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August 27, 2014

My husband has done a lot of really cool things in his life thus far. He’s toured with national touring bands, his face has been printed on t-shirts (that I wear ever so proudly, I might add), he’s produced awesome records and sound design for commercials and baby toys, and really- the list goes on and on. One thing he has NOT done though is take part in Twitter. Well guys, that all changed this past week when he randomly decided to take the plunge. A little late to the party, yes, but let me just tell you – I think it’s changing his life. Of course, this also meant that it was up to me to train him on it for what felt like hours, but it also brought hilarious conversations and comments. So here’s a special edition of Conversations w/ my Husband, re-titled:

Conversations between Christian and Himself in Regards to Twitter

“This is the dumbest thing ever… but kinda cool.”   

“Babe. Babe!! I just got a follower on Twitter!”   (5 minutes later, he’s still sitting in front of the computer so I ask him what he’s doing)   “I’m waiting for someone to tweet me.” 

“Wait, so should I just retweet everything? How do you know what is retweet worthy? Why don’t they have a rule book for this kind of thing?” 

“So what’s the number sign thing people keep using? How do you get your own number?” 

“Katy Perry just tweeted! She’s headed to the VMAs. That’s what she just tweeted.”  

“How do I tweet Instagram? Should I get on Instagram? I’m like a social media mogul right now.”

And then my absolute favorite example of this hilarity was found on our dry-erase board that we use for our grocery list:

So yeah. I just don’t know what else to say about it other than I hope the novelty wears off quickly because I’m exhausted.

Love the Here and Now

It’s time for Wednesday Wishes with my friend Anne from Love the Here and Now

Today, I’m thinking a lot about my Grandpa. I think about him often, actually, but especially this week as our family prepares for an annual family party this weekend. This will be the first annual family party without my sweet Grandpa and while I have no doubt he’ll be watching down on us during this time, my heart will be missing him so. My wish is that we will remember him throughout the day and our time together, that we’ll laugh and continue to tell his stories, and that we won’t feel sadness, only joy in remembering our sweet Bob Coons.

What are you wishing for today?

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  • This is hilarious! I'm dying.

  • Melissa Camacho

    omg way too funny about your husband! That's great with the grocery list.
    Sorry about your Grandpa (I'm noticing a theme with you and me and our wishes, missy)

  • Your husband absolutely cracks me up!! Lots of thoughts and prayers for you and your family as ya'll go through this family gathering for the first time without your grandpa.

  • I love your conversations. Him being on Twitter is awesome! It may exhaust you but consider us entertained. Love the grocery list by the way. This made me think of (I think my mom?) asked why there's always pound signs everywhere. Tomato/ tomahto…hashtag/poundsign/numbersign.

  • And I'll be thinking of you and your family…so hard to do "the firsts" after losing someone isn't it?

  • hahahahhaha omg this is WAY TOO funny!!!

  • This is hilarious! #husbandsoftwitter

    It's such a bittersweet moment to get together with people you love and still be missing a big part of that love you all share. Thinking of your family doll!

  • Sarah Marchant

    This was absolutely hilarious! Definitely makes me want to document some of the conversations I have with my man…

  • Again, laughing out loud. My water almost came out my nose. Ha. But seriously, haven't we all been there at the beginning? I know I was pretty clueless to start…still am sometimes….


  • #hilarious. Have a great time with your fam and take comfort in your memories – and know that he absolutely is there with you all!

  • that grocery list is hysterical!! My hubby is not a part of any social media- no facebook, no twitter, nothing! He never gets the "number" sign or "likes"!!

  • #IDie #milk (almond)

  • I've been on Twitter for years and still have only 175 followers most of the time. I think I missed Twitter in its heyday … it's all about SnapChat and Instagram now. :/

  • hahahahaha! I'd love to be a fly on the wall in your house. Your conversations are hilarious!

  • hahah this is the sweetest! He's so funny — I laughed out loud (or I guess #lol).

  • Hahaha my husband did the same thing when he discovered social media. He still gets excited about followers and retweets, but don't we all?

  • YAY for Twitter. We all know the love of Twitter. Welcome to the addicting world, Christian. #whodoesn'tknowwhatahashtagis ?

  • HAHAHA 1. the #groceries is hysterical. Also, I love that he follows Katy Perry

  • Thanks, Anne. It is- this is the first "first" – thankfully this family knows how to party so I know we'll be celebrating just the same! 🙂

  • haha! I know. At first I had no idea what he was talking about – wanting his own number?? He's hilarious.

  • Oh I was dying laughing!!

  • #husbandsoftwitter unite! ha!

    Thanks, Meg!! It will be a special weekend.

  • It's basically me laughing constantly – he is hilarious!

  • haha – I was like, "Babe, what are you talking about?! What number??" #hashtag

    Thanks so much 🙂 XO. Bittersweet but still sweet and so needed for all of us to come together as family!

  • #exactly . haha!!

  • Yes, we do!! 🙂 He was spot on when he said Twitter was the dumbest thing ever but still cool. We do weird things!

  • He loves Katy Perry 😉

  • Thanks, love! It will be bittersweet for sure but so needed to spend that time together. XO!

  • I know it! You and I are sharing similar thoughts! XO!

  • #Hilarious – thanks for sharing!

  • Cheers to all of you and your grandfather!

  • Bahahahahaha!!! "I'm waiting for someone to tweet me" HAHAHA I love it. It's like he's an old man trying to figure out the internets. Constant entertainment.

    xo Denise

  • Ahahaha oh goodness. Bless his heart. I have to admit though… I'm not exactly a social media pro myself. I'm trying for the sake of blogging, but I really just don't know how to optimize it for what I want.

  • Thanks for reading! 🙂

  • hahah I know!!! Makes me love him even more 🙂

  • oh for sure – I'm not an expert either and I was probably saying the same stuff when I first joined twitter!

  • Haha, this is awesome! I love how excited he is in announcing the tweets as they come through. I've tried to convince Michael to make a Twitter account. His response "No way to that madness", hahaha. I always love these convo's with X… they crack me up!

  • Hey Girl! Just came across your blog and wanted to nominate you for a Liebster Award! Check it out –

  • HAHAHA! This is too funny. Loving the hashtag grocery list!

  • Hahaha he's gonna be so good at twitter now though!

  • haha!!! You really can't make it up. So funny.

    Oh, Amy! I know! We had such a fun time together and started the day out with a special toast to my Grandpa – he would have loved it. Miss him every day!

  • Yeah and I only shared one out of MANY tweets he read out loud in real time, ha! Michael is probably onto something there… some days it does feel like true madness! 🙂

  • aw!! Thanks so much, Allie!!! Headed there now…

  • He's cooled it down now that I've shared it with everyone, haha!!

  • HA! You're probably right!!

  • amy

    That's so sweet, but sometimes doing the things they loved makes it that much harder to not have them there! 🙁 I think about my Grams all the time, too.