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Why this will never* be a fashion blog

February 25, 2014

*Well, never say never, right? So let me rephrase. This blog will most likely never be a fashion blog. Why? Do I have something against style? (Perhaps, yes, on days when I’m wearing all gray sweats with no makeup and dirty hair. Perhaps I have a problem with style. But sometimes comfort rules style, I’m sorry.)  (And I hear you fashion bloggers who might be reading this, “You can do both comfort and style!” No. No you can’t. Not in my sweatpants.)


I have nothing against fashion blogs. In fact, there are quite a few I read on a regular basis. I understand that they provide beautiful and inspiring, artistic images for the eye and ultimately- for the soul. And I won’t deny the butterflies I’ve felt lately seeing the airy and light pastel pieces starting to make their way to us. (Spring?! Is that you?! Flower crowns?! Can we do that yet?!) Fashion is an art form and can be just one more way to express ourselves.


There was a time in my life, when I modeled professionally, when I was knee deep in everything fashion. It was one of the best and most interesting experiences I’ve ever had. I wore some of the most beautiful pieces of clothing. And some of them, weren’t even actual pieces of clothing… they were just pieces of fabric tied around or draped over, to give the overall idea for the shoot. There were times I had the craziest hair, the most beautiful makeup, and while some of it may not have been something you’d actually wear out and about, it was an idea. Inspiration to others. And how cool to be a part of that. (I do miss it at times.)


I sure felt like I had a strong fashion sense, wearing some of those clothes. But – no, not really. I had multiple people dressing me at a time. People who were professional stylists, people who actually knew what they were doing. Had they asked me my opinion, I probably would’ve said, “Hey, let’s try that tie-dye shirt. That looks cool and comfortable” or “Do those jeans come with an elastic waste?”

That’s not to say I didn’t learn anything about style. I learned a lot, actually. I learned that it’s good to take risks – both in life but also in what you wear. And I think I gained a lot of confidence during that time, stylistically. I learned that your style is just that – yours. If you haven’t read Keizra’s Inspiration Sunday post from last weekend, DO IT. It was such a great, short post about your personal style and how it evolves over time, often depending on your life’s experiences. I think this is true. I think the older I get, the less I care about what others may think when they look at what I’m wearing.

I do love to experiment with my style every now and then and it IS fun to switch things up a bit, but this doesn’t mean I’m about to coach someone else in what they should wear, I mean God help us all. That’s just not me and that’s just not going to be this blog. (But power to the fashion bloggers out there!) My love rings true to yoga pants and all things comfortable when I’m home, and when I go outside of the house, most days, I typically throw on a bright lipstick, rock the messy hair and sport some funky shades.

circa 1988^^

Okay, so maybe things haven’t evolved that much after all…

What about you? Do you feel confident and comfortable in your own style? How would you describe your go-to style?

For more of my modeling adventures, go here.

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  • I love this!

  • Woah! That is awesome! I often think about being a fashion blogger, but then I get all awkward when someone has to take a million pictures of me. I had no idea you molded! Looking good girl!

  • Totally *thumbs up* my style has evolved like crazy. And I feel like I know how to shop smarter even these days. Like I know when I really won't wear that sparkly short dress that is one size too small but it's on clearance and I'm going to lose weight so it will fit eventually … Type of purchase. Haha!

  • I could never be a fashion blogger…I think I lack style! It has to look good but more importantly it has to feel good! Besides, I do follow some fashion bloggers and I'm pretty sure if I even attempted to follow their poses I'd look like an idiot! They look like they are gazing softly in the distance…I on the other hand would look just plain lost! I'' stick to my day to day life and ramblings! BTW…you are BEAUTIFUL! (no matter if you're in high fashion or sweats!)

  • Anonymous

    Great post! I always love reading your blog.

  • Very interesting. Thanks for sharing…

  • Awesome post! I could never be a "real" fashion blogger, I think people would get sick of my leggings/t-shirt dresses and jeans all the time.

  • I have attempted outfit photographs that have never been posted because I just feel so awkward AND I just don't feel like I should be giving fashion advice to anyone. I like fashion. I like to dress when the mood suits me.BUT I don't want to post outfit posts everyday. Could you imagine, organizing your outfits and taking all your photos over the weekend if you do them all at once OR everyday early in the am, before work? I'm barely rolling out of the bed in the morning!!

    Great post chick! I read the title and I was like YASSSSSS!!

  • wait ….whaaaa?! I already knew you were beautiful but holy cow look at YOU gorgeous. Stunning…seriously!