave,, brave girl. A tank top?!!? Whatever works!


  • it was SO bad! i used to make fun of the people in the south for getting all crazed about a little ice, but now i realized they don't have ice trucks like we did in indiana. 🙂 now i welcome a little bad weather. good excuse for a snow/ice day and a good book.

    stay warm, more cold is on its way this week.

  • Joyce

    When in doubt…margs! I love your site, so excited I just stumbled upon it!


  • 28 days!!! Oh thank you for that. So close! 🙂

  • haha, I know!

  • The heat was cranked pretty high… ha 😉

  • haha I know it! I'm hoping this is the last week of it 😉

  • Always margs! 😉 Thanks so much for stopping by, Joyce!

  • Do it!! 😉 And when all else fails, build a fire. ha!

  • I am reading this while pasting aloe vera gel on my sun burn that I got from laying out on the beach all day on Saturday. 😛

  • haha!! 😉

  • haha!! I feel like if it's going to be cold, fine- let it snow. But ONLY snow! No ice! (The weather never listens to me.)

  • I keep hearing that spring is right around the corner for us southerners… I hope that's true! Aren't you guys getting cold weather too right now?!

  • chall1018

    Yes ma'am! We just got over a week of snow & ice and now rain. And we are supposed to get more of a wintry mix later this week! I am so ready for Spring!!

  • SAME!