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Things I’ve Caught Myself Saying (Since Working From Home)

August 13, 2014

When I made the decision to leave the corporate city world and work from home, I had no idea so much would change. I’d never worked from home before so I wasn’t sure what to expect, other than maybe to not have to wake up at 5:30am every day, which sounded pretty sweet to me. But as it turns out, it also affects your social skills, wardrobe, and your sanity. There have been times over the last 6 months I’ve found myself beyond thrilled to simply make a run to the grocery store in hopes of carrying on conversations with other humans and not just with myself all day. (What. You don’t talk to yourself?) The truth is, some pretty ridiculous stuff has come out of my mouth since making this change, so ridiculous in fact that some of it has been documented to randomly share with you some day. Today is that day. Randomness on a Wednesday is always fun, right?

Things I’ve said to my Mom (via phone)

  • “I’m about to take out Oooj. Guess I’d better put on some pants. That’ll be weird, huh?”
  • “It’s 4p, I’ve been writing for the last 5 hours, and I’m now pouring myself a margarita. But it’s okay. I mean, it’s 5p already on the east coast. Plus, isn’t this kind of ‘a thing’ for writers, to have a cocktail? It helps the creative flow, right? No really, right?? … Mom?”
  • “I’m headed to Starbucks for a few hours to get some writing done. Guess this means I should put on a bra.”

Things I’ve said to Christian

  • “I promise I’ll look cute for you tomorrow. Just give me today. Just give me today right now in these sweat pants, okay?!”
  • “I’m off to Target. Hey- maybe I’ll meet some new friends while I try not to spend any more money on office supplies like blue paperclips and cute paperweights and stationary with my initial on it!”
  • “Ugh, it’s just like- I don’t want to run all these errands. I just want to sit right here and read these blog posts all day!”


… Stand by for Vol. 2. Surely there is more to come.

Each Wednesday, I link up with my friend Anne from Love the Here and Now for Wednesday Wishes. Today, I wish that summer would last forever. As much as I love fall and oddly enough am looking forward to winter this year and the holidays, I’m not quite ready to let go of sunny mornings, warm breezes, long walks with Oooj, and late dinners outside with X. C’mon, summer! Don’t leave quite yet!

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  • amy

    Hahaha…dying over here! Especially about the bra comment. This summer my phrase has been "welp, guess I better brush my teeth." Dreading going back to work on Friday…this summer has been magical. Someday I'm going to call you and pick your brain about working from home. 🙂

  • hahaha you sound like me. If I know I'm not going anywhere then I'm in my sweatpants…and braless. haha! My mom will call and ask if I want to meet up for lunch and my answer is "yeah, let me throw on a bra". My husband actually likes my bummy clothes…he's weird!! haha

  • I stand firmly by the fact that, yes, a drink does get the creative juices flowing. And don't blame yourself about buying the cute things at Target. Something is in the air there. You can't help it. It's out of our control.

  • I would love to NOT wake up at 5:30am every day. It's so brutal (although I seem to have NO problems at all doing it on a Saturday or Sunday when I have fun things to do).

  • I'm still trying to figure out where the heck summer went. I mean, it's in the middle of dang August already. What the heck?! LOL!

  • Hahaha I've said these or variations of these myself!

  • I work from home too and I've said every one of these at least once.

  • X

    True story. Hahaha!

  • If I worked from home, I would never wear a bra either! haha

  • I mean, seriously!

  • ha! So glad I'm not alone here! 😉

  • I thought for sure people were going to think I was so weird after posting this today. hahaha

  • I KNOW!! Yesterday felt like fall here in Chicago. Too soon!

  • I know. It took me a long time to finally sleep past 6:30. And even on most mornings, I still wake up before 7am.

  • It really does, Anne! hahaha- it's out of our control! I knew you'd understand that one!

  • This is all so true. I find myself thinking outloud, but E hears me and asks me adorable questions: Me- "Oh A, you are something else." E- "What is she, Mommy?" Lol. And I too rarely get out of comfy clothes!

