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When “comfort” is no longer stylish (or so I’m told.)

November 26, 2014

When I first moved to Chicago, I’d purchased the most fashionable “winter” coat I’d ever owned. As soon as the temps dropped and the first snow fell, I ran to my closet to put on my official outfit, only to find that once I’d actually gotten outside, I was freezing. I quickly decided I needed a much bigger, heavy duty coat, and that while I may end up looking like the abominable snowman, dang it at least I’d be warm. I did find a warmer coat… unfortunately though it would make me appear 900 lbs and it was hideous and I’d even nicknamed it The Quilt, but that thing is cozy and toasty and has kept me warm all these years. Plus, it’s so big and the hood comes way down over my face so no one knows it’s me. Which totally feels Magnum P.I. you know? (And that’s cool.) (Obviously.)

Let’s fast forward to earlier this week.

It was my first time using this particular Dry Cleaner’s in our neighborhood. Chicago was having a big snow storm so I threw on The Quilt, headed out the door and to the Dry Cleaner’s. Just as I was  about to pay for our $90 worth of dry cleaning, the lady ringing me out gave me a big smile and goes, “Aww!” …Well this is random and nice and kinda weird, I thought. I figured she’d noticed in her computer system that I was a new customer or something so I thought ‘cool’ and gave her somewhat of an acknowledgment nod and a big smile back. Then she asked, “Do you know what you’re expecting?” I thought, yeah, clean clothes but instead I said, “What?” and she goes, “If you’re having a boy or a girl, do you know?” My face turned bright red, hers did too as she realized she was clearly mistaken, and I said, “Oh, it’s The Quilt. Um, I’m not pregnant. I’m just wearing a huge coat. There’s a blizzard outside.” And then I proceeded to make little pointing motions to the window as both she and I continued to make weather small talk (and you all already know how I feel about weather small talk – THE WORST).

So there you go. I suppose the older you get, the less you care about what people think? Which is why I’ve now confessed to you all about The Skullet, The Granny Panties, and now The Quilt. Fortunately this puts me out of confessing material for awhile so I hope you all feel pretty good about this. (Just give it time. I’ll be back.)

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  • Lindsay

    Oh no! That has happened to me before, too. It's so embarrassing! You handled it well!

  • Embarrassing!!! Been there done that AFTER I had Zander. (thanks, baby weight) way to handle it like a champ though. You're so classy 😉 I hope you and your family have the Happiest of Thanksgivings! don't cry too much 😉 xoxo

  • I literally just died laughing at my desk lol!! Girl, you have got some funny confessing material. LOL! Hey, I'm all about comfort over looks. Happy Thanksgiving week!

  • Oh nooo!! Someone did the same thing to me once. Ugghh!

  • OMG! This has happened to me before, too! I was ringing a customer up and he said, "So, when is Sarah due" (I had my name badge on) and I replied with "Sarah's not pregnant"–haha! 🙂

  • If it makes you feel better, someone told me I looked pregnant this week, and I wasn't even wearing a coat!

  • Nicely handled! It's happened to me before now.

  • Eek! My son once asked my SIL if there was a baby in her belly? He wasn't embarrassed one bit, but I was!

  • Dude. As long as you are warm, that's all that matters.

  • I've never been in a snow storm, but I imagine that if I was, I would require something like the quilt, and maybe an actual quilt or two. Rock the warmth, girl!

  • I wouldn't care what anyone thought as long as I was warm! I've never been much for being "in style" though.

  • THE WORST. I can't even imagine asking someone about their ever. I've fallen victim to getting asked if I was pregnant..nope. Especially in winter jackets..everyone looks like they've gained weight with winter jackets…it's all about the warmth!!

  • Oh man that's just awful. And rude. It has always blown my mind how complete strangers think it's totally acceptable to ask personal questions regarding pregnancy.

    I just had to laugh though because I too have the 'cute by not functional' coat and my husband just bought me a 'quilt' (which I picked out) for my birthday this year. Haha. Quilt Gals Unite!!

    Better than freezing your arse off in a mini skirt and heels and very impractical coat! I have priorities. Warmth is one of them.


  • I still need to get a winter coat- thanks for the reminder! 🙂 Yeah, someone congratulating you on a pregnancy when you're not, is no fun. But at least you were warm? LOL Happy Thanksgiving hun! xoxo

  • my winter coat is still in the mail!

