Project 52 Tennessee

Week Eleven.

March 15, 2015

We walk these days through shadows of trees, where birds are chirping from a place I can’t see. But I spy with my little eye, past naked branches are flecks of blue holding a promise of something new. 

Each year I’m surprised at how spring surprises me. Like some sort of winter amnesia I’ve experienced, forgetting that she arrives in perfect time – bringing with her fresh flowers, because she’s polite, and a softer shade of sunshine that warms my skin. Her changes start slow, with splashes of green on the branches and ground – and then one day I wake up and she is here in full bloom, begging me back outside to admire her lovely ways. 
[ This is week 11 of a 52 week photo series: Project 52, where I document the beauty found in Tennessee ]

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  • Christian Matthew Cullen


  • Well said! I spy my lil iris peeking through the dirt and my heart is happy 🙂

  • Erin Light

    I just want to hug these words. My beautiful poet friend.

  • Erin Light

    Omg it worked!! Finally!!

  • haha!! YAY!!!!

  • This made me smile 🙂 xo.

  • yes! I saw some tulips coming through this weekend too – so glad!!

  • Beautiful photo!!!

  • Thank you!! Such a compliment, coming from YOU!