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Your Friend’s Friday Favorites

August 14, 2015
Happy Friday, all! I shared one of my new favorites on Wednesday so today I want to introduce you to Brittany from Your Friend, Brittany blog as she’s decided to share with you some of her faves.  (Because that’s what we like to do on Fridays, right?!) What you see is what you get from this sassy & hilarious gal and I’ll tell you- you are guaranteed to laugh out loud while you read many of her posts – I always do 😉   

*The following post is a guest post, written by Brittany from Your Friend, Brittany blog as part of EG’s Go the Distance sponsorship option. This post contains fresh content and was written specifically for Ember Grey readers. 

Hola ember grey readers! I’m Brittany, from the blog Your Friend, Brittany, and I’m taking over the blog today to share some of the things I’m currently loving. I think you can find out a lot about a person by looking at the things they love so I figured this would be a good opportunity to introduce myself to y’all!  I couldn’t do a post of what I’m currently loving without sharing some of the things I’ve loved forever so I’ll be sprinkling those into this post too! Hopefully after seeing a few of my favorite things you’ll decide I have marvelous taste (and obviously a flare for dramatic language) and stop by my blog! 

5 Things I’m Currently Loving (with a few things I’ll love forever mixed in)


I was definitely late to the party with this one and only recently discovered the wonderful musical stylings of Ms. Musgraves a couple of months ago. I have quickly become hooked on her music and have been playing both her albums nonstop. I cannot explain how nice it is to actually hear some country music that sounds like country music, not some kind of hip hop/pop/country hybrid. I could (and do) seriously sit and listen to Kacey Musgraves all day long. 

Forever Loving
Tumblr! I am a huge fan of Tumblr and have had a Tumblr street style/fashion blog for years now. I cannot explain how much fun and how unique that site is!


I was shopping in Whole Foods a few weeks ago and when I got to the section to pick up some of the coconut water I like, I found Suja. I had never heard of it but I decided to grab a couple of the master cleanse drinks and lemon love because they sounded good and I was blown away by how nice they tasted. I quickly realized that there is a whole section of Suja juices designed for a cleanse (if that’s what you’re into) but there are also a ton that you can just drink when you feel like it. Each one I’ve had tastes so good and I like that it clearly states the ingredients and that it is USDA organic and non GMO verified. 


Forever Loving:
Books and reading! I read 20 books this summer. I cannot imagine a time when I don’t enjoy reading. Check out the books I read this summer, here.  


I am a huge fan of almost all things Bravo but I tend to stay away from their dating, cooking, and scripted TV shows. I find that Bravo is best at gathering groups of women, finding a location, and filming the semi scripted drama they cause! So imagine my surprise when I was home one day and decided to check out Odd Mom Out on demand and I actually enjoyed it! The story follows a bunch of NYC moms and one who obviously doesn’t fit in with the clique around her. To be honest, there’s nothing new or spectacular about the premise but the actors/actresses on the show are so good and the writing is great! The show is surprisingly funny and I quickly became hooked on it! They just had the season finale this past week but I’m sure you can check it out on demand, Amazon, or even Hulu plus and we all know Bravo airs things 234455 times so be on the look out!

Forever Loving
Brunch. Are there people who do not like brunch? If so, I hope to never encounter them. Also, since we’re on the subject of food, enchiladas…I will FOREVER love enchiladas. 


I follow one of the admins for this group and she told me about it and I’ve got to say I love it. The Facebook and Twitter pages are all about sharing links to other blogs and growing and supporting other blogs. They have opportunities to participate in chats, have your content shared, have your content critiqued (in a positive and truly helpful way), and to interact with other bloggers. I love both the FB and Twitter pages so much. This group is one of the many great things about blogging. It’s nice to see people supporting each other. 

Forever Loving:
Bob’s Burgers! This is truly one of the funniest shows I’ve ever watched, animated or not, it is hilarious.


I have always been a fan of planners but I kind of stopped using one for a while because I figured you don’t really need them when there’s a calendar app. However, I randomly saw this agenda last year and thought it was so cute and that kind of motivated me to get back into using a planner. I couldn’t grab the one I wanted last year but I was able to get the 15 month version this year and I am SO excited to start using my planner. I love all the stickers and the cute little sayings in the planner. It’s also a great size to fit in my purse. I’m all about organization so hopefully this planner will help with that. 


I don’t know where I’ve been this whole time but I just got into The Skimm the past month or two and it’s amazing. There is so much news and it’s kind of hard to keep up with everything and that’s where The Skimm comes in. They deliver all the newsworthy things from the day before into your email each morning. They give you a short summary of big news in politics, pop culture, around the world, economics, etc… It is so nice to have something that comes right to me and that’s easy to read while keeping me up to date on current events. 

There you have it! All the things I’m currently loving and some of the things I’ll forever love! What are you currently / forever loving?

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*This post was a guest post, written by Brittany from Your Friend, Brittany blog as part of EG’s Go the Distance sponsorship option. This post contains fresh content and was written specifically for Ember Grey readers. 

Have a great weekend, everybody! 🙂 

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