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7 years of celebrating him.

August 2, 2016


It’s one of my favorite days today. Today is my sweet husband’s birthday.

We have celebrated 7 of his birthdays together now and every year I feel more grateful that he has chosen to spend them with me. I got to thinking about it last night and realized that often times, the longer you’re with someone and the closer you get and the more you go through together, the more it means when you celebrate each other. It’s not like when you celebrate an anniversary – when it’s about the two of you – but instead, you’re looking at this person you know even more than you did the year before and can’t help but think, How was I ever not celebrating on August 2nd? Like, before him, you know? I love that I’ll always have a really special occasion and person to celebrate on this day for the rest of my life! I’m so thankful this guy was born and that somehow – out of all the guys in the world – we stumbled upon each other in a Chicago alleyway. I mean, what are the odds.


Happy Birthday, Christian! I love you, babe!

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