  • That is so funny. The Sunday of true!! I would love to be in sweats all day, but I can understand the struggle. I love talking to people too much so I could see myself being that person that talks to everyone in the store.

  • hahahahahah….again, I can relate to this from when I was working from home.

  • haha!! My husband likes my bum clothes too… are we lucky or what?! 😉

  • I bet you do! I'll have phone calls with my girl friends back home who are stay at home moms and they're like "this is the first adult conversation I've had all day" and I usually say, "This is the first human conversation I've had all day."

  • It is good to have balance, for sure!

  • haha!!! This has been an awesome summer for a lot of people I know. Lady- you call me anytime!!! I'll give it to ya straight! 😉

  • Hahahaha! This made me laugh! I had a pretty sweet gig for awhile (when I was doing the long-distance relationship thing before we got married)…I would work from home 2 weeks per month and then be in the office 2 weeks per month. Of course the 8 hour commute between "home" and the office plus constantly living out of a suitcase were not so fabulous….but the social/actually get ready for work balance was pretty great.

  • haha i've probably said most of these things. I seriously just hate wearing a bra too. when is it going to be socially acceptable? hahaha

  • Love this!!!!! Gosh, I totally feel you with the working from home problems – I can totally relate!:)

  • Lindsay

    You are living my dream! I'm a tech writer and I'd LOVE to work from home. I'd definitely talk to myself, too!

  • Ohhhhhhhhh, Target. Their office supplies section is the SHIT. Well, ALL of their sections are the shit, who are we kidding?! hahahah

  • What I would give to stay in sweatpants all day….and I wish summer would last forever too!

  • Hahaha, yep–bras only when leaving the house. ;D One blessing of working from home, right? People think I'm crazy for getting so "dressed up" when I actually have to go somewhere, like the doctor or the store, but when else do I have a reason (or energy really) to look like that? I loooove being dressed up (pretty much just read as "put together, skinny jeans and nice shirt complete with matching jewelry" so I don't see the big deal. 😉 And I am SO not ready for summer to be over either–it's getting cooler here, and just in time we're headed south where it's warmer! For that I am pretty stoked. 😉

  • I have definitely said the same thing to M 'promise to look good for you tomorrow…!' haha! It is a bit funny – I've had to drop M off at the train station when he's running behind and usually I throw on a bra and swap out the PJ pants but the last time I just hopped in the car and said I hope nobody recognizes me like this…!! The convos with your mom are just too funny!!! =)

  • I always say "I'm not going to post today" and this one is said EVERYDAY: "ooooo that is going on the blog!!!" HA!

  • ashortblonde

    hahah these are great! especially the sweatpants one 🙂 i call them my comfy pants or comfy clothes.

  • haha!! Soon, they too will learn how to talk to themselves. ha 😉

  • I know! I saw it on pinterest and thought- yep. That's exactly what August is.

  • 🙂 I'm honestly relieved so many of you here can relate… I was really nervous about posting this, hoping no one would think I was nuts. haha!

  • 8 hours?! Oh my gosh! That's quite the commute. I've started to force myself to just get dressed for the day when I wake up, M-F even though it's just me being at home. I think it helps me get in work mode. (But yes, there are still some weeks I live in my sweats!)

  • hahah!! I'm obsessed with these body by Gap bras… super comfy and still acceptable if I go outside.

  • It makes going out for "special occasions" that much more fun… kinda like "oh yeah! THIS is what I look like with makeup and my hair done!"

  • I really do love it.. it was something I'd dreamed about for a long time.

  • amen! Target forever!!

  • It really is the best… most days.

  • exactly!!! Now when I go out I go ALL out, haha.

  • haha!! I hear you!

  • Bless our hubbies, huh?! I think they have it so much easier… there are a lot of details when it comes to women getting ready.

  • same!! I have been a lover of comfy clothes since … well, forever.