  • Don't you hate that comment…lol. I've gotten once and I remember it very well. I don't know that I ever wore whatever I had on again. And I can totally hear you say "yeah, clean clothes" ha!

  • That MUST be a big coat lol!!! I don't think anything beats the granny panties though. You're so spot on – who cares? 🙂 Make for funny stories eh?
    Wishing you a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family!!! Xo

  • Liz

    So funny!! I teach, and almost all of the teachers have long, big quilted coats to wear outside…we are a few hours south of you. Definitely made me smile!! Have a great Thanksgiving 🙂

  • ashortblonde

    Oh dear! haha. That poor women. Everyone in Chicago looks pregnant with our winter gear. 😉 There isn't any other way to dress!

  • Too funny. I thrifted a winter coat this year because my preschoolers always rip off the buttons. I look like a giant burnt marshmallow.

  • I can't believe how many people this has happened to! I'm reading comment after comment, wow!

  • hahahaha! This made me laugh out loud. After seeing your Vlog, I really feel like I can hear/see you saying that back to him, haha! Good for you!

  • haha! I just laughed out loud too!

  • I had no idea it was so common! I don't feel as bad now! 🙂

  • haha 😉 I KNOW! This stuff just happens and who else am I going to tell it to, you know?! 😉

  • At least you'd actually HAD a baby though, haha!! Nah, I really was okay- I laughed mostly. I laughed the whole way home, but then of course the next day when I went to put on the coat, I really wondered if maybe I should wear a different one ha!

  • NO. You?! What is wrong with people?! The thing is, it's just so weird to me that so many people – and strangers, no less – think it's ok to ask those kinds of questions. It's weird!

  • I think I was in shock to respond any differently 😉 I have since recovered though!

  • awww!! haha!! I'm laughing out loud. Oh my gosh, that is funny. Kids! 😉

  • hahah, totally right. Okay now I'm going to go back through your pictures to find evidence of this, Anne! 😉

  • Same!! It's worth it every time!!

  • haha. I feel like I could hear you saying this. I completely agree with you.

  • aw!! You have to experience a snow storm sometime! It really is fun! 🙂

  • I know it … I think I was just more surprised than anything, but you know I've totally been rocking The Quilt every day since then.

  • I KNOW!!! That's what I was telling my friends and we were all like- if you don't know the person, how and why is it ok for you to ask questions like that?!

  • That's EXACTLY what my girl friends back home were saying. I have never and would never ask those kinds of questions to someone I didn't know, and even then- I wait until they confirm they're actually pregnant haha. I love so much that you have a Quilt too!! You know what's up!

  • I hope you found a warm one, Tabitha! 🙂 Lots of sales going on right now! (Believe it or not- I saw some really nice, warm, puffy ones at Costco the other day. I swear that place has everything!)

  • It IS so much better 🙂 The way things seem to go in my life, I will always have confession related posts, haha! Who else am I going to share them with, right?! Hope you had a great Thanksgiving!

  • oh no, girl!!!! I hope it arrives soon!!!

  • It's like- what do you say?!?! haha!

  • hahaha 😉 You always make me laugh. It really is a HUGE coat. But I'm serious- every time I wear it outside in the freezing cold, EVERY TIME I think to myself, "Not an inch of me is cold right now. HA." (It's the little things haha) xoxo

  • Yes!! I love that you all rock the Quilts too! 🙂 Hope you had a great Thanksgiving, Liz! I was thinking about you on my drive home yesterday – I need to catch up on your posts!

  • I don't know… I've seen some pretty fancy gals downtown in their cute winter gear… but they also look really cold so… 😉

  • haha!!! Jenn, this made me laugh. Sometimes I do feel like a marshmallow in my Quilt. I think it's just a part of the winter experience 😉

  • chall1018

    I can't for the life of me get why people think that is okay!! Even when a woman is 9+ months obviously pregnant it's hard for me to initiate conversation about it out of fear that it may not be a baby bump after all. lol! I'm weird, I guess. PS – we need a good picture of the quilt.

  • I KNOW. I would never ask a stranger a question like that! PS- I'll see what I can do 😉 ha!